The Capilano Rehab Injury Report: Progress


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Let’s talk about progress! No, I’m not talking about the lack of progress the Oilers have made this season, following up their winning streaks with more losing streaks. I’m talking about the injury progress! Last season, as the weeks went on, the injury list got longer and longer. We seem to be moving in the opposite direction this season, which is progress in my books.

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If you didn’t hear, Mark Fayne was taken off the injury reserve this past week. Turns out the Oilers were waiting for him to get healthy enough just so they could send him to Bakersfield only to pull him back again! This isn’t a bad decision, after only playing two regular season minutes this season, Mark will need some conditioning. 

I think it’s important to note that I wrote the above piece about progress and junk yesterday, BEFORE Eric Gryba was put on the IR. I’m sure his mysterious injury happened before I wrote it, but the timing is impeccable! #ChrisJinx. Anyways, Fayne ended up being called up yesterday after being sent down not too long before that. THEY PROBABLY DIDN’T EVEN BUY HIM A PLANE TICKET, THOSE TRICKSTERS! I’m on to you, Oilers. 

Eric Gryba’s injury is 100% a mystery, and nobody knows a thing. When was he injured? What did he injure? I’m starting to wonder if Todd McLellan even knows those answers. All we know for now is that it’s undisclosed, and indefinite. You can rely on me to keep you updated!

Brandon Davidson

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As I reported last week (and by reported, I mean I was the 15th person to break the news), Davidson suffered a setback on his shoulder and was sent back to Edmonton for further testing, a.k.a, stem cell treatment probably. The news didn’t sound good at the time, and a week later it still doesn’t sound good, Davidson will likely be out up to another month, hopefully returning around Christmas time. 

Throwback Thursday: This week in 1993, Edmonton Oilers acquire Bob Beers

Speaking of Christmas, here’s my wish-list in case anyone was wondering *wiiiinnnnnnkkkkk* Feel free to send any of these things right to Nation HQ for me.

  • Bose noise-cancelling earphones 
  • Another Connor McDavid
  • Saxx Underwear
  • An Oilers playoff spot
  • A Leafs 14 game losing streak

Iiro Pakarinen

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Another week gone, another week of Pakarinen in the press box. If anyone forgot, Iiro hurt his knee in the preseason and hasn’t played since. I have no update on his knee, which means he will remain on the IR indefinitely until the day pigs fly and the Oilers actually give us one, or until he returns. 

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Andrew Ference

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Want to hear a fun fact? Wayne Gretzky will play in more games this year than Andrew Ference! Gretzky, as we all know, played in the Heritage Classic Alumni Game this October in Winnipeg. And it was just announced that Gretzky will also be the captain in the upcoming alumni/celebrity charity game for the Bakersfield Condors in early January. 

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