We are underway in Europe, exhibition games start in the NHL tomorrow night (!!!) and regular-season action is in the books for junior leagues. What’s up with Edmonton’s prospects? Let’s have a look.


How much should the Edmonton Oilers worry about the expansion draft?

One of the interesting arguments that came up last night in the context of the Jacob Trouba discussion was the expansion draft, with the suggestion being made that Darnell Nurse’s exemption from that draft would make it extremely difficult for the Edmonton Oilers to contemplate a trade involving one for the other. How great a…


<br> A lot of conversation today about Darnell Nurse, mostly in regard to possible trade options involving Jacob Trouba of the Winnipeg Jets. The lightning rod player? Darnell Nurse. It seems much of Oilers Nation is up in arms over the idea of not sending Nurse to Winnipeg immediately—even though we have no real evidence…

Jacob Trouba: Go For It

Embed from Getty Images We’ve had the night to consider the possibility that the Oilers should pursue Jacob Trouba and like most people, when I woke up it still sounded like a good idea. Here is a collection of my thoughts on the matter.



Embed from Getty Images He was a hotshot prospect drafted seventh overall by the Los Angeles Kings in 1988, but it turned out the only time he’d ever wear the team’s black and silver jersey was on draft day. A couple months later, he was told he’d been traded to the Edmonton Oilers for Wayne…


Canada advances to final with commanding victory over Russia

Photo Credit: Kevin Souza/USA TODAY SPORTS Canada vs. Russia on a Saturday night. Can anything top that? Well, one could argue that a lot of things could in 2016. While the two giants comprised what used to be hockey’s greatest international rivalry, today’s game didn’t carry that vibe. In fact, it didn’t really carry much…


Trouba trade: Can it work for Oilers?

Winnipeg Jets defender Jacob Trouba had asked for a trade. The 9th overall pick in the 2012 draft needs a contract, and now that he’s made his trade demands public the return might be lower. It depends on how desperate or patient the Jets will be.