In Memoriam: Those We Lost In The Rebuild

Since 2010 the Edmonton Oilers have seen a never ending parade of players walk through those cool doors with the giant Oilers logo on it, only to be discarded sometime later for a newer, still not very good player to take their place. Today we honour those who served the Oilers but have since moved on. 



If the Edmonton Oilers want to help bump blue chip prospect Jesse Puljujarvi along the learning curve that faces all NHL prospects, especially those who are making the transition from Europe, they should fly Janne Niinimaa into town and let the former Oiler and fellow Finn spend a couple of weeks with the kid to…


The Roundup

  Leafs scaring off free agents, Ken Holland’s worst GM moves, why Giordano still can’t make the World Cup team, Jets and Oilers need Captains, grading Chiarelli to date, why fighting is still part of the game, looking at Team North America and more in this week’s Nation Roundup brought to you by Violent Gentlemen.


It is August and the summer is high, across North America people are enjoying the warmth of the sun and the gifts provided only at this time of year. For Edmontonians, along with the lake, fishing, football and finding a patio around noon, another college free agent and his pending (Benning) decision are the topic…

Taylor Beck should challenge for an NHL job in Edmonton in 2016-17

Taylor Beck signing on with the Edmonton Oilers got some brief attention when it happened and has mostly been ignored since. Yet he’s not a player who should be entirely counted out of the team’s plans for 2016-17. Not only should he be good enough to challenge for a spot in training camp, but even…