GDB 14.0: Sid versus The Kid



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Sidney Crosby and Connor McDavid will faceoff for the first time tonight. McDavid’s broken clavicle forced him to watch both Oilers/Penguins meetings last season, so watching the future Best Player in the NHL battle the reigning Best Player in the NHL for the first time will be entertaining.

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It is eerie how Edmonton and Pittsburgh once again have arguably the two biggest names in the game, except this time Edmonton has the younger version.

Wayne Gretzky made his NHL debut five years before Mario Lemieux came on the scene in 1984/1985, and we were spoiled watching both of them tear it up together for the next 15 seasons.

Crosby is ten years older than McDavid, so their window to battle head-to-head will be smaller, but it will still be great.

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Gretzky and Lemieux met for the first time on November 6th, 1984 in Pittsburgh, but there was no winner as the game ended in a 3-3 tie. The Oilers left Pittsburgh with a scorching 10-0-3 record, while the Penguins were a respectable 5-5-1.

Oddly enough it was also an election night. Ronald Reagan won his second term in office while Gretzky and Lemieux battled for the first time.

Hockey fans in Pittsburgh will hit the polls early before settling in to watch #87 battle #97. Unlike Gretzky and Lemieux’s first encounter, we might actually see McDavid and Crosby on the ice at the same time. In the 1980s many teams put checkers on the best players and Dave Hannah checked Gretzky most of the game.

Oilers head coach Todd McLellan has once tried to alter matchups, when he moved McDavid around versus the Leafs, but for the most part he hasn’t fretted too much about who McDavid plays against.

I’m sure the Oscar Klefbom/Adam Larsson pairing will see a lot of Crosby, but Darnell Nurse/Eric Gryba will likely see him as well. Nurse’s size and skating ability make him the best matchup against Crosby, but he’s only played 82 NHL games, so I’m not sure if Jim Johnson will want to have him out there exclusively. But in the future I could see it. 


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Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 11.47.14 AM

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 11.47.39 AM

Cam Talbot returns to the net after a game off in Detroit. Puljujarvi might play, but won’t know until game time. 


Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 11.06.01 AM

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 11.06.31 AM

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Matt Murray gets another start, and it looks like Mike Sullivan won’t just rotate his goalies, now that both are healthy, but rather go with who is playing well. Murray was excellent versus San Jose on Saturday and he’ll go tonight.



  • McDavid only has two points in five games, but he isn’t tired. Far from it. He has set up teammates for numerous chances, but they haven’t finished, and he hasn’t buried his best chances, either. Even the best players in the game will go through a rough stretch, but McDavid is only 19 and he’s fine. He is playing 21:16/game thus far. Crosby played 20:45/game in his second NHL season. Evgeni Malkin played 21:19/game his second year. I don’t see his icetime being an issue at all. He isn’t an aging player who has lost a step.
  • That pic occurred in February of 2013. Like most hockey fans, McDavid was thrilled to meet two of the NHL’s best players. He will be excited to play against Crosby. For the best players it isn’t about winning the matchup, but ensuring they are competitive against the best. They love the challenge, and Crosby will be just as excited to face McDavid. He’ll want to compete against his successor.
  • Here is a statistical look at their first 58 NHL games.

    McDavid         vs                     Crosby
    26-28-4            Team Rec        14-33-11
    21                    Goals               28
    41                    Assists             37
    62                    Points              65
    19                    PPPts              32
    7                      GWG                4

    McDavid’s game were split over two seasons due to injuries and his GM was able to give him a much better supporting cast, hence the better record. It is interesting to note how many more EV points McDavid has had early in his career.

  • The Oilers have the NHL’s best road PP and road PK. They are 6 for 18 on the PP (33.3%), while their PK has allowed only one goal on 19 penalty kills (94.7%). The Penguins home PK is only 80%, allowing five goals in 25 chances, but their home PP is very good, 36.4%, scoring eight goals on 22 opportunities. 
  • Evgeni Malkin leads the Penguins in PIMs with 18. He has taken the second most minor penalties in the NHL with nine. The Oilers Benoit Pouliot is tied for seventh with eight, but he hasn’t taken a penalty in the last six games. 
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From the Pens blog:

Tonight we’ll see the defending Stanley Cup champions vs. a team that has been stuck in eternal damnation for as long as we can remember. Wouldn’t a one-on-one game between Crosby and McDavid be more entertaining? It’ll be the first ever meeting between the two players, who have been utterly dominant in the early going. Crosby has 10 points, and at least one in all six games he’s played. McDavid came out of the gate with five goals and 12 points in his first eight games, and currently sits fourth in the NHL with 14 points, leading the Oil to a 9-3-1 start to the season.

For us Penguins fans, this is just another name to watch on the List of Crosby — a list that has seen some epic battles, with 87 usually coming out on top. The list includes: Ovechkin, Toews, Dubinsky, the entire Flyers organization. And now, Connor McDavid…



GAME DAY PREDICTION: Just like 32 years ago these teams will be tied after regulation, but the 3-on-3 format allows for some end-to-end action and the Pens prevail 4-3.

OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: Crosby scores. He has eight goals in six games and buries his ninth of the season.

NOT-SO-OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins’ first NHL game was against Pittsburgh and he scored his first NHL goal. He scores his first EV goal of the season tonight against the Pens.

      • Sir Dudeinstein

        against 4 playoff teams from last year, back to back game in there and a loss to one of the hottest teams (Rangers) so I would think overall successful, roughly production from the three lines throughout the roadtrip. unfortunately lance became quiet vs the stanley cup winners.

        Personally I am glad Eberle decided to show up and for all I know, the last 9 games he could of been nursing an injury or bruise or something. I am hoping that he takes this confidence for the rest of the season. Pouliot I think has his ups and downs and lately he been showing some downside.

        Drai been showing some jitters this is the start of his 2nd if you dont want to count his first year of 30 games, so technically is this his sophmore? If so will be some ups and downs but overall he has shown more progress than regress at lease. Moreover, this game Pittsburg really did well matching speed vs Drai/Lucic and exposed those two players. They tried to cheat and do a cross ice pass to an open wing and Pitts was able to pick off those passes from Drai and that exposed him and he didnt adjust to that. Not all his fault as the bench could of suggested other things, or even try something else. An earlier article even stated about the stretch passes and cross ice passes that were starting to become sloppy.

        Even with this loss, oilers were in it and never gave up even after that early goal. This to me is slowly showing some progress as a team. There is light at the end of the tunnel, are we there yet? no we are not, I would like to see how we are when we have a full line up. With injuries coming back, my question who would you send down?

        • Dwayne Roloson 35

          Yeah totally agree. Really sucks to lose this game the way we did but we played 3 games in 4 nights. Shouldn’t be surprised that a couple lines didn’t show up(especially with the injuries we’ve had).

          I’d send Slepy, Beck and Benning down.

          • Sir Dudeinstein

            would you put cugglia down to get used to professional hockey and to help get him back into shape??

            Anyone else as surprised as I am
            Head to Head

            McDavid is 1gp-0g-3a-3p-3+/-

            Crosby is 1gp-0g-0a-0p-0+/-

          • Dwayne Roloson 35

            At this point i would if i was GM. He’s missed a lot of time. I would have had him in the lineup at the start of the season based on his pre season play.

            Send him down and see how he does.

          • Sir Dudeinstein

            I agree with that completely, even opening roster I would be looking at things. Hard to put him ahead of Lander due to experience and Lander accepting the role as the fourth responsible type player. with Cug I am not sure exactly the type of player we got there only know from preseason (where everyones fighting for a job) and what I read on here. Never seen him play in a reagular season against real professionals. With an entry level and the way the team is actually playing, I would like to see what he does in the AHL and maybe not put him ahead of khaira just yet.

            I know may not be the best idea but Khaira I was impress especially being a bottom 6 forward in the making for the Oilers and how I see it is how much money you invested in Khaira, his development and knowing what we are getting makes me think that. As well as Oilers history grabbing NCAA Free agents and putting pressure on them *cough* Jultz*cough*

        • Dwayne Roloson 35

          Sometimes you have to justify things. 3 games in 4 nights, Played good teams, injured lineup and we came out of it .500.

          Poo didn’t do that on purpose obviously and Lucic had a bad game. I expect them to rebound but i’m not gonna be super negative about how things went.

  • TruthHurts98

    Tough luck loss. But they are better. If the 3 centres and Lucic all step up in one game it’ll be fun to watch. Good motivation to skate hard next game!

  • Shameless Plugger

    Lost on a horribly unlucky bounce to the defending champs. Nothing to complain about. .500 on the trip. I’d have taken that if it were offered before they left.

  • Ssseth

    I don’t mind mind losing close hard fought games. I just hate losing with less than 2 minutes left and blowing the point.

    Oh well like others have said I’d have took 2-2-1 and 5 points before the road trip. Those two regulation losses would have just look a lot better as OT losses though (2-0-3 and 7 points).

    These are the baby steps to turn the ship around. The pens and rangers are classes of the league.

    • Sir Dudeinstein

      if this was a lost against a pacific division or west team i wouldnt accept it. even against Chicago or LA kings/Anaheim. conference/division rivals are who you truly compete for a playoff spot. But against a stanley cup winners/eastern/ 3rd game in 4 nights. Coming back from a deficit I can accept a loss where you had a player snap a goal drought, a player proving to shut up some people *raises hand* atlease for a couple moments 😉 *he was out there for a goal against*