The Capilano Rehab Injury Report


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What would be my perfect injury report? Well besides reporting on NO INJURIES, my perfect injury report would be making injury updates as informative as they can get. For example, Kris Russell’s lower body injury is a strain in the hamstring area. Though pretty painful at first, Russell has come a long way. Today, however, his hamstring was a little more sore than usual, forcing him to only three hours of rehab instead of the usual five. The majority of this time was spent using relaxation techniques on the muscles, including massage and heat therapy.

Wouldn’t this be neat? The world would be an amazing place if we got such detailed injury updates from the teams. It wouldn’t leave us guessing and assuming. “He wasn’t able to do resistant band knee crossovers comfortably? MUST BE ANOTHER SETBACK!” Compared to now, I think it could definitely give fans a better peace of mind. “Lower body injury? OH NO ANOTHER STAPH INFECTION OH MY GOD!” 

Kris Russell

I do have a couple updates for you this time around, though. Nothing as specific as I want them to be. But, hopefully, in the next couple weeks we will have our original roster being pieced back together slowly. Kris Russell’s status has moved down to ‘day-to-day’ as per Todd McLellan. Although in Oiler terms, this probably means week-to-week. He did not travel with the team to California, however, no one is counting him out to join them on this road trip at any time.

Mark Fayne

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Mark Fayne is also making some progress from his lower body injury. He is now skating, which is always a good sign and means his legs are actually operating and not broken. After playing only a couple regular season minutes, I’m sure Fayne is aching to get into the lineup. All of these depth injuries didn’t seem so bad at first, but after this dumb losing streak, we need all the healthy players we can get. 

Brandon Davidson

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Brandon Davidson is another defenceman we are really missing on the ice. Since this losing streak, the only positivity I can muster up is the fact that we’ll have some healthy players coming off the IR real soon. Davy says his shoulder/back/armpit/whatever’s hurting him is feeling good. He claims he’s roughly a week away from returning!

Iiro Pakarinen 

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There’s been no update on Pakarinen’s knee injury, which can only mean that it’s not good. Last week it was appearing he was on a day-to-day return basis which is great. But once again, in Oiler terms that probably means three more weeks. If Iiro returns by December 1st I’ll be thrilled.

Drake Caggiula 

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From what I know, Caggiula could be the closest out of all the injured players to return. Tough to say if this will even help us. Will Drake be sent down immediately after he’s cleared to play? Or are we going to need him to mix things up in our lineup right away?

Drake’s been skating for a little while now, AND he travelled with the team to California. This doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be playing with the team, but it allows him to get some more skating and practice in. Also, he gets to see MORE Connor McDavid if he travels with the team!

Matt Hendricks 

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Matt Hendricks is still feeling the effects from his lower body injury. The good news is that he’s been doing some light skating. This is a little easier on his mindset, knowing that you’re a step closer to returning, however, I’m sure it’s not a good feeling knowing that your team is struggling and you can’t do anything about it. Hendricks told the press a few days ago that he’s not where he wants to be yet. I would be surprised if we see Hendricks join the team before the end of November.

Andrew Ference 

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Shout out to Andrew Ference for passing the 400-day IR mark! *throws party*

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  • TaylorFall

    What do you say about these lines once Davidson and Russell comes back?

    Davidson – Larsson

    Klefbom – Russell

    Nurse – Sekera

    Cheers for yay, Trash for nay

  • Reinman

    I think you definitely put Cagguila in. Then put Leon out there with McDavid and Maroon.

    Maroon-McDavid-Drai, Lucic-RNH-Ebs, Pouliot-Cagguila-Pitlick/Kassian, Lander/Shlep-Letestu-Pitlick/Kassian

    Poolparty to the AHL for more baking.

    Not liking the Lucic signing. You mean he is going to be slower in 6 years from now?

    Should have let Boston have Nurse, and brought in Dougie Hamilton. Would rather see Hall out there with Ebs and Nuge for our second line.

    So far I think the 2nd rounder for Chia is a big overpay. I also think we should have kept Nelson as our coach. He really seemed to get the most out of our players. They should have thrown some big money at him to be assistant coach to McClellan.

  • Reinman

    One more thing about Lucic. Where is the leadership we paid 6 million for? Kassian is doing everything we brought him in to do, but better. Think about that.

    I really thought Lucic should have grabbed someone last game and gave him the what for, like Kassian did. That might have been the boost that got the oilers over the edge.

    Lucic is slow, physical sure, but for 6 million I would like to see his awareness and passing to be a bit higher.

    Again, subtract Nurse, bring in Dougie Hamilton, and replace Lucic with Hall, and I think we would be further ahead. I mean, Reinhart should easily replace Nurse for what we paid for him.

    Chia is not all he is cracked up to be.

    And why won’t Mclellan give Slepyshev a chance with some skilled players. He has earned it.

    • Dan 1919

      You can’t just say replace Lucic with Hall, everyone knows and knew that Hall is better than Lucic. The fact is, with Larsson & Lucic we are further ahead than with just Hall.

      Lucic is no doubt struggling lately, but one thing we can’t deny even during this losing streak is that the Oilers are a legit NHL team that has hit a horrendous offensive slump. Lucic is a big part in making this a legit team again, even when they’re losing.

      We couldn’t say this in the past, when the Oilers lost before, we watched an AHL caliber team with no structure gamble the games on scoring on a few quick rushes.

  • I’m worried about Klefbom. I think he’s playing too high in the lineup and it’s dragging down Larsson. Lately, Nurse is not playing well with Gryba and if it continues, consider sending him down. If not, then:

    Sekera – Larsson
    Klefbom – Russell
    Nurse – Davidson

    And when Caggulia is healthy, I think you have to send him down for conditioning. When he returns:

    Maroon – McDavid – Draisaitl
    Pouliot – Nuge – Eberle
    Lucic – Caggulia – Pitlick
    Lander – Letestu – Kassian

  • Spoils

    I’d like to see Lucic make his way back up to the McDavid line. Don’t have an explanation for this, other than gut.


    I feel like the Oilers have been close and are getting dinged by a couple off-nights by Talbot, feeling a bigger than expected impact from the loss of Davidson and Russell, and a mix of forwards missing a key element.

    natural goal scoring. too many dishers.