Oilers unveil Heritage Classic alumni rosters, jerseys



After initially being announced in March, the Oilers and the Jets released some more info regarding the impending 2016 Heritage Classic that will see the teams face off on Sunday, Oct. 23 at Investors Group Field in Winnipeg. 

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The jerseys

As pictured at the top of the page, the Oilers will be wearing their current alternate jerseys, while the Jets will don some fancy new threads specifically designed for the event. Upon the event’s announcement, I was excited by the thought of the Oilers designing some new gear for the event. 

While they did just reveal their third jerseys last year, which are a throwback to the 1972-1973 inaugural WHA season, I thought it would be a nice touch to at least change up the colour scheme. At the very least, they could’ve went with something a little less generic in order to sell some new jerseys. Who doesn’t like having more money in their pockets?

Fellow Oilogosphere writer Ryan Batty had a nice suggestion this morning, which I thought would’ve looked great. 

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None the less, the Oilers decided to keep with their aforementioned current third jerseys. On the other hand, the Jets have come out with a gorgeous design paying homage to their days spent in the WHA. 

The Oilers and the Jets squared off in the final WHA game ever on May 20, 1979. It was on that day the Jets beat the Oilers 7-3 to take home the AVCO Cup title. 

The rosters

One thing the Oilers did do right is pick a very solid roster. As one would expect, the list features nearly every impact player from the Oilers heydays of the ’80’s from Gretzky and Messier to Coffey and Kurri. 

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For someone like myself, who was never around to witness the greatness that was, it is a great touch to see both Ryan Smyth and Dwayne Roloson be added to the list. In his four seasons with the Oilers, Roli the Goalie cemented himself as one of the organization’s best goaltenders. 

In goaltenders that played over 100 regular season games with Edmonton, Roloson ranks second in save per cent (.909, second to Devan Dubnyk’s .912) and third in goals against average (2.78). He also played the fifth most games as a goaltender for the team. Source

As any Oiler fan would know, Roloson was a key cog in the Edmonton Oilers trip to the 2006 Stanley Cup Finals. To this day, I firmly believe the Oilers would have been cup champions if it wasn’t for his injury in the finals. *curses MAB forever*

Captain Canada, Ryan Smyth, is also a great addition to the group. I’d love to see him line up alongside Gretzky for a few shifts. 

The Jets alumni lineup can be viewed on their website, but features greats such as Teemu Selanne, Dale Hawerchuk, Teppo Numminen and “Good night” Jim Kyte. 

To Close

Frankly, I’m incredibly excited to watch both the alumni game as well as the actual Oilers vs. Jets game. I remember the first winter classic in 2003 that saw the Oilers and Canadiens take to the ice, and it will be great to see this event happen again. After all, the Oilers are the grandfathers of outdoor games in the NHL.

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Prediction: Oilers alumni win 8-6, Oilers beat the Jets 100000000-0. 

  • Petrolero

    Why fix what is not broken. I love.the third jersey. The team would actually lose money getting a special jersey just for the event. Both jerseys would be competing against each other in the market. That would be poor marketing strategy
    Third jersey has longevity left so it is smart to keep it specially since it was a success sales wise.

  • socaldave

    It’s too bad so many ignorant Oiler fans are so blinded to how good a player KLowe was. The poor guy can’t even play in an alumni game – good job, guys!

  • Dwayne Roloson 35

    Oh my god! Can’t wait to see Roloson in an Oilers jersey again. Couldn’t have picked up a better goalie for the team. Roli still probably has some game left in the tank.

    Kind of disappointed about no new jersey but oh well.

  • Too bad about not having a special jersey but I bet there’s going to be a sweet patch. “Somebody” is going to make a fat stack selling replica Oilers Heritage Classic patches I bet.

    *Emails Chinese sweatshop contact*

  • OilCan2

    Oh gosh!! You got me all excited thinking the Oilers had finally agreed on a Left for Right D men swap with us getting Trouba from the Peg.

    Then AFTER LOOKING AT THE PICTURE I realize its another stadium game,….

  • Prudham's

    Would have loved to see a *couple* more players from after the 80’s (and I’m an 80’s kid). I don’t know if they invited him, but Doug Weight would be high on the list for me. It’s not just that he was so good, but seeing the different generations of Oilers playing together would be so nice. Any of Jason Smith, Pisani, Marchant or Mironov might be other possibilities.

  • FISTO Siltanen

    Oilers play in an outdoor game and end the season against the Canucks.

    Last time this happened in the schedule the Oilers lost both games and missed the playoffs on the last day of the season.

    Here’s hoping for a reveral

  • I tried it at home

    Just want to say hey to the D-bag a-hole who broke into my truck at Kingsway a few years ago and stole my Roloson jersey from the back seat. I hope it gave you one hell of a rash, you flame loving, nucks rioting, sad excuse for unsafe backseat relations.

  • Yeah I half expected what Ryan posted to be used because it’s the sort of merchandising that will automatically sell. That Jets jersey will sell like hotcakes, for example.

    At the same time, this alternate seems pretty fitting. In fact, the numbers on the shoulders will look great, IMO, on screen as the game is recorded on cameras hundreds of feet away that are zoomed into a narrow field of view.

    My only wish is that they did away with the nasty looking collar, and went with something more traditional and aesthetically pleasing, I’d be all over that jersey.

  • Prudham's

    As for the Jerseys, I love logo design and sports heraldry, and this would have been an opportunity to see something new and cool. We can still keep liking the orange ones, but a new design would have made the event more memorable.