Connor McCaptain named to All-Star team


This morning, Connor McDavid was named the only Oilers representative to this year’s NHL All-Star Game.


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While it was already known that Connor McDavid would be heading to the all-star game as the captain of the Pacific Division, it all became official today. While Connor will be packing his bags and heading to the all-star game, the rest of his Oiler teammates will be sitting at home watching.

He could be in for a good pay day today too:


Notable omissions from the Oilers were Cam Talbot as well as Leon Draisaitl who have both had tremendous first halves of their 2016-2017 season.

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Draisaitl currently sits second in the Oilers in scoring, potting 35 points in 42 games. Pacific Division nominees Jeff Carter and Joe Pavelski each have two more points than Draisatil, while he ties Ryan Kesler in scoring and is ahead of Johnny Gaudreau (27 pts) and Bo Horvat (29 pts).

Cam Talbot has been a rock for the Oilers this season, posting 20 wins to go alongside a .920 sv% and a 2.44 GAA.

Los Angeles will serve as host for this year’s all-star game, which will be held from Jan. 27-29. This year’s all-star game will be just like last year’s, which featured the 3-on-3 tournament.


The latest from Laing:

  • Maple Mousse

    Very odd that Draisaitl and Talbot didn’t get nods (I know that Talbot was verrrry close, but Jones nudged him out – and San Jose already has so many representatives!).

    However, that’s how the Oilers have always been treated.

    Good for Hall getting in. Probably easier for him to get in with New Jersey than it was with Edmonton.

    • Good observation on the US based teams bias. Remember when Hall and Eberle both made the all star squad and both were injured , so not named to the team. Every year before that and every year after that, you would be named to the team, and then a replacement named 1 day before the game. Cant think of one other instance where this has happened to any other team.

  • Keg on Legs

    Remember, they had to place at least 1 from every team in the division, that’s why Horvat and Gaudreau are there. As for Talbot, the rest will be needed. I guess OEL could’ve been Arizona’s rep and Talbot should’ve gone instead of Smith, I guess he gets there on his games against the Oil 🙂

  • Dinojr

    I think Cam is gonna be pretty happy getting a few days off to spend with the family. Sucks he got burned but this should be considered a win for Oiler fans

  • TheOneWhoKnocks

    I don’t think Talbot cares 1 bit at this point. He has put this team in the position they are in today. I love 97 as much as anyone, but you simply cannot deny Cambot has been the best Oiler thus far, night in, night out. His teammates and most fans recognize his importance to the team.

    Having said that, I can’t wait to watch Connor in the fastest skater & 3v3 tournament. The league deserves criticism in a lot of regards , but good on them for making the All-Star game enjoyable again. I was thoroughly entertained last year.

  • I tried it at home

    Just something that occurred to me while I was looking at the picture there, back in the good ole days when the Oilers and the flames were the best teams in the league and absolutely hated each other, was there any All Star games where players from each team had to play with each other, and if so how did that work out? Any info or juicy tidbits appreciated, thank you