GDB 29.0 Wrap Up: It’s Definitely Not Always Sunny in Philadelphia


Ring the gong, that one’s done. Final Score: 6-5 Flyers

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Coming into tonight’s game against the Flyers, the Oilers were riding a point streak with two wins and two OT losses in their last four games. While it’s good that the Oil have been able to secure points from games they’ve lost, they’re also losing games that they should be winning. That kind of effort wasn’t going to be good enough against Philadelphia who was 7-3-0 in their last 10 games played. If the Oilers wanted to beat Philly, or even keep their point streak going, they were going to have to come up with a better effort than what we saw against Buffalo and Minnesota. While they did get a better effort, this game wasn’t without its sense of adventure. This game was different. This game was like a rollercoaster that both gave you a thrilling sense of joy and also the threat of having your genitals attacked at the same time. 

With the Oilers playing back-to-back games tonight and tomorrow it was imperative that they set themselves up with points going into the weekend. The Pacific Division is getting tighter and teams with fewer games played are catching up to the Oilers and that makes every point important already. To make sure that they didn’t leave Philly empty handed the Oilers needed to get a good start, find some offense from people not named Connor McDavid, and get solid goaltending from Jonas Gustavsson. Fortunately, they started checking things off the list rather quickly. Leon Draisaitl scored a quick first-period goal, and Gustavsson was holding the fort despite the Oilers being outshot early on. Normally that’s good news, but then the turn happened. After Connor McDavid scored his first power play goal of the season to give the Oilers a two-goal lead, Edmonton evacuated their bowels all over themselves and left turd stains streaking up and down the ice, halls, and dressing room. Within the span of 72 seconds, the Oilers allowed three straight goals to give Philadelphia their first lead of the game. Strangely, that wasn’t even where the ride ended.

The third period was just as ridiculous as the second period, and once again it didn’t come out in the Oilers’ favour. Frankly, the end of this game was stressful to watch. Despite scoring two quick goals to start the period, the game had a feel like the Oilers were going to find a way to punch their own face. Gustavsson wasn’t as sharp as he has been lately, and the Oilers were finding new and creative ways to make mistakes in their own end. The result? Sadness. As the Flyers poured the pressure on in waves, the tent that was the Edmonton Oilers folded up and blew away in the wind. Rather than hunkering down to weather storm, the Oilers tried to fly their kite full of defensive ineptitude right into a lightning storm and boy did they get fried in the end. That game could should’ve resulted in two points on the board ended up with the Oilers walking away with nothing but their junk in hand.

The Oilers don’t know how to close out their opponents in the third period and it’s costing them points in the standings, and that’s a problem. A problem that needs to be solved sooner than later, because I don’t care about draft prospects anymore. 

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Wrap it up.


Philly Cheesesteak

  • Leon Draisaitl has been a warlord on the ice lately. The guy has been lights out cash money on the offensive side of the puck and he scored another big goal tonight (his 12th). Jesse Puljujarvi made a nice play off the boards to get the puck to Draisaitl on the rush and Leon made no mistake of burying his chance. Big Sexy 2.0 wasn’t done, though, as he went on to add two more beautiful assists to give himself a three-point night. This guy’s next contract could get scary.
  • I guess Connor McDavid wasn’t ready to give up the team lead in goals just yet because he went out and scored his 12th goal of the season, and first power play goal. If he has 11 even strength goals already can you imagine what it will be like when he gets rolling on the PP? *whistles* Connor added another assist on Andrej Sekera’s goal and the captain adds to his NHL scoring lead.

  • The wheels were falling off and Andrej Sekera sent a clapper past Mason to tie the game (his fourth) and settle things down. Normally, Sekera would find a way to hit a shin pad but this time he had a clear path to the net and he made no mistake. 
  • Benoit Pouliot hasn’t been the most popular ?? around these parts lately, but he scored a big goal (his fifth) tonight on a nice feed from Leon Draisaitl in the slot. 
  • Oscar Klefbom scored his fourth goal of the season on the power play after he fired a seeing-eye shot on net that beat Mason. 
  • Drake Caggiula quietly got himself on a four-game point streak. The rookie put up another assist on Klefbom’s goal and he’s got himself a nice little run going.
  • Jordan Eberle got another assist tonight, and had one of the better games he’s had in a while.
  • Shout out to Dillon Simpson for making his NHL debut. Who knows how long the kid will stick around for but good on him for getting the chance to play in his first big league game. That’s a cool day for Dillon Simpson and his family. Great hairline on the kid too.
  • The penalty kill was solid tonight, killing off 4/5. 
  • There is nothing sexier than seeing the Oilers score power play goals and they did it again tonight. The PP has been heating up lately and we can only hope that the progress continues. Oilers finished the night at 2/4 on the PP.


Shit Sandwich

  • Two penalties for Jesse Puljujarvi in the first period. They weren’t the worst of offences, and the Flyers couldn’t capitalize on either man advantage chance, but you’d have to think that McLellan will be talking to Puljujarvi about that one if he can find a translator. 
  • The Oilers allowed three goals AND coughed up a two-goal lead in the span of 72 seconds. 
  • They coughed up another two-goal lead in the third period. It may have been exciting to watch, but it was brutal defensively. 
  • The Oilers allowed the Flyers to score three straight goals on two separate occasions. That’s bad news no matter how you analyze it. 
  • Not a good game for Nuge. He was up against Giroux and didn’t have much of an answer for him. In fact, Giroux ran his show for pretty much the entire game. RNH is better than that defensively and I’d expect him to be better tomorrow. Forget it and move on kind of night for Nuge. Not good.
  • If Nuge had a tough night then Klefbom was the king for defensive miscues on this evening. Klefbom still wins the green jacket with a -4. 
  • Jonas Gustavsson has been getting more playing time lately and he had been making the most of it. Sure, he can be an adventure in net, but he was doing his job stopping pucks and giving his team a chance to win. That wasn’t the case tonight. Neither Gus nor Mason was particularly good for their team, but the Oilers needed a win tonight and didn’t get good enough goaltending. Gustavsson was solid in the first period but fell apart in the final 40 minutes, allowing six goals on 21 shots. The Monster was scary alright, finishing the night with 25 saves an a .806 save%.
  • Oilers got murdered on the dot, winning only 40% of the faceoffs.
  • It’s weird watching guys when you “know” their time is winding down with the team. I get that feeling about Matt Hendricks and it sucks because I love the guy. Unfortunately, he’s in the last year of his contract and I can see him being a guy that the Oilers would move at the deadline depending on where they themselves are at in the standings. Either way, I feel like we’re seeing the final days of the wagon himself and that’s the tough part about pro sports.
  • I know he didn’t play tonight but do you guys remember Nick Schultz as an Oiler? Tonight’s game reminded me of the Schultz x2 era of a few years ago. Sometimes it’s hard to remember all of the players that have been Oilers over the course of this rebuild, and Nick Schultz was one of those guys that I had forgotten about. Was supposed to be a calming influence, he was. *sigh*


1st Period Summary

Time Goal Assists Flyers Oilers
4:39 Leon Draisaitl Jesse Puljujarvi 0 1

2nd Period Summary

Time Goal Assists Flyers Oilers
4:35 Connor McDavid (Power-Play) Leon Draisaitl, Milan Lucic 0 2
12:31 Mark Streit Travis Konecny, Ivan Provorov 1 2
13:24 Pierre-Edouard Bellemare Andrew MacDonald, Chris VandeVelde 2 2
13:43 Claude Giroux Jakub Voracek 3 2
16:15 Andrej Sekera (Short-Handed) Mark Letestu, Connor McDavid 3 3

3rd Period Summary

Time Goal Assists Flyers
3:07 Benoit Pouliot Leon Draisaitl, Adam Larsson 3
5:12 Oscar Klefbom (Power-Play) Jordan Eberle, Drake Caggiula 3
6:31 Jakub Voracek (Power-Play) Shayne Gostisbehere, Claude Giroux 4
12:11 Claude Giroux Radko Gudas, Jakub Voracek 5
18:31 Michael Raffl Jakub Voracek, Mark Streit 6


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Wem Edited 

  • When: Friday, December 9th with doors opening at 2pm (the game starts at 6pm). 
  • Where: West Edmonton Mall at the Mayfield Toyota Ice Palace
  • Who: Edmonton takes on Minnesota
  • Why: Because we love to party
  • What else: We’re going to have prize giveaways all night long
  • How much to get in: FREE!

Huge thank you to everyone at West Edmonton MallThe Brick, Vimy Hockey, Donnan, 1st RNDTSN 1260Eddie BauerThe Bear and everyone else that worked so hard to help us get this event off the ground. Your hard work is appreciated, and I can’t wait for December 9th to get here. It’s going to be a fantastic night.

  • DXB

    This comes down to an complete inability to protect leads. The Oil played a strong game, scoring depth, dominated their PP’s. I don’t think Gustavson was the issue. This comes down to soft pour decisions getting the puck out of the zone. Nuge was directly responsible for 2 goals that could have been avoided. flip the puck up into the neutral zone, ice the f*&g thing just recognize the wave coming, clear the puck and learn how to play boring trappy hockey with a lead.

  • Seriously Bored

    Frustrating loss but the silly people suggesting mcdavid is going to leave clearly do not understand how the CBA works or how winners work.

    He is not yakupov who is going to blame the organization and jump ship because he isnt winning cup after cup.

    People like Connor do not become who they are by quitting at the first sign of adversity. He is a winner and he is captain, requesting trades and sitting out would not do much for his NHL or hockey canada career. He is going to do what winners do and figure out how to get this team on the right track. He can ask trouba and drouin how requesting a trade as an rfa goes.

    • XL Lebowski

      Great comment. I saw teammates sticking up for one another tonight. I saw some will and determination too. They’re slowly starting to become a team. Still have a few passengers but hopefully Las Vegas can take one or two of them off our hands. Never say never.

  • RJ

    TM and PC have been great at hyping themselves and getting people in the Oilers media to sell what a great job they are doing. But I’m not seeing it.

    The Oil need strength down the right side, and have failed to address the need, just like MacT. The Oil put too much faith in Nugent becoming an elite player. He isn’t. He’s not terrible but he’s also not a franchise Centre. He doesn’t play offensively at an elite level, he can’t win the physical battles, he can’t win face offs. Outside of Yak and Erik Johnson, is there a weaker 1OV playing in the NHL? I think not.But the Oil should put their faith in him like MacT did.

    The Oil need quality vets, and despite the sell job to date, that’s not Lucic. Is he already the most overpaid Oiler? I thought bad free agent signings were MacT’s specialty.

    So whose terrible team-building plan are they following?


    Why are we not sending puljujarvi down to the ahl to tear up that league a bit? Oilers love to destroy our young stars confidence and don’t know when to pull the plug

  • I think this shows how under-rated some of our injured defensemen are. Under-rated to us Oiler fans.

    Nurse is still learning, but he’ll play hard to the point where if anyone slough-foots his goalie, he’ll be in their face, or rather, his fist will be.

    Gryba is a big body that wins battles, and he isn’t afraid to put some lumber on the opponents. He’s a 6/7 defensemen, but y’know what, that’s what the Oilers seemingly needed tonight.

    Fayne is 7/8 on our depth chart but guess what, he’d have been better than Simpson in this game, able to eat up more than Simpson’s paltry 7 minutes.

    And nevermind Davidson.

    Klefbom got eaten alive today, but what can a coach do? Swap in Benning? Swap in Simpson?

    Ask Sekera or Russell to take more ice time (both played over 24 mins)?

    If our last pair was Nurse + Fayne/Gryba, you’d have options there.

    You’d also have 2 more guys beating down on Flyers, in a game where it was needed.

    I didn’t catch the whole game, and maybe that makes me a bit less emotional about it (because the end result, with how things played out, against a classless organization has me cheesed enough, I’d be pretty incensed if I saw the game)…

    …But I think this game shows that the D injuries are catching up with the team, to the point where it will affect team success. They’ll have to learn how to win with this current D roster.

  • I tried it at home

    I had to do a midnight move to help out my buddy’s sig other. All cash, all ok. But then as I’m reading through all these comments, it occurs to me that peeps who forget the joy of just watching good hockey, will never be happy. I had a great time, our team lost but damn, that was fun. We’re not a trap team, and we still rock the Pathetic division. Small steps. guys.

  • Conner's Better

    Can we please get rid of Remenda – he obviously hates the oilers and is so excited when we lose. Worst home town announcer in history of sports.
    How can we start a petition to Sportnet to fire this clown. I have been turning sound off for games.

  • S cottV

    You have to know how to play in different ways in different situations.

    When McL took over Team NA, he decided to let the young hot shot kids play. He didn’t try to implement much in the way of any attention to detail on the defensive side of the game. Didn’t worry too much about over playing to offence, such that you left yourself wide open on counterattacks etc. Ok – 2 or 3 weeks to prepare – hot shot kids, I can half see his point. Half.

    With the Oilers, while there’s obviously more attention to detail, than the Team NA environment – in relative terms I don’t see enough. For the most part McL is letting em play.

    We’ve weakened the team on rush (Hall, Yak, Purcell) and replaced with Lucic, Maroon, Kassian – but we’re still pretty much just one and done – rushing the puck. We’re so bad at cycling, pinching, puck protection and use of the points in the o zone, that you almost want to forget it – but you can’t. McL has to push the agenda and get the change process accomplished. We know PC wants to reduce dependence on rush, but McL is not making it happen.

    Our play in the d zone is atrocious and really its been leaky all year – even during the winning streak. We just got away with it through Talbot excellent play and some luck. It’s as much or more the forwards that are the problem. A team commitment to keeping the puck outta our net, is just not there. It’s been a year and half with McL? Where’s the change process? Why aren’t we way better than we used to be at this?

    Protecting leads, not beating ourselves, keeping a lid on offence – when the game is in the balance and you don’t want to be exposed on counter attack. Giving the other team a chance to be first to beat themselves, by staying disciplined with systems. Using trap tactics to accomplish some of the above. Getting the feeling like there is some real coaching going on – a bit of a chess match going on every now and again. Etc. etc.

    You really don’t see any of this?

    Is it – we got Connor McDavid, so just let em play? Entertain the crowd with a 6-5 game?

    Its the NHL and teams button down things for a reason. It’s how you win consistently. Button things down? We’re running around with our fly down…

    • Oiler Al

      This 10 X over. Couldn’t agree more with the write up here.
      Not sure if its “dumb” or lazy coaching on the part of
      MacLllen and the gang.

      Or do the Oilers still repine “That 80″s Hockey.Got news for you, Lucic,Maroon and Kassian, are not
      Messier, Kuri and Anderson.

      Are we paying McLellen $2+ plus to just open the gate.

  • Jay (not J)

    Connor’s post game was interesting but a little frustrating too. What’s this crap about Manning not’ wanting to fight one of our guys’? Roman Polak didn’t really want to fight Darryl either, but that wasn’t an issue in that incident. How much of that frustration played into the team’s late game failure? They were undeniably distracted.

    I don’t buy the blame the Monster stuff either. Talbot or even Lundquist for that matter would have had trouble letting in less than 6 last night. The defensive play from the Oilers was as bad as it’s been this year.

    Kick some ass coach! Boys gotta right this thing tonight.

  • Doug Weight

    Hearing alot of comments regarding coaching decisions. For this game you have to agree- The Nuge line was getting wrecked the entire game. The 5-5 goal- Marroon had a chance to make a play out of our end and then Nuge to tried to get it out with a one handed push and then its in the back of our net. To have those guys out with a minute left after the night they were having was a bad decision by McL.

    77 is not playing well. He does alot of things right but the mistakes he makes are killing us. I think alot of the same can be said for #6 way to many times we see huge coverage slips in our end that are costing us and it has been a theme all year. They are playing big minutes against top competition but they have not been improving.
    That is a problem and one that falls to the coach.

  • JermBank

    For the last two months 97 and 33 have masked the issues this team still has. Pray to Gord 97 plays all 82 games.

    Nuge’s start to this season has been nothing short of baffling, especially after he lit up the world cup.

  • Doug Weight

    We cant afford to be crapping our pants and giving up points like this.
    If you look at the schedule we play Vancouver x3 Anaheim x3 LA x3 and Sanjose x2 in the last month and a half of the season.
    The playoff race is going to come down to that and if the Oilers arent sitting in a good place still by then we will be on the outside looking in.
    All those teams will be sharp and ready to make a playoff run, the sloppy game we play now will get exposed and it will be another summer talking about draft picks.
    These games are important

  • Wiggleswag

    The ‘Monster’ is getting crapped on for the goals last night when I can’t think of one he should have stopped. Every goal was either a very nice finish or deflection. The problem was in the Oiler’s coverage or give aways that allowed scoring chances. If you just looked at the goals scored I have a bigger issue with the goals Talbot let in against Buffalo than the goals Gus let in against Phili.

    Watch and see.

  • Rama Lama

    I think it’s telling that the Nuge and Eberle are being routinely exposed………they lost the driver of the bus, that being Taylor Hall.

    Hall was a true driver as is McDavid. I like Adam Larson he is a solid defence man most nights, but trading Hall for Larson was we-todd-did!

      • I am Batman

        Yea … plus they get paid fairly well….

        Nobody makes a trade this time of the year though, and I honestly don’t see Chia doing anything until next Summer.

        This will be a small glimpse at paradise to end up with the 3rd overall draft pick.

        It’s getting hard to cheer and stand behind for this team.

        • Randaman

          Ya, I was at that point too until the golden card showed up. My faith was restored somewhat but PC has to purge the rest of the problem before it will get better.

  • Randaman

    Hate to say it but Connor didn’t do himself or his image any good last night with that post game interview.

    Please don’t go there Connor. Someone has to step up and defy the coaches orders not to take a stupid penalty. Bull sh!t to that I say.

    P.S. Manning has proven us all correct. POS!!

    • I am Batman

      Everyone has one with philly.

      Remember the “i don’t like them” Crosby night?

      I never saw Crosby the same way again. Clearly Philly gets under your skin.

      My favourite team in the east

  • @Hallsy4

    Nuge had a bad game… I don’t think he will be a career Oiler. I don’t think the time to trade him is now, but hopefully he starts playing like he can so he has value when the time comes to trade him. Ebs is here for 2 more years max, he seems to be producing still, which is good. If the return is right maybe trade him, but if it doesn’t make sense, 2 years and his contracts up. I think it makes sense to deal Hendo now. I love the guy, but he’s lost a step, he cost a goal or two yesterday himself and there’s better younger cheaper replacements available (Pitlick, Slepy) now. Someone would take Hendo, might be the time to part ways, now or at the deadline.

  • DoubleDIon

    McDavid came across a bit whiny in that interview. He starting to smell like Oiler. Doesn’t back check and is getting beaten down mentally and looking like a baby. Like I’ve said all the way along, eventually the Oilers will be the Oilers.

  • Nice to know that Flames fans are still thinking about the beat down Ference gave to Stempniak.

    I’ve forgotten about it, with too many other great memories since then.

    Thanks for the reminder, always brings a smile to my face.