Oilers assign Puljujarvi, waive Gustavsson

Following last night’s loss to the Ottawa Senators, the Oilers have made some moves.

The news surprises few. Jesse Puljujarvi has played in limited time this season, playing in only 28 games averaging at 11 minutes per game. Now, he will get the opportunity to shine in Bakersfield alongside a Condors team that is currently seventh in the AHL’s Pacific Division.

It was my belief all year that the Oilers wanted to ease Puljujarvi in slowly. Being an 18-year old moving across the world is tough enough, let alone having to adjust to the North American ice surface. 

Anton Slepyshev has been up and down all season but will get another shot at showing his NHL worth. The young Russian has scored four points in 15 NHL games this season. 

Jonas Gustavsson was signed to be the Oilers backup this season but has had some mighty struggles. He has played in seven games this season and has posted one win alongside a 3.10 GAA and a .878 sv%. Gustavsson was pulled in three of the games he played in.

This could be an option moving forward.

The latest from Laing:

  • Kaplan

    OK, how about this scenario:

    Pick up Halak off waivers, send Pouliot and one of Ebs/RNH to the Islanders for one of Boychuk/Hamonic.

    Impossible? Insane? Stupid? Or just plain…brilliant.

    • Hemmercules

      He only needed to be on the NHL roster for 40 games. He’s still counted as being on the roster while he is on the IR for a game or 2. There had to be some sort of deal behind the scenes to keep him past the 40 game mark, I can’t see any other logical reason to keep him just barely past that mark and then send him down.

    • Gkpoil

      I wouldn’t be talking about goalie signings there numb nuts. Look at your starter in Elliot. The monster cost us 2 games this year, how many has Elliot lost you? Sure hope Elliot starts on Saturday, won’t matter though, Flamers are shat regardless

      • Arminius

        Oh your Coilers are at a stinky 21-21 on the season so I can see how you’d think your team is a powerhouse! So impressive!! Puff that Peacock chest proudly Little Peacock yess that’s it. That feels good doesn’t it? 21 wins 21 losses. See how The league trembles at your mediocrity

          • Shameless Plugger

            Loser points?

            Isn’t that how the league is set up FOR ALL 30 TEAMS ?

            Aren’t the fLames able to obtain points using the same system? I believe they are yet they don’t.

            To get this straight you’re saying losing in regulation is superior to being tied after regulation?

            If that is indeed the case, your logic kind of makes you look less than intelligent, then again so does most of what you say.

          • Boom or Bust

            Wait a minute Spydyr…are you commenting to the troll?…thats a little hypocritical…but no worries..welcome to my world! He’s too easy for all the dumb s%&t he manages to say!!

          • Boom or Bust

            I was being sarcastic when I called him out…yikes sir..I figured you would of got that. Nobody REALLY wants that loser around…im surprised he isn’t banned yet after he ridiculed poor people during Christmas. Scum of the Earth

        • HockeyRulz

          That’s it let it all out. Now breath, k, your gonna be okay. Everything is okay big guy!

          So… Let me guess your gonna go with a McDavid jersey again? Right?

        • Retired Secret Agent

          To whoever runs this site,can this infantile brat not be banned? He adds absolutely nothing intelligent to any conversation here, only spite.

        • Gkpoil

          Most of the Oil fans on this site are realistic enough not to claim the league is trembling at the sight of the Oilers. You, on the other hand, were part of countless flaming meatheads over on FN proclaiming how you cheer for a Stanley cup contender at the beginning of the season.

          I’ll puff my chest out at the fact that including the preseason your flames are 0-5 against my oil and you’ll probably be 0-7 in a couple of weeks.

          So until the flamers pass the oil in the standings (for more than one day) or even manage to get a point from us, keep smoking the tube steak and stay off ON

    • Orm Nullman

      I recently saw where one commenter refered to you as Arminanus. I thought how is that physically possible when you suffer from such a severe case of cranio-rectal inversion.

      Just curious but what laundry products does your Mum use to deal with the ring around the collar.

      • 99CupsofCoffey

        Yeah, that dude has some issues, lol. I chuckle every time he opens his mouth and shows who he really is.

        “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt” is mr Armi to a T.

    • Harry2

      Are you not aware of who CGY signed to be their starter this year and how that has panned out?

      This has to be the most stupid post on the entire nation network of sites.

      Peter Chiarelli is a Stanley Cup winning GM. Neither you nor I or any other fan is “smarter” than him when it comes to managing a hockey team.

      And by the way that includes Burke and Treliving

  • That's My Point

    NHL Games Played 154: Wins 45 LOSSES: 109

    Gustavsson stats:
    NHL Games Played 179: Wins 72 LOSSES: 107


    • Hemmercules

      I agree but back-up goalies that play very little games are such a crap shoot. It must be really hard to stay in game shape mentaly when you only play once a month.

      I doubt it happens anytime this year but hopefully they can get a guy that can play a decent 20 games behind Talbot.

  • OilCan2

    Puljujarvi will be back in the spring so one year goes no matter how you slice it.

    Time for Brossoit to grab the brass ring and get a couple of NHL Wins.

    Go Sleps. He gives it 100%.

  • _Bubba

    This from Puck Daddy
    “The Blue Jackets waived Curtis McElhinney and promoted Anton Forsberg after the veteran was terrible in Saturday night’s loss to the New York Rangers, giving up five goals on 34 shots.”

    only 5 on 34 shots- on a bad night- Might be a step up for us of a backup…Still, looks a lot like Monster…We need more consistency…Maybe he’ll pull a Dubnyk and get streaky if he comes to us.

  • OriginalPouzar

    For those asking – “Accrued Season” which goes towards UFA status is 40 games on the active roster. JP was never put on IR when he missed a couple of games. The threshold has been met, end-stop:

    “Accrued Season” means any League Year during which a Player was on a
    Club’s Active Roster for 40 (30 if the Player is a goalie) or more Regular Season Games,
    provided that, for the purposes of calculating an Accrued Season under this Agreement, games
    missed due to a hockey-related injury incurred while on a Club’s Active Roster shall count as
    games played for purposes of calculating an Accrued Season but only during the League Year in
    which the injury was incurred and a maximum of one additional season.

    “Active Roster” shall be determined as follows: Commencing on the day prior to
    the start of the Regular Season, and concluding with each respective Club’s last NHL Game in a
    League Year, Active Roster shall include all Players on a Club’s Reserve List who are signed to
    an approved and registered SPC, subject to the provisions of Article 11, and who are not on the
    Injured Reserve List, Injured Non-Roster, designated Non-Roster, or Loaned. A Player who is on
    a Conditioning Loan is included on a Club’s Active Roster. During Training Camp, a Player shall
    be deemed to be on the Club’s Active Roster only if he had been on the Club’s Active Roster
    after the Trade Deadline in the preceding season on other than an emergency recall basis.

  • As the NHL celebrates its 100th year, it’s still puzzling to see new fans not recognizing a staple tradition of this league: The existence of tie games after regulation.

    “BOO HOO regulation time shouldn’t matter, hockey needs to have 4 periods.”
    -Flames fans nowadays

  • DukesRocks

    So Finland came to the Oilers to see the availability of Puljujarvi for the WJC and the Oilers said no. One week after the tournament is over they send him down to the AHL. Puljajarvi should have started the season in the AHL, played the WJC and hopefully get called up during the latter part of the season. Is it any wonder people accuse the Oilers for ruining the confidence of young star prospects. Shameful organization.