What’s Left for the Summer At Nation HQ

Summers are bitter sweet at Nation HQ. At the end of the regular season, Oilers fans are left disappointed, frustrated, and angry. Once the draft lottery comes around, excitement and hope creep into our minds, followed with peak hysteria at the draft. Free agent frenzy comes and goes and Oiler fans are left for three months to ponder what will be, come October. 

What often becomes a boring time in Oiler news between July and October can turn into an opportunity for us at Nation HQ to do some fun things with the citizens. With less than two months to the World Cup of Hockey, we’ve still got some exciting things happening to hopefully brighten up the slow months. 

The Mini Chris Picture Contest

File 2016-08-09, 3 06 31 PM

The Mini Chris contest is already underway and has been since July 29. Ever wanted to carry me around in your pocket? No? Well you can do it anyways! We’re giving out some awesome prizes to a few lucky people who take some pictures of their Mini Chris out and about. We’re looking for some great pictures from whatever it is that’s keeping you occupied during the summer. 

You can download your Mini Chris and find all the details of the contest here. The contest is ending this Sunday, August 14th at 11:59pm. From there we will choose some finalists, and leave it up to the Nation to vote for their winning photo! I just ask that you take care of your Mini Chris, and don’t do anything to him, that I wouldn’t do myself… which isn’t that much. 

r/EdmontonOilers AMA

Our moderator friends on the Edmonton Oilers subreddit are somehow allowing us to do an AMA (Ask Me Anything)! This will take place today (Wednesday, August 10th) at noon, and is your chance to literally ask us anything you want. May it be questions about the site and our jobs, Oiler talk, or if we would rather fight five duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck, this is the place to do it. We will most likely be answering questions for a couple hours, so if you’re late there’s don’t panic. 

We will be tweeting out the link to the AMA right before it begins, but for now, you can find more info on their announcement post. 

The First Ever OilersNation Scavenger Hunt


We wanted to give you guys even MORE ways to win free NationGear, among other prizes. But this time you won’t be able to earn it by sitting at your computer. We’re going to be having a city-wide scavenger hunt this month. You’ll have to put your game face on and get in competition mode cause it will be an intense, fun filled day, and anyone is welcome to join! 

The event is still in planning mode, so stay tuned for more details! 

Intern Wars


Every wonder which Nation Intern is better at packing Nation stickers while periodically taking shots of Tequila? Which intern can run to the mailbox to deliver Nation Gear the fastest? Or which intern can stick handle through a maze of office supplies after shotgunning a beer? 

Stay tuned for the Nation Intern Wars, as Kyla and I compete for the Intern Trophy that Wanye has still yet to build!

Nation Night At The Esks Game


You may have heard this once already, but we are taking over Brick Field at Commonwealth Stadium when the Eskimos take on the Roughriders on August 26th! Alright so they’re not allowing us to take over the whole building, but the Bacardi Party Deck will have to do!

So we invite you, the Nation, to join us on that Friday for Nation Night At The Esks Game! The Nation staff will be heading down there with our pockets stuffed with GC’s, stickers, and NationGear and plan on heading home empty handed. 

You can purchase your tickets in the Bacardi Party Deck here, by using the promo code: party. Don’t wait to purchase these cause they won’t last long. 

Rogers Place Open House

Screenshot 2016-08-09 14.52.34

YOU KNOW we’ll be attending the open house of Rogers Place on September 10th. This is the first time this summer that the doors to Rogers Place will be open to the public, showing off the finished building. I’ll let you guys in on a little secret of ours… some of the Arena Updates we’ve been shooting haven’t actually been from inside of Rogers Place. 

Though we did manage to get inside the building to film this update, September 10th will be the best Arena Update to date. Why? Cause if you can’t make the open house it on the 10th, we will reveal it all to you via funny video! This Arena Update will also be our last, so I trust Jeanshorts will edit the hell out of it, making it the best one yet!