In Memoriam: Those We Lost In The Rebuild


Since 2010 the Edmonton Oilers have seen a never ending parade of players walk through those cool doors with the giant Oilers logo on it, only to be discarded sometime later for a newer, still not very good player to take their place. Today we honour those who served the Oilers but have since moved on. 

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Fare thee well ye fallen comrades; your sacrifices shall never be forgotten. 



Our friends at the Inner City Children’s Program will be hosting a family friendly water fight in an effort to raise money to help them provide for youth at risk. 

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When? Saturday, September 17, 2016

What time? Gates and Registration at 12:00 pm — Fight Time at 2:00 pm

Where? NAIT Soccer Field (Kingsway Avenue) – Rain or Shine


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  • $10/person for a wristband and water access 
  • $25/person for a “Premium Fight Package” which will include fight supplies such as water balloons, a bucket and other swag TBD 
  • $225/group of 10 “Premium Fight Packages” 
  • $15/person at the door

All proceeds go to support the ICCP, who have provided programs to Edmonton’s inner city children since 1995. Get your tickets to the big water fight here.

  • foureyedmike

    There’s some scrubs on that list for sure – guys who shouldn’t have been playing, or other teams’ depth guys.

    At the same time, there’s some guys who really should have made a career for themselves. Not everyone, but I sure liked Gagner, Paajarvi, Stortini, Jones, Peckham, Hartikainen… not all these guys should have been busts.

    I hope PC shows more patience, and picks better coaches and staff, than the last guys in charge.

  • HardBoiledOil 1.0

    ^unfortunately, fans don’t want to place the blame for players not reaching these lofty expectations on where it belongs….on the players! Gagner more than proved with a 49 point rookie season that he was ready for the NHL and so did Yak, finishing behind Huberdeau for rookie of the year.

    unfortunately for some i blame the lack of development for these 2 on the players who haven’t been able to take their games beyond what they did in their rookie years. i don’t believe for a second that either player would have been more productive had they gone back to junior. what you see is what you get and all there is with both of them.

    • Oilerchild77

      Couldn’t disagree more. Neither player was ready for the NHL and were rushed by an organization without a clue. I’m not saying they’d be superstars today, but they would have been more physically ready for the day-to-day NHL grind.