This photo was taken by Mark Williams, just seconds after Griffin Reinhart scored to end what might be the wildest outdoor game in hockey history. Williams’ photo frames the game perfectly—complete frustration for Ontario, and the somewhat delayed reaction from a Bakersfield team that had to come rushing back to gain a point in regulation. This moment led an eventful week for Oilers prospects, and here we go.


  1. R Taylor Beck 20gp, 9-22-31 (1gp, 0-1-1 this week)
  2. L Ryan Hamilton 29gp, 11-13-24 (1gp, 0-1-1 this week)
  3. LC Anton Lander 13gp, 10-11-21 (NHL this week) 
  4. LC Jujhar Khaira 23gp, 8-8-16 (1gp, 0-0-0 this week)
  5. LD Joey Laleggia 29gp, 3-7-10 (1gp, 0-0-0 this week)
  6. LC Josh Currie 28gp, 6-4-10 (1gp, 1-0-1 this week)
  7. L Scott Allen 27gp, 4-6-10 (1gp, 0-1-1 this week)
  8. R Anton Slepyshev 9gp, 3-7-10 (1gp, 0-0-0 this week)
  9. LD David Musil 25gp, 2-6-8 (1gp, 0-1-1 this week)
  10. LD Jordan Oesterle 15gp, 3-5-8 (1gp, 0-0-0 this week)
  11. R Patrick Russell 29gp, 1-6-7 (1gp, 0-0-0 this week)
  12. RC Kyle Platzer 27gp, 1-4-5 (1gp, 0-0-0 this week)
  13. L Joey Benik 21gp, 4-1-5 (DNP this week)
  14. LD Griffin Reinhart 19gp, 1-4-5 (1gp, 1-0-1 this week)
  15. RC Kris Newbury 14gp, 3-2-5 (No longer on the team)
  16. L Mitch Moroz 17gp, 1-2-3 (DNP this week)
  17. LD Ben Betker 15gp, 1-2-3 (DNP this week)
  18. RD Mark Fayne 3gp, 1-2-3 (1gp, 1-0-1 last week)
  19. LD Mark Fraser 29gp, 0-2-2 (1gp, 0-0-0 this week)
  20. L Braden Christoffer 27gp, 1-1-2 (1gp, 0-0-0 this week)
  21. LC Jere Sallinen 27gp, 2-0-2 (1gp, 0-0-0 this week)
  22. LD Dillon Simpson 21gp, 1-1-2 (1gp, 0-0-0 this week)
  23. R Greg Chase 18gp, 1-1-2 (1gp, 0-0-0 this week)
  24. RD Matt Benning 2gp, 1-1-2 (NHL this week) (rookie)
  25. RD Bryce Aneloski 17gp, 0-1-1 (DNP this week)
  26. RD Frankie Simonelli 5gp, 0-1-1 (1gp, 0-0-0 since last update)
  27. R Jaedon Descheneau 4gp, 0-1-1 (Norfolk this week) (rookie)
  28. R Joel Rechlicz 7gp, 0-0-0 (1gp, 0-0-0 this week)
  29. C Kellen Lain 2gp, 0-0-0 (DNP)
  30. G Laurent Brossoit 20gp, 2.71 .909 (won outdoor game this week)
  31. G Nick Ellis 11gp, 2.51 .923 (DNP this week)


  1. R Jaedon Descheneau 26gp, 9-10-19 (3gp, 3-1-4 this week)
  2. LD Mikael Tam 10gp, 4-8-12 (3gp, 0-2-2 this week)
  3. RD Frankie Simonelli 15gp, 4-5-9 (3gp, 1-1-2 this week)
  4. RC Zach Pochiro 15gp, 2-4-6 (2gp, 0-1-1 this week)
  5. G Eetu Laurikainen 11gp, 3.77 .881 (DNP this week)


  1. L Tyler Benson, Vancouver Giants 33gp, 11-31-42 (1gp, 1-1-2 this week)
  2. RD Ethan Bear, Seattle Thunderbirds 37gp, 11-21-32 (2gp, 0-2-2 this week)

  3. LD Caleb Jones, Portland Winterhawks 32gp, 3-28-31 (Winning WJ gold this week)
  4. LD Markus Niemelainen, Saginaw Spirit 29gp, 1-2-3 (2gp, 1-0-1 this week)
  5. G Dylan Wells, Peterborough Petes 31gp, 3.07 .917 (two games, .974 and .905)


    1. RC Tyler Vesel, Nebraska-Omaha 22gp, 10-14-23 (2gp, 1-0-1 this week)

    2. L Aidan Muir, Western Michigan 9gp, 1-6-7 (DNP, HAND INJURY)
    3. LD William Lagesson, UMass-Amherst 20gp, 1-5-6 (DNP this week)
    4. L Graham McPhee, Boston College 22gp, 1-4-5 (DNP this week)
    5. RD John Marino, Harvard 14gp, 1-4-5 (3gp, 0-2-2 this week)
    6. L Evan Campbell, UMass-Lowell 21gp, 1-3-4 (2gp, 0-0-0 this week)
    7. LD Vincent Desharnais, Providence 14gp, 1-0-1 (DNP this week)
    8. G Zach Nagelvoort, Michigan 6gp, 2.79 .923 (DNP this week)


    1. RC Aapeli Rasanen, Sioux City Musketeers 20gp, 4-12-16 (WJ this week)
    2. LD Matthew Cairns, Fargo Force 17gp, 0-4-4 (no longer on team)


    1. Matthew Cairns 2gp, 0-1-1 (2gp, 0-1-1 this week)


    1. C Bogdan Yakimov, Neftekhimik (KHL) 39gp, 3-5-8 (3gp, 0-0-0 this week, just 8:50/game this year)
    2. C Bogdan Yakimov, Neftekhimik (VHL) 1gp, 0-0-0 (DNP this week)
    3. RD Filip Berglund, Skelleftea (SHL) 30gp, 0-5-5 (2gp, 0-0-0 this week)
    4. RD Filip Berglund, Skelleftea (SuperElite) 2gp, 1-1-2 (DNP this week)
    5. LD Ziyat Paigin, AK Bars Kazan (KHL) 15gp, 1-3-4 (1gp, 0-0-0 this week)
    6. LD Ziyat Paigin, AK Bars Kazan (VHL) 5gp, 1-2-3 (DNP this week)
    7. G Miroslav Svoboda, HC Dukla Jihlava (Cze 2) 21gp, 1.51 .948 (2 great games this week)

    One quick final note. Filip Berglund’s five points in 30 SHL games may not seem impressive but if we break down the math there is a building story here. He is average 9:10 a night in all disciplines, meaning he has played 275 total minutes. That put him at 1.09 per 60 minutes in the SHL so far this season, a good number for an young defenseman. Many miles to go, but a good arrow this season.

    Photos by Mark Williams, all rights reserved.

      • Sly Holla

        Seriously how good Matt Benning been this past two weeks ? It’ll be hard to take him off the lineup now. Extra points for sticking up to his teammate and fighting Wideman.

        • Sheldon "Oilers Fan for Life!!!"

          When he went straight over and engaged in the fight I have to admit I was a bit shocked as it has not happened near enough. Early in the season when Lucic did that I thought it was one of the reasons he was on CMD’s line. The fact that their has not been a fight since may be part of the reason he has been on the other line.

        • Aitch

          It’s not the prospects that might take his spot, but a healthy Darnell Nurse when he returns. Of course, Gryba will probably sit for him, so, it’s kind of a moot point.

          • OriginalPouzar

            Davidson is sick – he should be in the lineup on Tuesday.

            When everyone is healthy (Davidson and Nurse) there will need to be a decision made on who plays each game – there is only room for two of Davidson, Benning and Nurse and that’s with Gryba being scratched.

            What great depth!

      • Kepler62c

        Big question is what do they do when:

        Klefbom – Larsson

        Sekera – Russell

        Nurse – Davidson – Benning – Gryba

        are all healthy? Gryba would be #8, does he get sent down? He’s a fine guy to have in the press box as he’s done developing. Which of Benning, Nurse, or Davidson gets press box duty or AHL time? All have earned a spot in the NHL in my opinion.

        Would we see a trade from a position of strength??????!!

        (and yes I know those aren’t the top 2 pairings lately, work with me)