NHLN notebook: Injuries, Stars taking liberties and prospects


The NHLN Notebook is a semi-regular feature of interesting hockey content from the past few days that doesn’t quite deserve its own article. 

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Well folks, we are officially 1/5 of the way through the NHL season.


It is that time of year when the injury bug begins to claim its victims. Johnny Gaudreau, Steven Stamkos, Taylor Hall and Darren Helm are the latest four players to fall to the bug. Gaudreau broke his finger after being slashed, more on that below. Stamkos is out with a meniscus injury. Former Edmonton Oiler Hall suffered a meniscus injury as well, which will have him sidelined for three to four weeks. Helm suffered a dislocated shoulder, and will be sidelined for six weeks.

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All three of these announcements game yesterday afternoon, and each will impact their respective teams in their own ways.

Hall and Stamkos will be missed greatly by their team, as both were major proponents to driving play for the Devils and Lightning respectively. Both players are elite NHLers.

While Darren Helm isn’t a barn burner, he is a bottom-six forward who is capable of holding his head above water. His individual point production is solid for who he is, but he has never been a possession driver for the Red Wings.

I think of all three injuries, Hall’s will effect his team the most. The Devils are clearly a team that has not had an elite level forward like Hall around for a while. Being an Oilers fan myself, I know how much he was missed when he wasn’t in the Oilers lineup.


We all want to live in a world where the NHL “protects” their stars. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case as Johnny Gaudreau took a few wicked slashes on the hand earlier this week. As we all know by now, Gaudreau is going to be missing sometime with a broken finger. 

To my knowledge, I think he is looking at being out four to six weeks. 

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I listen to a lot of Calgary sports radio, and keep in the loop on the blogs and what not. I’ve seen a lot of people saying that “oh, if this was McDavid or Crosby we would be having a different conversation.” I’m not entirely sure that is true. 

I’ve watched a lot of Oilers hockey over the last two years, and I know for a fact that Connor McDavid rarely gets calls in his favour. In fact, he is often the one being penalized. 

While a dive is not nearly as egregoius as a slash, hooking and holdingtripping and steer wrestling are not allowed in the NHL. These are all dangerous penalty’s too and can cause guys to fall and get injured etc. It just goes to show that McDavid is not getting calls his way either, so I don’t buy the rhetoric that McDavid isn’t a targeted player.

The NHL needs to step in and lay the hammer down when it comes to the poor officiating the league is seeing. 


To start, if you haven’t listened to TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie’s “Bobcasts” you really should. He is doing an A+ job so far with the show and is showing his non-hockey side that people are starting to get to know better.

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“Bobby Margarita,” as he goes by in the offseason, spoke about Rasmus Dahlin who is a U-16 Swedish defenceman playing in Sweden right now. McKenzie noted that he was very impressed by the player in the recent U-16 tournament that recently took place in Sault St. Marie. 

Not long after his Bobcast was released, Dahlin did this dirty move:

Keep an eye out for him at the top of the 2018 NHL draft rankings. He is a player that is showing some No. 1 overall prowess. 

The latest from Laing:

  • 24% body fat

    That kid looks like he might be a top 5 if he improve linear on what he is already doing.

    Maybe the rebuild will be over by the time oilers get him and Aito Iguchi

  • 24% body fat

    Speaking of Aito Iguchi should Hockey Canada not get him and his family over here. Lets get the kid playing in tougher competition to develop him. Not just for Canada but because if the family is good with it, it is the right thing to do for hockey.

  • Neumann

    As I was watching the game last night I was thinking the refs used to call more infractions on McDavid during the flory days (the first 10 games of the season). As McDavid looks to blow by a guy to create an odd man situation there has been some kind of hook or hild preventing separation. Not that getting PP opportunities is such an advantage for the Oilers at the moment, but it would sure be nice to see McDavid skating freely.

    • 24% body fat

      all good powerplays have an off winger with a good shot opposite the set up man who can also score. Unfortunately they keep putting Eberle out there and lucic, wasting McDavids PP time.

      I would have Slep or JP Opposite Connor they have a better shot.

      Have Eberle and Drai on PP 2 opposite each other.

      In the lock out year this is how Gagner and Yak put up all their points. The right handed passer was feeding the left handed shot, both of them on their off wings. Hemsky was also there as a right handed pass.

    • oilman3

      yeah, i wasn’t too impressed by that comment. i think that todd doesn’t want the team to have any excuses right now, but connor is getting mugged out there and it is getting very frustrating to watch and i’m sure very frustrating for him. i can’t believe the league cracked down on this years ago and that we have managed to swing so far back.

  • bcoil

    The players are statring to look scared to make a mistake in the first period just like they did under Eakins .Are the coaches on this team making the same mistakes that Eakins did in berating the players so much that they are scared to play ? Is Todd M another version of Eakins in that he is the smartest guy in the room ? Just saying I am seeing some similarities in the two Coaching methods and that is not good for the team psych.

    • GK1980

      I didn’t either, thought the Oilers were for real this year. Looks like another lost season. I think nuge and eberle are gone. Wow, what a waste of picks this past decade.

      • Gravis82

        They traded the best pick because he was worth more and the worst pick. And kept the mediocre ones.

        Of course Hall is worth more, because he is the best. You keep that player, if you don’t have a defense, you wait.

        Now we have a D man and are searching for a Hall.

        This organization is completely messed up.

        Guess who is still playing top 4ish minutes in the NHL on teams that will finish higher than the Oilers in the standings. Petry, Gilbert and Marincin. That is a fact. Sure, “But McDavid!”. Yes, that is good. Is it possible to win a cup without McDavid? Yes. In fact most team that win the cup wont have McDavid.

        McDavid gets you 1 point a night, thats what, 0.7 goals per game? That’s 20% of the way to a contending team with one player. This is just back of the envelope stuff here. We need more offense. We need more elite offensive players. We had one and we traded him for nothing.

        You know what is actually sad? Russel is making more impact than Laarson, and didn’t cost anything to add.

      • Total Points

        Nuge and Eberle will not be traded any time soon. Ebs will leave team when his contract is up (2 more seasons) and Nuge we be with us for 3 more years

        At 6M per season they are not tradeable