The Many Talents of Connor McDavid


Connor McDavid is really good at hockey. I mean REALLY good. You may have heard that literally hundreds of times this past year. As you can guess, a generational talent at hockey is probably good at other things too. In fact, Connor’s pretty good at a lot of things outside of hockey. The future Art Ross winner is probably better at most things that aren’t hockey than the average person. Here are a few.

Table Tennis


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Don’t be fooled by Connor missing this point. He later went on to defeat the junior Wimbledon champ, Denis Shapovalov. If there’s anything you should assume, it’s that tennis players are good at table tennis. If there’s anything you shouldn’t assume, it’s that hockey players shouldn’t be able to defeat tennis players in ping pong. Connor McDavid? Well he defies the odds of everything, including table tennis matches. Connor can be my table tennis partner any day.


Ball Hockey

This is pretty obvious already. If you’re good at ice hockey, you’ll be good at ball hockey, probably. I just really want to show everyone this video. Because it’s the off season and we have no on-ice Connor highlights to watch, I take what I can get. Connor can play on my ball hockey team any day.


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Tell me you’re not jealous of Connor and Percy’s friendship? Though this may be another NHL superstar endorsement, you have to admit that Connor’s acting was a little better than some other NHL players. If somebody told me that the same Connor McDavid who talks in all those lifeless interviews, was doing a commercial series with CIBC I would have expected much worse than this. Connor can feature in our arena updates any day.



Connor McDavid wouldn’t be the first person to play in the NHL and the MLB in his life. Could he do it? Of course, look at that pitch. Would he? Only if the MLB would allow a 50 year old baseball player in their league, cause Connor will be playing in the NHL until he’s AT LEAST that. Connor can play on my slow-pitch team any day.

North x NorthGretz 


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This week the boys are joined by MULTIPLE SPECIAL GUESTS!!! First Kyla The Intern talks about her hatred of bikes, the legality of names on birth certificates, and scorching hot takes on peppers, before the boys play a bunk game of NHL trivia, Graphic Designer JoAnne recaps her Quebec trip and weighs in on the Phil Kessel Team USA snub before all the most pressing questions are answered in this weeks edition of Ask The Idiots.



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