The Capilano Rehab Injury Report: Flu Bug

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Mark Fayne was activated off the IR and the injury report gets smaller!

Fayne was activated on December 30th and was sent straight to Bakersfield most likely for conditioning. In return, the Oilers called up Jordan Oesterle. This sounds all too familiar as roughly a month ago Fayne was activated from his initial groin injury, then re-assigned to Bakersfield, when no more than two days later he was recalled again. Will we see Fayne get called back up again shortly? Did he even really fly down to Bakersfield? Does anyone even really know where Mark Fayne is? Don’t look at me I just write the report. I just hope he can get through a few games without re-injuring his groin again. Someone’s not doing their stretches properly!

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Andrej Sekera missed the New Years Eve game cause of the flu unfortunately. I didn’t even get to make him into an injury dummy cause he recovered so quick. That’s okay Andrej, the Injury Report always finds a way. Sekera must have had too much fun over Christmas break but he managed to bounce back, returning in time for the Oilers road trip.

In other injury news, Brandon Davidson missed practice yesterday. Nothing was released why, but I have a hunch that Eric Gryba is looking for some more playing time. When you think about it hard enough, it all makes sense. Gryba got scratched last game, so what else is there for him to do than temporarily poison your teammate so that you can get his spot. Rumour has it that Davidson is at risk to missing the game in Boston tonight, so Gryba’s wish may very well come true.

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Tyler Pitlick

Personally, I think that Pitlick being out for the remainder of the season is absurd. I went ahead and did my own research on the anterior cruciate ligament and learned that there are over 100,000 ACL tears in the US annually. Yes, it’s the only line from Wikipedia that I read, but hear me out. If that many people are tearing their ACL’s, shouldn’t they invent a quick fix? Just slap a new one in that socket and you’re on your way kind of thing? I’ll bet you anything that Tyler Pitlick’s on my side with this one.

Darnell Nurse


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It’s January 5th, and that means we’re one week closer to Darnell Nurse returning to us. Every morning I wake up, get out of bed, and thank my lucky stars and Connor McDavid that my ankles are all in one piece. For some reason the words, bone damage, rub me the wrong way. At least it’s not as bad as bone shatter, but still. What I’m getting at, is that we’re all lucky that we’re walking in shoes right now and not a cast. 

Iiro Pakarinen


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The only positive thing I can take away from Iiro Pakarinen’s long term injury is that you can roughly tell how many days we are into the season. Iiro was injured in the preseason and his injury dummy tells me that he’s been injured for 88 days. Therefore, we’re around 88 days into the regular season. Cool right? #InternMath

Andrew Ference


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Part of me wishes Ference was on a longer contract so that he could be in my injury report forever. The season is more than half over and it’s starting to hit me that he’ll no longer be here soon. RE-SIGN HIM! Give him that LTIR money! WHO’S WITH ME!?

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