It’s Report Card Time Again


My friends, the first month of the season is in the books and it’s one again time for you to put your principal’s hat on and get ready to grade the Oilers based on what has happened so far.

As always, I’ve included every player that has seen the ice in the first month of the season as well as the management and coaching staff for you to rank and rate as you see fit. It will be interesting to see how this report card goes as the Oilers have had their hottest start in 30 years, and I’m wondering who will reign supreme and who will wear the goat horns this month. We vote!

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There are always ways to improve the Report Card for next season and I’m always looking for new ideas that we can vote on or software that we can use to improve the options. If you have a suggest for next month’s report card feel free to hit me up in the comments section, by email, or on Twitter.

The report card is a moving target, and I’m always open to suggestions on improving how this goes. Until then, I’m asking you guys with voting on the season that was and using what’s left of the brain cells you haven’t drunk away to remember how these guys did throughout the year.

    • OilersGM

      Why is it that hard to figure out the PP. Just copy Ralf Krueger from World Cup.

      Have two guys below the goal line passing and have the D come in from the point as well as the player in the middle.

      The player below the line with the puck looks to pass to the D that’s coming in from his side or the middle front player or the othe player that was below the line can sneak in to the front on the backdoor.

      Seems simple but might be easier said then done at least try it.

    • Last years excuse was his powerplay was designed form the back end and he didn’t have the players required. Now he has them and it is still abysmal. Not sure what TM sees in the guy. Talbot is playing lights out, Connor is in on 41% of our scoring plays. Either go down, it is not going to be pretty.

  • positivebrontefan

    How about the new arena?
    Sight lines?
    Food and Beer prices?
    Food and beer selection quality?

    I know these aren’t hockey related, more fan experience related. It would be interesting to have a separate poll for that maybe?

    • Drew R. Fan

      He’s only 3 goals off the goal scoring lead. Not sure if you’ve watched the oilers in the past but Ebs is a streaky scorer. Kinda like every other goal scorer in the league. He’s playing pretty well by my eyes. Not even Ovi scores on every shot he takes…..

      • Thumby

        Oh sure, and lets not forget the one open net potential icing had he missed either. And he should be the leading goal scorer with the chances he’s being gifted right now.

        Man, are you even watching the games and seeing how many grade A chances he’s missed?

        Oh – and if Ovie was playing with CMD, he’d have 10+ already for sure.

          • Thumby

            Yeah, if Eberle was playing as hard and CMD and Lucic, I’d stop ragging on him (to the delight of all the Eberle apologists here I’m sure). But its driving me crazy watching him float around every game and do jack squat. IMO any other player in our top 9 playing on the right wing would have just as many points if not more than “elite sniper” Eberle.

            I could also live with his floating and his 6 million price tag if he’d snipe some key goals for us. So far, the rest of the team has covered our scoring needs but last nights game hinged on a goal either way and we needed him to bury at least one of his chances.

            I wish TM would put someone on that line for a game who would play like they give a crap and want to be there. Eberle is playing like he’s way too comfortable / entitled and doesn’t need to bring it to keep his spot on the first line. Maybe a little wake up call and demotion to the Nuge line would snap him out of it.

            That said, I’m starting to think PC may be looking at a Pump and Dump scenario with him. He just doesn’t fit his mold of player in any way. So play him with CMD, max his stats and then go fishing. Too bad we didn’t maintain #2 spot in the draft – can you imagine what Laine would be doing with CMD right now?

            Playing with CMD should be a huge carrot for any winger…when Draisatl and Maroon got a chance with CMD, you could see both of them add a gear to their game and put a lot of pressure on Ottawa.

            C’mon Eberle – wake up man! We need you!

          • Drew R. Fan

            Amazing. Oilers are 7-2 and you have found something to complain about. Last year you guys were all complaining that he didn’t play defence well enough. Now the team is better defensively and Ebs is playing an all around two way game and now you are complaining he doesn’t score enough. Yet he’s 3rd on the team in scoring. Yeesh! And are you seriously gonna make us listen to your ridiculous “pump and dump” scenario all year? If other gms in the league don’t know what Ebs brings to the table then they shouldn’t have jobs. And if Ebs plays well with Connor in your “pump and dump” scenario then why trade him?? Makes zero sense.

  • A zillion negs for the power play. Need to find the most consistent faceoff guy, and they need to give the puck to CMD on zone entries… Give draisaitl run on the 2nd unit and run everything through McD on the first unit. Oh and find a bomb from the point! Look how Shea Weber has contributed to the early success of the Habs simply by being able to get a hard one timer actually on net… Our one timers are instant momentum killers and the puck is back the other way. Without the threat of a hard shot, we cannot adequately space out defenders on the PK so they can simply rule out that play and focus on blocking our infinite cross-ice feeds.

  • passenger

    Eberle has no apologies to make. He’s having a fine season, on pace for 55pts and with a much improved checking and defensive game. The RoundBoys trashing him for hustle should pay better attention.

    • Lol, even my Flames buddies that live near me in southern Alberta notice the complete lack of physicality. Dont expect him to run anyone through the boards, but anyone who abandons their teammates and leaves them outnumbered , should not only not be on the first line, he should be stapled to the bench or in the pressbox. I would sit him till he gets it and if he cant or wont , see you later. And for everyone that refers to him as a “sniper” , that information is just plain wrong. Ovechkin , Stamkos and a few others are pure snipers, when or if he pots 30+ a year then we can use that reference. All he does is score and if he is not doing that (which he isn’t ) He brings nothing else to the team.