Team Canada sweeps, wins 2016 World Cup of Hockey

Photo Credit: Dan Hamilton/USA TODAY SPORTS

Well, that does it. With another commanding win over Team Europe, the Canadians have flexed their muscles again and won the 2016 World Cup of Hockey, sweeping the final series in two games.

I actually wrote this post seven hours before puck drop and scheduled it to publish at the approximate time that the game will end (and, uhh, accidentally published at one point, meaning you might be having some deja vu), so there aren’t any details of what actually happened in tonight’s game in this post yet (check back soon), but based on how the rest of the tournament has gone, I will guess the following has happened:

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  • Carey Price stopped the vast majority of the pucks that he faced, leaving Habs fans screaming in a corner about how this is their year once again while staring nervously at Michel Therrien.
  • The first line scored at least one of the goals, because Sidney Crosby is great and the Bruins duo has both chemistry and an ability to drive play.
  • Canada likely outshot their opponents by a lot.
  • John Tavares was likely brilliant, but whether or not he got on the scoresheet can probably be decided by a well-aimed coin toss.
  • Most of the scoring opportunities likely came off of rebounds, but at least one exciting chance came off a glaring error by a European defenceman which turned into a 2-on-1.
  • The crowd wasn’t really into it other than booing Zdeno Chara, until the final seconds, at which point they cheered a little.

Unless this game’s score got drastically out of hand, Sidney Crosby finished the tournament as the leading scorer and trailed only Brad Marchand in goals for. Depending on how Matt Duchene, John Tavares, and Logan Couture did tonight, I wouldn’t be shocked if you could go on and find that the top 7 scorers in this tournament are Canadian. Then again, Anze Kopitar and Mats Zuccarello might be there, depending on if they broke Price’s shutout bid late in a period or not.

This post was scheduled in jest to show the predictability of the outcome. You can find our actual post game coverage by clicking anywhere in this paragraph.

Joe Thornton and Jay Bouwmeester become the first players in hockey history to win two World Cups of Hockey with the result. As well, Jonathan Toews, Patrice Bergeron, Sidney Crosby, Corey Perry, and Mike Babcock join the “Quintuple Gold Club”, which is like the actually recognized Triple Gold Cub (Stanley Cup, Olympics, and World Championships), but for people who like to brag about winning the World Juniors and World Cup as well.

Anyway, this is a victory that seemed like it would feel exciting at the beginning of the tournament, felt really meaningful when the Round Robins brought some intrigue to other nations, and got really meaningless when the knockouts started and we all realized that Canada is simply too far ahead of its competition right now. Surely, the NHL is going to have to go back to the drawing board on making this tournament more competitive, while many other nations will have to sit down and figure out how to foster their own environments of depth and structure.

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Hockey isn’t necessarily Canada’s game, and there will be a time where they’re given a run for their money again. But at this point, it’s become business as usual, and when that happens, you get pre-scheduled championship postgames like this.

We’ll be back in a little bit to update this post with thoughts on the game itself. Just as soon as we’re done yelling about the Blue Jays game and the various NHL preseason matchups across the network.

  • Lamar's Javelin

    Jeff. How you handled this today is insulting to the audience in every manner. I TRULY hope that Oilers Nation, the entire Nation Network, hangs this whole thing out to dry and then leave it on the clothes line as example of “what we don’t ever want to do to our audience again”. NEVER take your audience for granted. Never deliberately insult them.

      • Scootsy Doubleday

        Exactly how do you feel insulted?

        Curious as to how someone could have such “delicate sensibilities” and still be a hockey fan?
        (You know, sometimes, the players swear…)

        • Randaman

          Example; “Another commanding win”?!

          Seriously? Carey Price as usual, other than that they were below average for such a stacked team. They totally mailed it in.

          Excellent journalism? Wake up man

          • Scootsy Doubleday

            You log into a new “journalists” post on a hockey board for hard hitting synopsis of the game?

            As you said, wake up man.

            I can see you chucking shart at Brownlee or Gregor should they ever mail one in (and I’d be in agreement with you)
            But barking at a college student that busts one out so he can go hang out with his buddies for a few beers is kinda harsh.

        • Dwayne Roloson 35

          I feel like the internet tends to bring out all the entitled, melodramatic people.

          This site is free and pretty awesome. No one’s gonna care about this in a day or 2 because it really doesnt really matter.

    • slapshot444

      Or perhaps just take the stick out of your but and enjoy life a little, It’s amazing how close to the truth the article actually is. In particular about the crowd not cheering till the end.

  • madjam

    The tourney finals might have been more meaningful , interesting and competitive if Europe was not in finals . The outcome left little doubt whom might win this tourney once Sweden , NA and Russia left empty handed .

  • Lamar's Javelin

    It’s simply a time & place where we the audience gets to have a voice of the future of this site and while unfortunate that the moment is of Jeff’s writing, it’s truly directed at the heart of the Nation HQ. And no doubt we’ve been heard.

    • Oil drop

      If it were bagged milk who is a charter rather than a real pearson would you feel the same.

      I am sure the author will take the critics voice to heart and grow from the experience.

      I have 2 young aprentice working for me. They both screw up as I do. One uses his mistakes to fuel his growth the other does not. It is up to the author to choose. If he takes the critics seriously or brush them off and or learn from this.

      But cut the guy some slack one mistake is not representive of the whole orginzation viewing readership as product.

  • Dobbler

    I thought the original posting of it was mildly funny, but even if I didn’t, who cares? Not everybody has to like a joke.

    If anything was insulting, it was taking it down, and then reposting it later. It was an instult to assume I was going to be a baby about it and not take the joke.

    My issue is with the editorial staff who couldn’t just let the joke run. For god’s sake, it’s a fansite that is rife with jokes and sarcasm (and excellent insightful hockey analysis). It’s clearly a joke. If it isn’t funny enough to “make the cut”, then it should never be posted. If it is, then why ruin the joke by posting it too late?

    • There was an actual, legitimate glitch and it went up at the wrong time. It was scheduled for approximately the time it was actually published but for some reason, it went up early.

      The reaction had nothing to do with why it was taken down. It was taken down because it wasn’t supposed to be up yet.

  • Lamar's Javelin

    @OilDrop who wrote it is immaterial. It is the direction ON & the N Network takes. As Richard Cloutier & Eklund have discovered, creating something is one thing, building it to be an ongoing fibre in the hockey community is another. Maintaining that and ensuring its standard is upheld is yest another, and if that’s allowed to slip, guess what happens? Ask Cloutier & Eklund…