Presented by Finning Canada: New Podcast – Wanye Speaks

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We have a new podcast at the Nation called Real Life. Myself, Jason Strudwick and Nation co-founder Wanye Gretz will be a part of it.

Struds and I really enjoyed working together for a few years and have been looking to do something together for awhile. Wanye is actually quite funny, and smart, and after he cried himself to sleep numerous nights fretting over this he decided to join us.

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We will talk sports, but most of our discussions will be about Real Life scenarios.

It will be light-hearted, funny, full of chirps and we have some unique guests lined up in the coming weeks.

You can listen to the first episode here.

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Wanye speaks for the first time and discusses why he started Oilersnation and his painful fanboy breakup with Jordan Eberle. We also discuss whether Struds should get hair plugs transplants, how your eyesight can improve and a classic story about Mike Milbury.

It will be up on itunes in the near future. You have to apply to get on and with Wanye’s shaddy past it won’t be up on itunes for a few weeks.

Moving forward we will record it on Mondays at 11 a.m. and it will be available on the Nation on Tuesday. If you have any questions be sure to send them our way on Mondays via twitter with the #RealLife.




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We look forward to your questions about Real Life and anything else.

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