Dangle Says Words

Hi everybody! It’s annoying Leafs person.

WAIT! Wait… This isn’t a Leafs blog.

The Nation Network overlord people thought it would be fun for me to try a weekly nation-wide post. I told them that I don’t get nearly enough hate on the Sportsnet Facebook page so that sounds like a great idea.

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Here’s a few things I thought were noteworthy this week.


I get the sense there’s panic in OilersNation. After a crazy hot start, the Oil dropped two straight against hated Ontario teams. I’ve read pessimistic tweets from fans and there’s been some line-shuffling going on, too.

Outsider looking in – take a breath. Craig Anderson’s amazing performance was just that – amazing.

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As for the Leafs loss, people loved talking about how Nazem Kadri shut down Connor McDavid or that Nikita Soshnikov had a great game. Let’s call it what it was: The Oilers took 46 shots and Frederik Andersen stopped 44 of them. The way Cam Talbot has played this season, the Oilers’ goaltending should steal their fair share of games this season, too.

Shameless plug: I made a video about the Leafs-Oilers blockbuster trade of 1991.

Oh and Connor things.


If you predicted Michael Frolik would be the Flames’ leading scorer after 12 games, come claim your prize!

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Heading into the season I was convinced the Flames would be Canada’s best team. I failed to take Carey Price into account, didn’t I? OK fine – but the Flames should at least be better than the 1-4-1 record they had through six games. Now they seem to be back on track and I look slightly less stupid.

That being said, the story of the year is going to be the Flames’ goaltending. Brian Elliott and Chad Johnson were signed to kick their goaltending in the ass and instead they’re getting their asses kicked.

Talbot eventually figured it out in Edmoney. Andersen just put together a nice week in Toronto. Maybe the Flames are just going through goalie growing pains.

In warm, fuzzy feeling news:


I promise I’ll make this brief.

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Look… you know they’re bad. I made this clip for Hockey Central about the Canucks. It’s the question at the end I’m most concerned with.

The Canucks have been a frequent punching bag for my podcast but last episode we all sat there genuinely trying to figure out what on earth this team should do. People have tweeted me “Retain salary on the Sedins.” Holy hell. Are things that bad?

Benning supposedly wants a 20-goal scorer. Unless he gives up something many fans will hate giving up, I just can’t see him pulling that off. My less appealing but more realistic idea: The Leafs aren’t using Peter Holland right now. Make a trade? Hell, he might even be on waivers next week at this rate.


HEY GUYS! I’m writing here weirrrrd!

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Made a video and post about the Leafs depth chart and I’m convinced the Leafs are going to have to move a winger, maybe even a prospect winger, at some point. That could mean this week, next week, the trade deadline – whatever.

It’s great that the Leafs have so many guys worth keeping, I just don’t think they can keep them all.

Oh also.

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When it comes to Jets coverage, my ignorant Torontonian brain is mostly exposed the the Patrik Laine show. As a Leafs fan, oh, I’m quite aware of the Patrik Laine show.

How about Connor Hellebuyck though, eh?

He hasn’t been a Vezina-winner obviously but he’s also not Ondrej Pavelec. He’s also 23-years-old. Great goaltending can get you far in this league and for the first time in a while, the Jets might be able to lean on it.


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Rumours of the Red Wings’ death have been greatly exaggerated.

I have to admit, I bought those rumours. Hell, I probably started them. How is this team still good?!? Let me guess: Petr Mrazek has been a stud, right?

Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 7.25.46 PM


Seriously though, the forwards have been underestimated. By me, at least. Thomas Vanek looks like old Thomas Vanek. Mike Green is producing like old Mike Green. 

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It’s not all sunshine and rainbows though. This hit from Brayden Schenn went unpunished by the NHL. Was that the right call? There seems to be debate Schenn was even looking at Brendan Smith.

So. Didja have fun? Let me know down below!

  • OKG

    FYI Elliott and Johnson have been fine for the most part, other than a few early season typical games where everything was a breakaway. The Flames’ problem has been:

    1) The Power Play sucks
    2) The First Line sucks
    3) The Penalty Kill sucks
    4) The refs suck and keep putting us on the penalty kill which sucks and then they lose the special teams battle because the Power Play also sucks because the First Line sucks.

    5) Did I mention the refs suck? They have been calling multiple phantom penalties a game on the Flames all season while letting blatant trips/holds/interference/firstdegreemurder/dives go at the other end. I literally think the refs have taken about three wins from us, and the Flames have won two more games despite the refs.

    However I am confident the first line will stop sucking when Sean Monahan and Johnny Gaudreau stop sucking. Ergo the power play will stop sucking. Also the penalty kill will stop sucking once they notice that they keep getting beaten from the exact same area from the exact same “doh” coverage that they know they are better than. The actual PK metrics point to an eventual top 10 PK and goaltending has been solid.

    P.S. Big fan, Steve. I wish you were a Flames fan, then I’d watch your youtube videos more often but the Leafs bore me.

    • RedMan

      Rex the oilier-apologist, is going to come on and say “I studied the reffing situation, your wrong”, even though his methods were slanted to smooth out the numbers by looking over a longer period, ignoring the huge spike immediately after the incident and ignoring the reality this year. I’ve never been a “blame the ref” guy, but this year it is getting stupid.

      the same thing happened when the Flames signed “scarlet letter Tod Burtuzi” after he broke the guys neck. we all saw how every time they had a chance, the ref’s nailed Tod, and actually i was glad because i thought that the Flames picking up Tod was indefensible. same thing is happening with Wideman, except the whole team is paying.

      that doesn’t excuse our top line’s problems – personally, i wonder about lingering issues with Monahan back, with no other reason to believe this except his lack of ‘push’.

      as for bringing on the the bombastic Dangle across the nations, i would vote, if given the chance, to leave him for Leaf nation and not bring him to Flames nation, where he clearly has no clue or insight.

  • Explicit

    Thanks for reminding me of that time mcdavid was wide open in the slot and Eberle tossed it in his feet. come on Eberle, start playing hockey at an NHL caliber

  • Explicit

    How come in every article there’s always someone complaining about the author? I love free content and will read any point of view about the oilers. gives me a larger picture.

    “I don’t agree with everything that person said so I’m going to insult and berate them!”

    • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      Explicit wrote:

      How come in every article there’s always someone complaining about the author? I love free content and will read any point of view about the oilers.

      pro tip: If the content is free, then you’re the product.

  • “Typical Leafs fan always talking about the Leafs and thinking they’re the centre of the Universe!”

    *Leafs fan writes about other teams and hockey in general*


    I first saw Steve back in 2010 when he did some videos on the playoffs, and I thought it was great that though he was a Leafs fan that he watched as much playoffs as possible, and his videos showed that he didn’t just watch scoreboards, he watched the games. I then noticed that he’s done this since 2007.

    Back in 2010 I never bother subscribing to any YouTube channel, I thought it was a dumb concept, but I do think that Steve was my first subscription because I wanted to watch the rest of his playoff impressions.

    In every town you have a bunch of Steves. That guy who loves his hometown team, but loves the sport so much they’ll watch every other team and have a ton of favourite players across the league.

    I’d take a “Steve” over any fan that is a homer that wears homer blinders, where their NHL season ends with their team’s season.

  • Oilerz4life

    I saw a thing Steve did one time was so funny. We don’t have to have this leafs goof as a weekly thing on Oilersnation do we? Call it a failed experiment and move on.

  • OmJo

    There’s ways of telling him he got the goaltender wrong without being a jerk.

    It’s refreshing to have the perspective of a non-Oiler fan on this team. Especially when it’s not just an attempt at trolling.

    Looking forward to more of these, FWIW.

  • KiLLKiND

    I’m a Flames fan and am also subscribed to SDP and his youtube channel for the LFR’s. I don’t get why Steve gets so much flack. I think it’s because he is a Leafs fan, but if you listen to SDP you realize he knows a lot more about hockey than he puts in his videos or on the nation sites. I like it he adds fun to a sport where Gary Bettman and lockouts reign supreme. Yes he got the goalie thing wrong with Edmonton, but making a cross nation post with a tiny bit on every team isn’t the easiest thing to do and this is try #1, and I look forward to the next post.

  • freethe flames

    I just watched the highlights of the Heat game vs SD Gulls with the Heat winning 6-1. Janko had a goal going to the net and a really good opportunity on the PK. Kylington at times looks like a wizard with the puck. Poirier and Klimchuk look good playing on a line together and Shinkaruk also showed some speed. Mangiapane also created some very good opportunities. I am so hopeful that one or two of these forwards are able to make the jump these season to upgrade the talent level in our forward group, maybe Versteegs’ injury creates the opportunity.

    Keep the two lines that are working together. Why mess with what is working. I say bring Shinakruk up (it really could be any of the others as well) and create the following lines: Johnny/Bennett/Brouwer and Shinkaruk/Monahan/Chiasson. Use the Johnny/Bennet/Brouwer unit as one of the PP units and then the other one Backs, Monny and either Frolik(help with possession) or young Tkachuk9Net presences.

    Other guys who should be experimented with on the PP is Ferland as a net presence and Shinkaruk if he gets called up.

  • Joy S. Lee

    The Leafs, Jets, Flames and Oilers are all up-and-coming young teams. It’s actually nice to see them all turning a corner toward respectability, and should make for a much more interesting future NHL where multiple Canadian teams can make a splash again.

    Certainly it is a team game but over the long NHL season, goalies can affect outcomes more than anyone, and as Carey Price goes, so go the Habs. Couldn’t be happier to see the Canucks fulfilling their destiny, though, their ultra-annoying fan-base is getting the Karma they so thoroughly deserve.

    BTW, after Kadri’s heroic (perhaps pushing the boundaries of illegal) effort against McDavid, I don’t want to miss it the next time the Leafs and Oilers meet. Looked to me like it rubbed 97 the wrong way. I won’t be at all surprised if Connor brings his A-game.

  • I am Ted

    So I read a bit of this goof’s material. I really don’t think he is that knowledgeable about hockey (lots of people out there that know a lot more) and he is clearly a Laffs homer. Two strikes. Then you see his tweet about Burrows after last night’s game and you know this clown is king homer. So, let’s just let him go back to wherever he came from. K. Thanks.