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On Tuesday, the hosts of Real Life roused themselves from their Christmas Break and headed down to Little Brick to record the eighth episode of the show. According to Gregor “just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean we stop working.”

After some initial Scrooge-esque grousing I found a Bud Light leftover from the Nation Christmas party under the desk, cracked it open on the air and we got down to work.

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This week we talked about the holidays. Strudwick recounts how he once received a giant boom box for Christmas as a tot, which would be a turning point in what would become a multi-platinum recording career* and a life long love of music. He also discussed his long-term investment strategy in battery manufacturers having seen first hand the extreme battery demands of a household full of kids. “I buy batteries from Costco by the truckload just to keep my kids toys powered up. Batteries is where it’s at.”

Gregor admitted to a crush on Julia Roberts. Studs admits to a Hollywood crush too and it will surprise you who it is. Most of the remainder of the show was spent laughing.

We are working on our list of special guests for 2017 and will be giving everyone a crack at asking them questions in advance. In the meantime if there is anything you want to as your three intrepid hosts hit us up on twitter or in the comments below. Perhaps “Struds why didn’t you focus more on the Bubblegum Boys and your music career?” is a good place to start.

Happy Holidays from the Real Life podcast and here’s to a great 2017!

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*No such career exists

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