NHLNumbers is looking for contributors

NHLNumbers is looking for contributors!

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Throughout the history of the site we’ve had an impressive roster of writers, many of which have gone on to earn full-time jobs in journalism, working for NHL and CHL teams, and other industry jobs.

Now, we’re looking to expand and continue this tradition by adding some new players to our roster.

We currently average just a shade under 1 million views per month to both our content and data pages, but we want to continue to grow and we know strong content is a part of that.

If you think you can help us out, keep reading.

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What we want

We’re not looking for one person to fill a specific role.

We’re looking for multiple people to show us what they do best, and build the future of the site around our talent, not the other way around.

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What you can show us about yourself:

a) You’re smart, talented, and you know your stuff

b) You’re willing to develop yourself quickly on a high-traffic platform, and are open to working with our editorial staff to produce the best quality work you can.

That’s it. Simple, right?

Our site’s name is NHLNumbers, but as long as you can find a hockey-related topic of some kind and present it well, let us know – stats-focused or not.

We’re not looking for game recaps or full-blown coverage of any specific team or league.

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We’re largely a feature and big project-based website and have thrived on this in the past, and look to continue in this style.

If you think you can write once a month for us and do it well, let us know. If you can write twice a day and do it well, let us know.  Hell, if you have one article you’d like to write for us, just let us know.

If you have some crazy stats project you’ve been working on, or an oral history of the 2011 hockey team at your university or a chart on draft pick valuations that’s different than any one that’s ever been done before, or have a feature on a player’s unknown story?

As long as it’s hockey-related and you can convince us there’s a place for it on NHLnumbers, we’re open to getting it out there. We’re focused on quality work over anything else.

We’re going to be picky and we’re not accepting just anyone. But you don’t need to be the world’s best writer or the world’s best statistician.

Impress us, though, and show that you’re both smart and willing to grow, and we’d love to have you.

This isn’t an exclusive deal or anything and it’s unpaid, at least initially, though we’re willing to help you as much as possible to get to where you want to be.

It’s an unfortunate reality; many entry-level writing jobs are unpaid, and we understand that not everyone has the time or ability to write for free.

What we can offer, though, is the chance to work for a well-connected network followed by a vast number of media members and team executives, as well as just about everyone on the Nation Network. There’s room to advance, and there’s plenty of exposure.
Important people WILL see your work, guaranteed.

We will promise you that by the end of your stay at NHLnumbers, you’ll be in better shape than when you came in. Maybe even working in the NHL…

How to apply

Give us one or two examples of your work, and 300 or fewer words explaining why you’re a good fit for NHLnumbers. 

(300 words isn’t a lot – but if you can’t sell yourself in 300 words, well, you’re just not a great salesperson.)

No resume or anything. At the end of the day, it’s an online blog about a sport where people hit rubber. Don’t forget that.

Send it to [email protected] by Friday, July 22. This is our first wave of new hires in a quite some time, so we’ll sort through them all before making decisions. If you’re looking at this post past the deadline, we can promise you we will eventually read your email and consider you, but it might take a while.

If you hear from us, it’s a good sign we’re interested. 

If you don’t, keep trying to better yourself and we’ll post soon enough in the future about new opportunities.

If you have any questions, tweet us @NHLNumbers or post in the comments.


  • Gary Empey

    I like the hours. The wages are only slightly less than what I make now.

    My biggest concern would be your requirement for the successful candidate to be smart, talented, and know their stuff.

    Don’t you feel you are setting the bar to high?

  • Pizzy

    as a long time reader, I found this article insulting. please “brag” about your site in a different forum please. Although the cheesey inspirational quote at the end made me laugh. two thumbs down.

    p.s. screw the industry standard and it least pay your hire.

  • RJ

    I think it’s an interesting opportunity, though the lack of pay does suck. Does it at least get you into some games?

    I’d think the potential for comparative work in HSCA and green shots would be fun, as would developing microstats. Look at the stats dinosaurs who rely on Corsi and Fenwick telling us that Fayne and Larsson are good because of “shot suppression”. Tell them to get out of the 80s, and start utilizing modern philosophies.

  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    “We’re going to be picky and we’re not accepting just anyone. “

    –Just people that will work for peanuts, er, nothing, and have an entirely selfless disregard for the law.

    Under Alberta’s Employment Standards Code, unpaid internships are legal only if the internship is part of a formal educational program. In all other circumstances interns are entitled to the Alberta minimum wage.

    • madjam

      Volunteer work experience is educational and often leads to jobs in several areas/fields . It is an opportunity for some , that might not be open to them otherwise , and a source of contacts in chosen field . Residual benefits might be worth the effort . Although I am not interested , I feel it is a good opportunity for some young writers to gain some valuable work experience , or freelance perhaps . Some of you probably volunteer in other avenues in life , and re numeration is not why most do it , it has other benefits that are still fulfilling .

      • 813.52

        I’m a graphic designer, and I completely disagree.

        Especially in creative fields. Kijiji is chock full of “artists” willing to design your logo for free, or damn close. It’s also full of companies offering “exposure” in exchange for low-paying or often free projects.

        I don’t know what your occupation is, ^, but how happy would you be if suddenly everyone was willing to do your job for “free” or “exposure?” Or if your customers could hire people like you for “free” or “exposure?”

        I, for one, think this is a despicable practice from both sides, and am truly disappointed in OilersNation.

        • Exactly. This is a horrible practice that companies do because it devalues the entire industry. Who else, other than creative people (writers, artists, designers, photographers, etc) are ever asked to perform work for free?

          It’s incredibly disappointing for the Nation to be doing this.

  • 813.52

    Furthermore, I have no problems volunteering for worthy causes for non-profit organizations. I have done more than my share of pro-bono work.

    But to work for free for a money-making entity . . .

    Didn’t I see once that OilersNation generates revenues of $1M+ . . . ?
    And they are asking people to work here for free . . .
    Don’t do it people.

  • DangleSnipeCelly

    “Maybe even working in the NHL”?!

    Alright I’m intrigued, who needs money anyway, I’m all about the glory… So I’d like to know more about these team execs and media types.

    I’ve been reading FN for a good four or five years now and the vast majority of the content is from the same contributors. As far as I’m concerned the content is quite good yet…

    I don’t think NHL teams or large media outlets are knocking down their doors to offer them jobs so…

    How about a list of past writers that have gone on to bigger and better things:

    If you won’t show me the money, show me the glory!

  • Heschultzhescores

    I hope you write for free, or your entire article would be hypocritical. Perhaps you’re one of those people who, in their own mind, believes he is more entitled to monetary benefits than others. I’m so sick of people’s talents being used with the payment being a virtual carrot dangling in front of their nose. Pathetic!