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Oh hello. It’s your ol’ pal Wanye here. Did you know I recently learned how to talk and I am now blabbing away on a weekly podcast with Edmonton Illuminati members Jason Gregor and Strudwick? It’s true.

Our show is called Podcast Real Life – not to be confused with last episode where we mysteriously called it Real World in the title of the article. Real World is a show on MTV currently in it’s 32nd season. Real Life is our podcast where we talk things that are sometimes sports, sometimes not. Sometimes it’s about Strudwick playing hockey in Bulgaria, sometimes it’s about Gregor recreating the scenes from a movie that he watched the night before. Sometimes its about my plans to order a Japanese Connor McDavid robot and driving him around in a sidecar on my imaginary motorcycle.

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Whatever happens in Real Life makes it onto the podcast and it is turning into quite a hilarious time.

This week was the third episode that I have been on the show and we agreed afterwards that it was our best to date. Strudwick tells a story about Mike Keenan being nice to him cause for him that’s his real life. I told an embarrassing story where I tried to buy a safe and almost bought a microwave instead. For me that’s real life. Gregor kept reintroducing himself every 15 minutes even though it isn’t radio and no one is tuning in mid show. For him that’s real life.

Give a listen here.

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You can listen on Soundcloud here, and on iTunes here. Subscribe to the show and let us pop up in your phone once a week like a late night booty call text.