The Edmonton Oilers need shooters. In trading Taylor Hall—who delivered 286 shots to lead the team by over 100—the club opened a large area of need. Who is going to be Edmonton’s straight shooter in 2016-17?


  1. Taylor Hall 3.48
  2. Jordan Eberle 2.51
  3. Connor McDavid 2.33
  4. Teddy Purcell 2.13
  5. Nail Yakupov 2.12
  6. Benoit Pouliot 1.98
  7. RNH 1.93
  8. Leon Draisaitl 1.85
  9. Mark Letestu 1.30

These men placed 100 or more shots on net during the 2015-16 season. Hall’s absence will not be replaced in this category by Milan Lucic, who averaged 1.53 shots per game—a total that (rightly) indicates Lucic is more of a passer than shooter—always has been, throughout his NHL career.


  1. Anton Slepyshev (AHL) 2.31
  2. Tyler Pitlick (AHL) 2.24
  3. Jujhar Khaira (AHL) 1.96
  4. Bogdan Yakimov (AHL) 1.86


Jesse Puljujarvi averaged 3.5 shots per game in the Sm-Liiga.


I believe the Oilers would be wise to bring Jesse Puljujarvi into training camp with an opportunity to win an NHL job—but nothing guaranteed. If they are to do that, it might be wise to consider adding a player like Radim Vrbata—a shooting winger who might offer some cover while Puljujarvi develops in the AHL or Finland. Vrbara averaged 3.16 shots a game in a down year with Vancouver in 2015-16, and that one thing gives him value to a team in need of a shooter.

Will we see such a move? Or will the Oilers risk Puljujarvi being NHL-ready?

  • Heschultzhescores

    I would guess one of the linemates who hasn’t received a pass from him in years.

    Hall was the king of low percentage shots…usually long distant wrist shots right in the middle of the crest.

      • Spydyr

        Connor “Freaking” McDavid.

        So you don’t think Lucic will get plenty of work just outside the blue paint?

        The best thing the Oilers could do this upcoming season is simplify their game. Get people and pucks at the net. Stop trying for the pretty play. They now have some players that can set up shop in front of the net.

        • The Last Of Barrett's Privateers

          Hall wasn’t on McDavids line, that’s the first problem….

          The other is McDavid can’t be on three lines. The only other player who shoots enough is Eberle.

          Lucic is not a volume shooter, and his shots on net are low, Lucic also doesn’t stand in front of the net as per J.Willis article, Lucic does not set up there at 5×5 or the P.P.

          Lucic excels at two things, puck retrieval and puck pressure, asking him to start shooting more is like asking Lander to start scoring more, it won’t happen.

          Having said that, I’m not worried about the first line, they will get there shots and chances, it’s the rest of the team is what should scare us.

          Simplifying a team concept that is taught to volume shoot by there coach can’t be simplified.

  • Sjakk

    Let’s start with :
    Lucic – McDavid – Yakupov
    Pouliot – Nuge – Eberlie
    Maroon – Leon – Jesse

    This gives Leon a chance to find chemistry against weaker opposition but I see the day where he might be playing with McDavid.
    The rest of the guys in the organization can fight for 4th work

  • Spydyr

    It is pretty simple. If Puljujarvi comes to camp and wins a job. He wins a job. If he falters anytime during the season at the NHL level he can be sent to the AHL.

    This is not rocket surgery.

  • Moe Sizzlack

    Trade Pouliot for Iginla !!

    Yea he’s long in the tooth but he plays tougher, shoots more, scores more, Wiley ol vet has leadership qualities and is RW…..

    Pou is younger faster, defensively responsible and can speak Tabbernack to his coach

    • Dobbler

      Iggy is 39 and makes 5M/yr. If you’re name isn’t Yagr or Selanne, your carreer is usually sliding to it’s final halt (or already has slid there) at that age. With all respect for the player he was, and he’ll probably soon be in the HOF, it doesn’t sound like a very good value proposition to me.

        • Dobbler

          90% actually. Only Hall and Eberle scored more goals. The reality is though, Iggy isn’t likely to produce goals at the same rate this year, BECAUSE HE’S 39 FREAKEN YEARS OLD!!!! There’s a chance that this year isn’t the year that see’s a sharp decline in his game, but I gotta think Vegas odds on that are a long shot. It is extremely rare for a player’s perfomance not to sharply drop off at this late a stage in their career. I just think it’s a huge gamble to take when you’re picking up a $5M contract and loosing a good possesion player, who has chemistry with his teammates, makes $1M less, and is in the prime of his carreer. Just saying.

          • Moe Sizzlack

            Pou takes the worst penaltys in the league ..

            He’s big for nothing , scared to fight … Must be a reason he’s finally in the Prime of his career playing on what? His 10th NHL team ??

            Iggy would snipe 30 besides Connor with Eaze being PUMPED to come home (St.Albert) and play in a new rink.. And toss of his helmet before he goes Dosey doe in a tilly

          • Dobbler

            I’d snipe 30 beside Connor.

            Seriously, I have nothing but respect for the player Iggy was, and even how well he has held up for his age, and I’m not a Pouliot fanboy or anything, but there comes a time when the wheels come off, and it almost never is after 40. That’s just a mathematical fact. Iggy was a skill player, but he’s getting old and loosing his speed and skill. Pouliot was never a skill player, but was always a guy who knows how to play with skill. If you were talking about signing him as a free agent, and the cost was okay, I’d totally agree, but trading him for Pouliot is the kind of move that I would expect of McT and six rings. It’s living in the past, and ignoring facts.

            God, please let us be past the phase where we manage this club based on living in the past and ignoring the facts!

    • madjam

      Iginla is the only RWinger the Avalanche have on their team , so it is unlikely they would trade him unless it be for another RWinger . Chia let him get away once before in Boston , doubt he is interested in him , his age or his contract .

    • FISTO Siltanen

      And the good news is if the team turns north this season with Iggy he might stick around for another year.

      Be pretty sweet if this team can give Iggy what the Flames never could and never will.

  • Oilers Rebuild

    Anyone have an opinion on going after someone like Hudler over Vrbata? I’m not sure that he shoots as much but his career shooting percentage is hot stuff.

    • HardBoiledOil 1.0

      we still could use some veteran presence on the blueline and up front. wouldn’t be against Hudler, but does he still want a huge salary and does he want it on a long contract? if so then i can’t see the Oilers going after him.

  • Total Points

    Most of Hall’s shot were from outside of the red zone.

    The team wont miss that.

    Wont miss all of Schultz’s giveaways. I look forward to a fresh start for everyone.

    I predict the team will be over .500 at Christmas.

    • madjam

      Most of team was periphery in nature , not just Hall . Hall frequently drove the net nonetheless . That should change this season with Maroon ,Draisaitl, Kassian , Lucic and i’ll add Jesse to that, having more of a net presence on a longer term basis . Eberle still seems best trigger man and carries a good shooting % . Yak should certainly beat his 6% shooting from last season . The team was only 1 game below .500 last year on Dec.15 , so I would expect this year we will move further than just .500 this season by Xmas .

  • daryl

    Relax with Conner as second line center and using RNH to deal with the other firstline center Conner will put up some BIG numbers this year with Larsson and Klefbom working 25 min a night and moving the puck up to the forwards we will score more than we have in a long time. Draisaitl will do well with Jesse if he makes the club as a 3rd line center and will post some good numbers with him even if we give Jesse awhile in the AHL if he needs it.

  • daryl

    Relax with Conner as second line center and using RNH to deal with the other firstline center Conner will put up some BIG numbers this year with Larsson and Klefbom working 25 min a night and moving the puck up to the forwards we will score more than we have in a long time. Draisaitl will do well with Jesse if he makes the club as a 3rd line center and will post some good numbers with him even if we give Jesse awhile in the AHL if he needs it.

  • Zarny

    Yet Sportingcharts shows that most of Hall’s shots were taken from home plate. Funny how often the “eye test” fails lol.

    And when you’re wondering what happened to Draisaitl next year…here or here

    • OilBlood

      Wa waaa waaaaa stop crying about Hall ya big baby.

      If youre trying to deny that most of his shots were muffins after he crossed the blue line because he had no hockey sense to get it to a teammate that killed the play then you truly are a delusional fan boy.

      Wa waaa waaa keep on crying

  • Boom76

    Ummm… I believe we have a Russian winger who loooooves to shoot, and had that coached and locker-roomed out of him, no?

    I have a hunch that this fun-loving hockey player may reconsider his position now that a certain player has left for the east coast. I say, let him shoot, shoot, shoot like he did in Sarnia.

    • Spydyr

      I for one hope Hall’s best buddy Eberle who thinks he is too good to backcheck is also moved before camp and yes he can be replaced.

      The thing is all the GM’s are enjoying some well deserved down time at their cottages right now.

    • hockey1099

      Where did you get the idea yak doesn’t shoot because of hall? They didn’t play a lot of minutes together. Plus yak has a lot of shot attempts. The hard part for him is hitting the net. If you take 10 shots and only one hits the net your stat line reads 1. You also generate more shots if you don’t go offside on rushes and get to the right areas in the offensive zone. Yaks problems are his own doing. Nothing will change for him he simply doesn’t low how to play hockey at the nhl level.

      • camdog

        Yak has been an outcast ever since the minute he entered that Oiler dressing room. Maybe that’s his own doing or maybe it’s because the Oilers team leadership chose it to be that way. Regardless Hall leaving is a fresh start for Yak. Maybe you are right and that the fresh start won’t change anything…

  • camdog

    Kadri was right behind Hall in shots per 60.

    Lucic was 9th in the entire league in +/- last season.

    In my opinion both stats mean about the same, which isn’t very much on their own.

  • madjam

    Top 9 candidates : Pouliot , Maroon , Lucic , McDavid , Draisaitl , Hopkins , Eberle , Puljujarvi and Yakupov . Seems like 3 fairly offensive lines could be formed with the depth Jesse should bring us . That would still leave us a fourth line with some offensive punch in Hendricks , Letestu and Kassian . I think it safe to say the overall shot total for team should be up this season with Jesse added into the mix .

  • This.Is.NHL

    What I seen for Hall this past year was he was on every game that will be hard to replace, what I’m hoping is that the new coaching staff can eliminate the lull that comes with rookies game which seems to stick around until their like 24years old, MAN I HATE REBUILDS.

    • HardBoiledOil 1.0

      this endless rebuild needs to come to an end but, in my opinion only, the Oilers should still sacrifice a bit of youth for more experienced players, but i realize this may not happen unless it’s another expensive UFA because it seems other teams are super stingy with their players at the moment.

  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    There are shots and there are shooting %.

    Hall’s raw number of shots are seemingly impressive. His shooting percentage sucks. Lucic’s S% is better than Patrick Kane’s and 77% better than Hall’s.

    Shooting %

    Pavelski: 17.0%

    Stamkos: 16.7%

    Kane: 16%


    Lucic: 16.1%

    McDavid: 15.2%

    Eberle: 14.5%

    Draisaitl: 14.3%

    Nugent-Hopkins: 11.1%

    Taylor Hall: 9.1%

    Nail Yakupov: 6.3%

    As Gretzky famously said, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, but 90.9% of Hall’s shots and 93.7% of Yakupov’s are misses. It’s almost like they’re trying to rewrite Gretzky’s axiom.

    If Hall’s shooting from home plate, he must be facing the backstop.

    • camdog

      If the Oilers could win a faceoff with their skilled forwards those poor shots from off the wall on the powerplay that hit the goalie in the middle of the chest, well they just wouldn’t bug me as much…

      • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        Completely agree. Hall’s crest shots aren’t just low % shots, they’re the equivalent of punting on 2nd down and long–a great way to take an offensive opportunity and let the opposition change personnel and gain possession.

  • Copper

    The way I see it, the Oilers are up against the cap. According to NHLNumbers, Oilers have $75.99M. This of course includes rookie bonuses which, because of the likely hood McDavid, Draisaitl and JP can hit most bonuses, they should be included to prevent overages against next years cap. The possibility of signing 2 veteran Dmen eg. Weisnewski and Gryba, for under $3M combined would entail sending Nurse and Reinhard to the AHL. Leaves minimal movement for injury call ups. Need to be wise.

  • camdog

    During the 80’s Oilers Glen Anderson was always really good at getting pucks to the net. Great player, pretty much reminds me of Hall, but way meaner and way tougher to play against.

  • toprightcorner

    McDavid is the guy who needs to shoot more. When Crosby decided to shoot more he hit the 50 goal plateau. Defenses already cheat for the pass on him.

    Also, Eberle needs to be practising 1000 one timers a day during training

  • Speed Junky

    PULJUJARVI is 30 goal guy

    by yak u suck. 6%. that’s on u not your team

    line 1 poo/Nuge : Ebs

    line 2 27/97/PULJUJARVI

    all day long. good Chemistry pays