The Edmonton Oilers recalled Anton Lander to the NHL today. Again. Another time. One of these times, Lander isn’t going to run to the phone! Just kidding. We know Anton Lander very well, but what has he been doing down on the farm? In one phrase: flattening the competition.


Since heading down to the minors, Anton Lander has been punishing opposition goalies with extreme prejudice. After 13 Condors games, he had 10 goals, 21 points and 43 shots on goal. His points came mostly at evens, but Lander was fantastic on the power play, too.

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  • Even Strength: 13, 8-7-15
  • Power Play: 13, 2-4-6

Two of Lander’s goals were unassisted, one went into an empty net. Looking at those numbers, one could draw the following conclusion: Anton Lander wanted back in the NHL. Good for him, hope he stays awhile.


Eric Rodgers made himself known to Oilers fans during the time when the farm team was in Oklahoma City. His advanced stats and time on ice estimates gave us another angle in which to view these young prospects. Once the Barons boarded the wagons for Bakersfield, I thought we lost all that information, but Eric has returned with updated stats! Music!

So, here are some additional facts about Mr. Lander’s trip to California, courtesy Eric Rodgers:

  • Total GF On Ice: 25
  • Total GA On Ice: 8
  • GF Percentage: 75.76
  • EV Strength GF On Ice: 18
  • EV Strength GA On Ice: 5
  • EV Strength GF Percentage: 78.26
  • PP GF-GA: 7-2
  • PK GF-GA: 0-1
  • Avg. TOI Estimate: 26:37
  • Estimated Points-per-60 (all disciplines): 3.64

Dominant. Absolutely dominant. Anton Lander may never play on an NHL skill line, foot speed being the big issue, but at the AHL level he is a terrific player. Logic and reason suggest the young man should have some NHL success, but his only strong NHL run came when Todd Nelson was his NHL coach.

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Three reasons:

  • He can win faceoffs. At even strength, Lander went 59.6 percent while with the Oilers, ranking No. 1 among centers. On the penalty kill, he also holds the best percentage (50), although 32 faceoffs isn’t exactly a large sample size.
  • Source
  • The Oilers were good, or lucky—or both—on the PK with Lander as part of the rotation. His goals-for percentage relative to team trails only Connor McDavid among Oilers forwards this year.
  • Source
  • Showcase. Lander could be trade bait at the deadline, or possibly this summer. A team like Las Vegas would certainly have interest in a player with such utility.

Anton Lander is one of those players who will have to fight for every NHL chance he gets, but he also offers an NHL team all kinds of options once on a roster. Welcome back, Mr. Lander. Cheers to you.

  • Explicit

    Love lander! I don’t think he should’ve been sent down in the first place. I think the guys a perfect bottom 6 centre. Does too many good things. Hope he can find a little offense, but I’m ok with him even if he doesn’t

  • OilersGM

    Lander is lighting up the AHL, he deserves this recall hopefully he makes the most of it. I once met him at the airport when he arrived after a recall and I wished him good luck.

    • DiscoBiscuits

      It’s got to be Caggiula. The kid’s good and all, but he’s not ready for the 82-game schedule, while Lander for all appearances seems to be picking up steam.

      • The Last Of Barrett's Privateers

        I don’t think Caggiula comes out, he centres the third line and has been doing a decent job, plus he’s a PP option.

        I think the most likely names are Pouliot or Hendricks.

      • Maple Mousse

        It was Beck who was sent down. I don’t think anyone else gets sent down (plus Caggiula recently scored, and is doing well). As for press box duties, one would think Hendricks, but perhaps the McLellan favours how he is in the room enough to keep him playing?

  • oilers1168

    The Oilers are not knocking it out of the park. I can’t see how we can’t use him in every game. Anton has close to a 200 foot game. He starts more in the defensive zone so this will effect his offensive numbers. We know he can contribute on both specialty teams. This is not a one dimensional player we have here. With a little luck and time with offensive players I believe he can contribute offensively.

  • Pouzar99

    A good callup decision. We need him on the PK and for faceoffs generally. He won’t score like he did in Bake but he won’t play like Kassian and Hendricks did against the Canucks either.

  • @Hallsy4

    The guy should change up his offseason training…. foot speed has been the issue for a few years now, guys like Leon addressed his in one offseason. Why isn’t Lander training with Leon or Gary Roberts or the like? Any insight LT or others?

    • Señor Frijoles

      I would imagine he has tried very hard to address his skating speed, unfortunately, that potential is not there in every person waiting to be unlocked. At Anton’s age, there’s still room for growth and improvement, but not loads – and his foot speed likely is what it is so he’ll have to impact the game in other ways – of which there are many.