The Capilano Rehab Injury Report – Comebacks and Setbacks


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I’ve got some good news and bad news. Which one do you want first?

You’ve already heard the good news. Drake Caggiula, Kris Russell, and Matt Hendricks have all returned to the lineup. (LOL remember when I predicted a December return for Hendricks?) This happened on the weekend, and since then, the Oilers have won two in a row. So who’s the lucky charm? Well they all are!

Drake Caggiula has two points in two NHL games and has been playing well and pitching in on the fourth line. Matt Hendricks is doing what Matt Hendricks does best, which is blocking shots, hitting things, and also chipping in once in a while (1 assist). In yesterday’s win, he blocked a hard slap shot with ten seconds left in a 5-0 game with no other reason than to protect Cam Talbot’s shutout. #Leadership

And Kris Russell? Kris Russell has been the definition of ‘passing the eye test’ all season long. Corsi fanatics HATE HIM! But he looks incredible every single game, and has some writers vote as the best defenceman on the team right now. The only number I personally care about is points, and with Kris Russell in the lineup we are 9-3-1. Without him? We are 2-5-0. 

Alright, on to the bad news.

Mark Fayne

There has been no update since last week on Fayne’s lower body injury. With Russell returning, there has been less of a dire need for defencemen to return to the lineup so less talk has been expected. Fayne has still been skating on his own in Edmonton and is out week-to-week.

Fayne has a total of 2:27 playing minutes so far this season and has one assist, putting him in the lead for points/minutes played. At least he’s got that going for him!

Brandon Davidson

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We were all expecting Davidson to join the lineup on the weekend with the rest of the boys. He travelled with the team, was skating with the team and was ready to go. Then, BAM! He re-injures his shoulder during practice and flies home for an MRI. We haven’t heard any update since then, but we can only assume the worst. I mean, not the WORST worst, but worst as in a bad injury. I’d expect another few weeks before we see Davidson play again. 

One thing we can make light of in this horrible situation is that even though it’s common knowledge to most reporters, fans, second tier fans, and their dogs, that Davidson has a shoulder injury. The Oilers website is still trying to keep it hidden, labelling it as an upper-body injury. What’s better yet, is that TSN’s website is calling Davidson’s injury a lower body injury. What’s up with you TSN?

Taylor Hall

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Sorry I didn’t mean to put this in here…. was an accident. 


Iiro Pakarinen

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Yes Iiro is still alive. We haven’t heard from him in a long time which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing. But it’s probably not a good thing either. The boys are playing pretty well right now so cracking the lineup will be tough for Pakarinen if and when he returns.

Andrew Ference

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Andrew Ference has been doing Andrew Ference things for quite some time now while enjoying that LTIR money. Good for him. 

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    • Hemmercules

      That trade will be forever hated by a large group of hockey fans. The only thing that will soften the blow is if the Oil manage to win a cup while Larsson is still in Edmonton and Hall is still in NJ. Its actually a tough call to say where the Oilers would be right now if they had Hall and lets say Demers instead of Larsson and Lucic. I would guess their record might be a little worse but its probably pretty close.

      Sucks about Davisdon. Hopefully he doesn’t have a year like Klef had last year. At least they haven’t missed him too bad but like see him back anyway.

      • McRaj

        The issue I take with that is fans somehow seem to think that the Oilers signing Demers was automatic. There is no evidence to suggest he would have signed here.

        • Hemmercules

          I just tossed Demers in there because they were interested in him. Not saying they clearly could have signed him. It could have very well just been Gryba and Russel signing as far as defence goes but I think Chia would have pushed harder for another guy like Demers had he not traded for Larsson.

      • oilerjed

        Does this still hold true if we don’t have Lucic anymore?
        I mean he is not getting it done points wise right now but I would think that there has been a noticeable change in practice and in the dressing room.

        • Hemmercules

          If we still had Hall and another free agent dman and didn’t have Larsson and Lucic I think they would be worse off in the standings as of this point but likely not by much. Getting Klef back and Nurse/Davidson being a year older was beneficial on its own without Larsson. I do like Larsson though, I think he will get better too.

          Its so hard to say without knowing if Hall was cancer in any way. I think Lucic has brought a bit of confidence and presence for sure like you said.

  • Sheldon "Oilers Fan for Life!!!"

    Not sure how to deal with the whole Hall thing. I loved the moments when he grabbed the puck and literally attacked the opposition. It also drove me crazy when so often the play ended on his stick as opposing players would isolate him and take it away. Not sure how he was in the room but there is no question the loss on a skill front is missed. I am glad we are winning but expect the real value of the trade will take 3 years to really know.

  • Sheldon "Oilers Fan for Life!!!"

    I miss seeing Andrew Ference when he was playing well. He was a classy player. Would love to see him join Strudwick on here someday.

  • @Hallsy4

    It’s always nice being reminded of the Hallsy Boy trade when the Oil are winning, and not so much when all the forwards wait for Connor to make something happen. I’m still happy with the trade, and I think the trade will look better as soon as Chia trades Ebs, Pou and maybe Nugey Boy to give this team further balance and turn it into a contender. Country CLub days are over, Ebs. Trade the mall.

  • @Hallsy4

    I wonder what value Davidson holds? I’d certainly be open to packaging him with any of Ebs, Nuge, or Pou to acqurie what Chia Pete sees fit. Can’t wait for this dealine, it appears that the Oil may be buyers, or at least not straight sellers this year. Chia Pete, your on the clock brother… Pou, Nuge, Ebs, and Letest have been here long enough.

  • IRONman

    Keep Russel. Team wins with him.

    Protect Davidson too.

    We need Solid D.

    Got a lot of skilled forwards.

    Let’s see if Davidson can stay healthy. He has had tough battle but we need his heavy point shot.