GDB 40.0: Bounce back in Boston

(photoshop: @isuckatpicking) Holiday Cheers! Holiday Savings!  Click to find your store. One of the biggest improvements the Oilers have made this season is their ability to be competitive after a poor outing. There hasn’t been many games this season where the Oilers were completely outclassed, but Tuesday in Columbus the Oilers were overwhelmed. They will look to…

CGD: For all the golden marbles (Canada/USA)

Embed from Getty Images Welp, this is it. Rebounding quite nicely off of a disappointing 2016 tournament, and doing well to pull themselves out of a tough spot against the Swedes last night, the Canadians will take on the United States of America in an epic grudge match at the Bell Centre, to decide the…


Taking Advantage of Other Team’s Expansion Problems

Earlier this week, I wrote about how the expansion draft may offer the Edmonton Oilers an opportunity to shed a contract. The club’s somewhat unique positioning offers it a chance to do something else, though, too: Acquire a player from a team that will have trouble protecting all its forwards.


Comparing Jesse Puljujarvi and Tyler Seguin’s rookie years

Embed from Getty Images The Edmonton Oilers fourth overall pick in 2016 has had a stagnant rookie season. Jesse Puljujarvi has dressed for 27 of Edmonton’s 39 games, often playing under 10 minutes a game. Puljujarvi has only eight points during this time, which raises the question whether the winger belongs in the NHL. The Oilers’ handling of Puljujarvi’s rookie season mirrors…