When I’m not crying about Frank Corrado, I write here once per week.


Connor McDavid hasn’t scored for a while now but his three-assist performance against the Penguins was a great statement despite the loss.

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The Oilers started really hot and now they’ve dipped a wee bit. If McDavid keeps doing stuff like this, they’ll be just fine.


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This was my most recent clip on Hockey Central for Sportsnet. Basically, everybody loves to point out the obvious warning signs in the Montreal Canadiens’ hot start. How about the New York Rangers?


Speaking of the Rangers, the Canucks just beat them!

You gotta believe part of the Rangers’ hot start partly lies in all of the home games they’ve played so far. Well, the Canucks are about to play four straight at home; one of which is a rematch with the Rangers. If they’re going to get back into any kind of playoff picture, this would be a good opportunity. 

Slide back into the playoff picture like:

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Just my two cents: The Leafs just put Seth Griffith on waivers. The Canucks should be all over that. Avenge Frank Corrado!


In prospect news, Kerby Rychel finally scored his first pair of goals of the season in the AHL. Heading into the Marlies’ game against the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins, Rychel had no goals on 24 shots. You’ve got to think the goals will start going in.

Also, #FreeFrankCorrado. Click here to read my rant there. Absolutely ridiculous at this point.

Don’t take my word for it. Here’s Elliotte Friedman.

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I’m sure you’ve seen Ferland’s hit on Tyler Seguin by now but listen to this clip. It’s hilarious.

Think they might be pro-Stars, eh? 

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“OH HE LANDED TWO BIG RIGHTS… from a… SEATED POSITION!” Buster Douglas defeating Mike Tyson wasn’t called with the same zeal as this. 


Patrik Laine through his first 15 NHL games: 11 goals, 5 assists, 16 points.

Alex Ovechkin through his first 15 NHL games: 12 goals, 5 assists, 17 points.

Pretty damn close.

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Sometimes you need a break. This call-up could be it for Anthony Mantha.

The 22-year-old has 8 goals and 2 assists for 10 points in 10 AHL games so far this season. If he wants to stick with the big club for a bit, or at least leave a lasting impression, he has to bring that to the Red Wings right now. 

  • I am Ted

    Why is this idiot Dongle all across the Nation networks? He’s an idiot, a Laffs homer and just irritation. Please remove him from the Canuck Army. He is just…gross 🙂

    • Remove yourself from the Canucks Army. Did you think this article took the place of something you would have liked a lot more? It didn’t. The more articles the better as far as I’m concerned, and you can just stop reading the ones that are going to trigger these little tantrums.

    • Andy

      Yeah – what’s the use of hearing from a guy who’s followed a Canadian hockey franchise that hasn’t won a cup in 50+ years, and have only recently begun to rebound from poor drafting, free agent signings, and a frustrating emphasis on grit?

      I’m sure he doesn’t have anything useful to contribute to a Canucks blog whose team closely resembles the leafs. .

    • Vanoxy

      I don’t enjoy reading My Little Pony erotic fan fiction, but I’m not going to ask you to stop posting it online.

      We have the freedom to choose what content we read and what we scroll past.

  • Fred-65

    Yet another eastern media article just adds to “enough already” volume of articles covering the Leafs. Surely to heavens we can find one sanctuary from the eastern bombardment. Count the number of Leaf articles on TSN/Sportsnet websites they outnumber all other teams by a huge margin. Surely on “CANUCKSARMY” they can do better. If you want to include the Leafs to fill your pages up maybe time to think of a new web page title.

    • Fenway

      It’s one article and it literally touches on every team represented in the nation network.

      Skip over the leafs section if you hate it so much?

      Or just click on the articles that are Canuck-centric… aka every other one.

  • Fenway

    I think these posts are great and I think it’s great for people of different fan bases and viewpoints to interact with one another. Like most other things, being a hockey fan is more fun and fulfilling when you interact with more than just those who agree with you.

    Keep it up Steve! Thanks for the contribution.