Laurent Brossoit and the Bakersfield Condors play tonight at Rabobank Arena in Bakersfield. The San Jose Barracuda are in town, and the lineup has been tweaked. Let’s have a look.

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There are several actual NHL prospects in the lineup tonight, and many in prominent roles. Anton Slepyshev is up on the top line and playing well since his demotion (6gp, 2-5-7 in Bakersfield), Joey Laleggia (moving up to LW for the third straight game) on the 2line and names like Kyle Platzer and Greg Chase in the lineup. One player we should be paying attention to is Scott Allen (24, 4-5-9), he appears to be getting a push in recent games.

Defensively, Mark Fayne plays tonight, as Jordan Oesterle was called to Edmonton earlier in the day. Interesting to see Fayne partnered with Griffin Reinhart, and Dillon Simpson moving on to the top pairing with David Musil.


The Oilers have recalled most of the Condors blueliners this season:

  • October 19—Ben Betker
  • October 21—Matt Benning (he stuck with the team)
  • November 5—Dillon Simpson (played in his first NHL games)
  • November 30—Mark Fayne
  • December 7—David Musil
  • December 30—Jordan Oesterle

reinhart photo by mark williams

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    Griffin Reinhart is one of the few defenders who has not seen a recall, suspect Edmonton is going to slow play his season after Todd McLellan’s comments from training camp:

    • Todd McLellan: “Griffin has to improve his game
      in every area to be a National Hockey Leaguer. He has to get stronger,
      his (defensive) reads. He has to get down into the American League and
      understand that because he’s got work to do to get back here. That was
      the message delivered to him and he accepted it, well.”

    It is easy to view that quote as entirely negative, but if you remember your days of youth and challenges that presented themselves, sometimes good things come from moments like the one described above. At the very least, this is an interesting winter in California.

    Photos by Mark Williams, all rights reserved.

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    • RJ

      Remember in the summer there were ON bloggers saying PC should expose Davidson so they could protect Reinhart?

      It was a bit silly at the time, and it’s now looking even more ridiculous.

      • belair

        I had the same opinion. That was well before the Oilers came out as a competitive hockey team this season. If all is well and good the Oilers go out and get that PPQB they’ve been looking for all along and expose both Reinhart and Davidson if neither is traded.

    • OilersGM

      I have a strong resource that Reinhart has a major personal issue that accord while he was still the property of the Islanders. This is not something I made up as personal things are never something that should be attacked. I also will never say what that issue exactly is but what I will say is that the issue is solvable. Some take longer than others to solve things, it all depends how long it will take Griffin to solve it or move on from it until then he will never be a pro.

    • camdog

      Reinhart is being managed according to where he sits on the depth charts right now, that’s how real NHL teams manage their teams. I know we aren’t used to that around here.

    • mrBacon

      We’re all pretty quick to jump on Reinhart because of the price paid to acquire him but we can’t put that on his shoulders. He’s still 22, he’s been a winner at high levels of hockey before, and if the Oilers employ some patience with our prospects moving forward I think we have good reason to believe that he could develop into an effective NHL defender.

    • CornDogsBruh

      I think Reinhart is very close to being written off as a bust by the Oilers organization and it really stings because of the price they paid. He could still develop but you can already see they are now lowering expectations for him. When he was brought in, he was touted as a possible top pairing D, now Bob Stauffer is saying how he still has potential to be a solid number 5 D. No matter how you look at it, the trade was a horrible waste of assets.

      On a side note— Those Condor jerseys are slick.