Oilers lose out on Barrie?

Here you have it folks, Barrie has resigned with the Avs. What does this mean for the Oilers now?


It was clear that the Oilers were a team that would have lots of interest in Barrie, as he fits right into the mold of what the team needs. A young, puck-moving RHD who has the ability to put up points from the back end. To level with you, I thought it would require an offer sheet for the Oilers to be able to secure his talents.

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The deal is one that is great for the Avalanche as they are able to buy two-years of Barrie’s UFA years. Based off what the ask was from both player and team, it’s clear that Joe Sakic and the Avalanche realized the value Barrie has, even though Patrick Roy feels he is a number five defenceman. At least, that’s what Terry Frei of the Denver Post believes.

Truth be told, if that is how they feel about Barrie $5.5 million is a lot for a third pairing powerplay specalist. 

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Where does this leave the Avalanche? There is always potential a deal could still be made for Barrie, but it is too soon and too difficult to say if that will be the case or not. Theoretically, any player in the NHL could be traded at any point. 



Funny enough, when you look at the HERO charts comparing Tyson Barrie and still UFA RHD James Wisniewski there are plenty of similarities. I, like many others, have been tooting the “sign Wiz” horn for a while. If Wisniewski is back to being 100% after suffering a torn ACL last season, I feel he would be a fantastic stop-gap option for the team.

The Oilers should welcome the opportunity to see him compete on a Professional Tryout once training camp gets underway. Jacob Trouba, who is still an unsigned RFA, could be another option for the team.

Drop a line in the comments, and let me know what you’d like to see the Oilers do. 


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  • Reg Dunlop

    I did not care for Taylor Hall as the face of the franchise here. HOWEVER, am I the only one that is suddenly questioning the character of Klefbom? You don’t publically slam a teammate, or former teammate, and expect it to be overlooked in the dressing room. If the oil had effective leadership this would be addressed asap. In fact, if the oil had any leadership this garbage wouldn’t happen. Regardless of the faults that I saw in Hall’s game, I think he deserves more respect than he is receiving.

    • #97Train/McDavidCopperfield

      This is so stupid… How can this be addressed by the leaders asap when Klefbomb is in Sweden and you don’t know for sure exactly how it was translated do you? Do you know how accurate the statements are?

    • I am Batman

      You aren’t the only one.

      I posted several comments on how these remarks, coming from Klefbom who missed 3/4 of the season , if accurate, are idiotic.

      But all the fanboys here get so upset if you talk small about their precious Klefbom and the 109 games he has played in 6 years…. They just love him, he has done nothing but collect insurance money but the heart wants what the heart wants.

  • Mitch92

    The Oilers are not going to attract any young “ready to break-out” type defenders at this stage of their rebuild. Yes things are looking up with the end of the Taylor Hall era and the start of the Connor McDavid era but there are still a lot of question marks throughout the line-up along with very little organizational depth. Will Oiler Nation survive the acquisition of Zdeno Chara?

  • camdog

    Barrie was never going to be traded to Edmonton, was never going to happen.

    As to Klefbomb’s Swedish comments, well the Oilers team as a whole haven’t showed up against the bigger clubs the entire time Hall was an Oiler. This isn’t just on Hall but the entire poorly put together organisation, they needed a change.

    Losing isn’t fun and it didn’t matter if Hall was in the lineup or injured their record was about the same. The last 2 years the team was fun to watch when McDavid started the season last year and when Nelson replaced Eakins as coach (When Hall was out with an injury).

  • FireScorpion

    Klefbom is all class I see, deciding from his hospital bed where he hangs out most of every year that Hall wasn’t doing it against top clubs. What a wanker and mouthpiece.

    Luckily for him he is topless and taped to the ceiling above most Oilers fans beds so the backlash won’t be too bad

  • Cowbell_Feva

    When Hemsky left he had comments about the dressing room. Ference and Hall had a couple of comments on Twitter that seemed to be aimed at each other.

    Now Klefbom mentioned Hall AND the entire team played poorly against good teams.

    I recall Anti Raanta saying one summer he hoped Chicago would lose in the playoffs. It turns out he said nothing of the sort, but was translated wrong.

    Poor translation aside, the common denomonator here is Taylor Hall. We could only see the poor body language and hissy fits on the ice, of which he had plenty. It’s seem to me that he wasn’t the greatest teammate or leader off the ice either. Thank God he was never named Captain as some on this site wanted.

    I like the way the team is constructed today without Hall to be honest. Once Lucic tosses Grandpa Giordano and Cream puff Hamilton around and allows 97 to work his magic, we will forget all about snowpants.

    • I am Batman

      Hall has played almost 4 more times as an Oiler than Klefbom has.

      Even if Klefbom is right, he has no clue as to what it requires to check in night in and night out, because he hasn’t done it. Hall has, at all levels.

      I don’t get why all of you love Klefbom so much, you haven’t seen him play (because he hasn’t) , you just built around the idea that he is very good without having really witnessed it.

      And the comments he made just reflect poorly on him as a team mate. I am embarrassed of Klefbom being an Oiler. 0 class.

      • camdog

        Hall is no longer Klefbom’s team mate, Larsson is and Klef was standing up for his new team mate. I think you are getting confused as to who is actually playing for the Oilers next season…

  • That's My Point

    Is Lowe still with the Oilers?
    I don’t think the Oilers will improve until he’s gone.
    Oilers have deleted Hall and added Larsson and Lucic.
    Still a 29th to 30th place team.
    All the other teams have improved more significantly than the Oilers.
    Puljujarvi will probably be in the AHL and even if he made the Oilers he wouldn’t be a game changer this year.

  • Bills Bills

    Barrie was never going anywhere. Only in the minds of bloggers and sports writers looking to fill a blank page. Roy and Sakic did what they were supposed to do. Try to devalue their own player to sign him to a better deal. Contrary to what the Oilers have done and over value their own and sign unproven players to big deals hoping they live up to the contract.

    I think PC knows better but we will see.