Oilers recall Brossoit

Yesterday afternoon, the Oilers announced they recalled Laurent Brossoit from the Bakersfield Condors while they assigned Jonas Gustavsson to the AHL.

After Gustavsson was unable to show he deserved the role of backup with the Oilers after signing a one-year, $800 000 contract this past off-season, the team has made the decision to recall Brossoit from the AHL. Gustavsson was assigned to the Condors. This season, Gustavsson posted a 1-3-1 record in seven games played with a 3.10 GAA and .878 sv%.

In six NHL games, Brossoit has posted an 0-5-1 record to go along with a 3.34 GAA and .896 sv%. 

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Nine of the 17 goals he has allowed in his six games played have been scored in the high danger area. He allowed seven from the medium danger area, while only one from the low danger area. I am interested to see where his next goals allowed come from. 

Brossoit has had an up and down season for the Condors. In his first 10 games, he posted a .927 sv% and a 4-6 record. In the 10 games that followed, he only was able to muster a .887 sv% and a 4-2-3 record. Despite his dip in his numbers, last Friday his head coach Gerry Fleming showed faith in the 23 year old goaltender in conversation with Oilers Now host Bob Stauffer. 

“He’s had his troubles, but listen Bob, every goaltender at some point in the year or at some point in their carrer, they struggle. Fighting through that, you need a little bit of adversity, you just do. We stuck with LB, we’re going to help him through this time right now and we’ve got guys working with him. The good news is LB, first of all identifies that he’s not where he wants to be and number two he’s working even harder because of that. We’ll just stick with him and I’m sure he’ll turn it around.”  – via Jonathan Willis.

It is clear that Brossoit has the ability to be the goaltender of the future for the Edmonton Oilers, but the recent signing of Nick Ellis certainly challenges him. The brass is showing some faith in recalling Brossoit. It is yet to be known if he will remain with the Oilers for the rest of the season or not, but there are a few different avenues that the team could take in order to find their goaltender for at least the rest of this season.


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 2008-09  Valley West Hawks  BCMML |         
   Edmonton Oil Kings  WHL 1 8.11 .773 |         
 2009-10  Cowichan Valley Capitals  BCHL 21 3.66 .901 |  Playoffs 5 3.94 .911 
   Edmonton Oil Kings  WHL 2 2.80 .944 |         
   Canada Pacific U17  WHC-17 2 2.00 .902 |         
 2010-11  Edmonton Oil Kings  WHL 34 3.32 .887 |  Playoffs 2 3.58 .875 
 2011-12  Edmonton Oil Kings  WHL 61 2.47 .914 |  Playoffs 20 2.04 .933 
 2012-13  Edmonton Oil Kings  WHL 49 2.25 .917 |  Playoffs 22 1.82 .935 
 2013-14  Abbotsford Heat  AHL 2 5.72 .824 |         
   Alaska Aces  ECHL 3 0.00 1.000 |         
   Oklahoma City Barons  AHL 8 3.60 .888 |         
   Bakersfield Condors  ECHL 35 2.14 .923 |  Playoffs 16 2.27 .921 
 2014-15  Edmonton Oilers  NHL 1 2.00 .961 |         
   Oklahoma City Barons  AHL 53 2.56 .918 |  Playoffs 2 3.45 .909 
 2015-16  Edmonton Oilers  NHL 5 3.60 .873 |         
   Bakersfield Condors  AHL 31 2.66 .920 |         
 2016-17  Edmonton Oilers  NHL 0 |         
   Bakersfield Condors  AHL 21 2.67 .908 |         

– Goal location stats via Corsica.Hockey. Here is a handy graph representing the scoring area.

The latest from Laing:

  • Druds

    Its no time to be nice anymore, if the people we got cannot bring it then we need to look elsewhere. At the same time I never want to relive what happened with Dubnyk. I hope someone can properly evaluate whether LB is a potential goalie for the future or rather we are wasting our time and money with him.

  • Oliveoiler

    While I am happy Gus is gone, I am quite uncomfortable with LB coming up. I would have preferred a proven back-up goalie, especially as we are pushing for a playoff spot. There are a few decent back up goalies around and probably available at not too much cost through trade, I really hope PC has this in mind as it’s really too risky at this stage to rely on a goalie who has never won an NHL game and is having an ‘off’ period in the minors.

  • Kaplan

    If Nick Ellis is playing better, why not bring him up and give him the shot? While I understand the Oilers see a future for LB (and if they’re going to call him up, I hope he succeeds), the point is to win games. If Ellis has a better chance, then put him in.

  • oilslick

    Let’s not pull the plug on LB as a legitimate prospect just yet..all goalies struggle at some point in their careers or during a season..There is still time to acquire a backup if needed but why not give Broissoit a couple of games to see what he’s got?

    • Rambelaya


      Need to know what we have before we (hopefully) go into the playoffs.

      Lots of time before the trade deadline to upgrade if he doesn’t work out, but the Oilers need to know what they have before the deadline’s gone and they’re stuck.

      Plus, don’t forget there’s still hockey next September and evaluating a cheap, home-grown goalie who needs to play 20 NHL games next year should definitely be part of the equation. Better to do that now than in March.

  • Jay (not J)

    Not really encouraging words from Flemming. If LB is not the guy, that determination needs to be made quickly and the guy needs to be found. I’m pulling for Brossoit, but I can be really fickle after a loss and if a change needs to be made the sooner it’s made clear to management, the more time they have to react. So this is my long winded way of saying that I hope we see him start against Arizona.

  • Dinojr

    For everyone thinking that Ellis should have gotten the call, he’s only playing his first year of pro hockey while LB is in his fourth season in the AHL. This is the right choice.

  • _Bubba

    Wonder if we can snipe Ryan Miller from the Canucks as our backup? He is still decent, and his trade value has got to be down…No idea how much gas he has left, though.
    Agree with the poster who said he’s ok as long as we don’t do another Dubnyk…(As he watched frickin Gagner set the world on fire, lol)

  • madjam

    Apparently Oilers tried unsuccessfully to pick up Rattie and Nieto thru waiver claim , but lost to other teams lower in the standings . Will the Oilers try to do likewise for another goalie ?

  • Total Points

    A backup should be a proven NHL’er or a AHL goalie who is shooting the lights out.

    The Oilers can not afford to lose even one game that a back up should be winning, for example the Ottawa game.

    We are in a playoff race and the Oilers give a back up role to a goalie that has never won a NHL game.

    Does not seem like the right strategy to me.

    • Dinojr

      Bringing on another contract this close to the deadline where we are looking to be buyers would be silly. Better off trying something internally first.
      However, still scratching my head at how PC thought Gus was a good option in the first place

      • Total Points

        You may think my comments are silly but it is pretty late in the season to TRY something internal.

        Your comment is the one that is silly unless you want more of the same, out of the playoffs again

        I was hoping we were done with those days

        • Dinojr

          In “those days” we never had a viable option on the farm we could bring up. In ‘those days” we would give up assets for another team’s hot garbage. Now that’s silly.

    • Kaplan

      This, this, a hundred times this.

      The goal is to win, not to field test the goalie with a very mediocre season and who hasn’t won an NHL game in several starts.

      I hope PC can swing a deal for a legit, long-term back-up. If he dangled Ebs for a solid D-man and stellar back-up, I’m down.

      Fire away!

  • Spoils

    watch hall dance tonight. did mgt properly assess Larsson? was that a value for value trade?

    hall is a legit allstar IMO, but maybe he’s now there because of east coast bias.

    another legit allstar this year? dubnyk.

    is our mgt properly assessing LB?


    • Derian Hatcher

      Watch Hall go 1 on 3 tonight and turn over the puck. Watch Hall toe-drag and turn over the puck. Watch Hall skate away from any scrum so as to not defend his teammates. Watch Hall make poor decisions with the puck.

      So sick of the Hall argument. He was not the reason for all the losing but it was not working with him either.

      Are the Oilers a better team with Larson?

      • Been there

        Sick of all comments after any trade. Hockey is an entertainment business, but still a business. I cheer and hope the best for all ex-Oilers traded, just not against us. It is done, over. Gretz, Mess, Coffey all got traded, we survived and thrived.
        Cheer for our present team and let the past go.

        • Spoils

          yes – it is a business.

          we only have so many assets to work with. picks, prospects, players, cap space etc.

          my concern is that this didn’t happen because managers took advantage of our desperation. i am worried this happened because we didn’t properly assess Larsson.

          Larsson is not value for Hall IMO.

          • Been there

            I get it, but trades happen.
            Do you think Anaheim regrets not getting more for Maroon in hindsight?
            They got Gernat and a low pick.
            My point is get over, cheer on the present team.
            I like Hall, always did but he is gone.

          • Spoils

            i like to pretend as a fan we can make noise about things (like maybe we aren’t evaluating players well if we thought Larsson for Hall was value) and maybe something happens. reality is we just need to vent.

            love that maroon trade though!

      • Spoils

        can someone please provide the stats of how good hall is. and how much better the oilers were when hall was on the ice. or for that matter how much better the devils are when he is on the ice.

      • Spoils

        the problem with saying are the Oilers a better team with Larsson is because it confounds our lack of D with the question of value for value.

        YES – we needed D so filling that hole makes it seem like a good trade.

        I think Hall for Larsson was a horrible horrible trade from a value for value perspective. we got absolutely HOSED.

        you think Larsson for Hall is a good trade? crazy. you just need to get more for Hall. that is all.

        • clrsnldvc81

          I was a Hall fan and still wish him the best but you can’t argue with the standings…

          1 for 1 on paper and in most GM offices, you wouldn’t do that.. maybe EA says no to that trade too…BUT… you can’t argue with the results.. Yes we have other players playing well… our depth on D is better overall…

          Imagine this trade doesn’t go down, what does your top 6 look like ESPECIALLY with the Nurse long term injury?

          It’s time to stop hating on the trade if it makes us a contender which clearly is starting to happen

          • Spoils

            last I will say on this. YES adding D made us better. we are a better team because of the trade because we needed D so badly it was worth moving the only other arguably elite guy on our team.

            I am simply saying we got HOSED from a value perspective. Hall was worth more than a 1 for 1 for Larsson. at least toss me a second round pick or something!


            so I worry – are we assessing value effectively.

            what is up with LB? do we have rose colored glasses on with him.

          • clrsnldvc81

            Going into tonight’s game

            Devils are 27th

            Oilers are 10th

            Ask Shero today if he does this trade again if he knew it would impact his team/game negatively?

            “Hosed” is an overstatement today vs the day the trade happened.

  • CaptainLander

    Looking at the schedule it is totally conceivable to me that Talbot will play all the games in Jan and early Feb. They do have a couple back to backs but have 3/4 day breaks after those so he will get enough rest. Unless Talbot’s play really drops off and I would guess it will not based on his performance from the this season so far.

    LB is in a bit of a funk right now. Condors are better off playing Ellis.

    This would give LB a chance to practice with he big club and work with Swartze which may help him get out of the funk… making the extra beans probably sounds pretty good to him as well.

    If the Oil continue to be in a strong playoff position around the end of Feb though I would feel more comfortable if the Oil brought in a rental backup. Maybe Miller as mention above (Bishop would be swell). Or one of the guys in Philly if they were to grab Bishop.

  • OilCan2

    LB was a stud in the Oil Kings Memorial Cup run.

    He worked his way up to All Star status in the AHL.

    The time is NOW to steal a few games for the Oilers. Go LB.

      • OriginalPouzar

        Sure was – good thing general managers and coaching staffs and organizations don’t give up on defencemen that are still on their Entry Level Contracts.

        Of course, can’t deny that the arrows aren’t good but we are not done with that player – he is starting to run out of time though, needs to make a turn upwards.

  • clrsnldvc81

    Honest question…

    I watch the game against Ottawa and Gus has an unorthodox style but defensive lapses could be credited to all those goals (minus the PP goal cause I don’t think Dadbot saves that one)

    but do you think the defence has been covered by Dadbot’s play?

    My fear is that our defence might not be as good as we think it is. It’s definitely better than the past but how much of it is the play of the defence or Cam’s “extra key save or two” blinding us?

    • Defence is much improved, but still in the bottom third of the league. Guys are still playing above their positions, but they are treading water and getting better, whereas previously they were drowning and getting worse. It is being addressed finally. Now about that 1st line right winger.

  • Been there

    Rather have seen Ellis get a shot but Brossoit has to be better than Gus.
    Would like to get either Sean Burke or Ranford for a goalie coach too.
    Burke got Dubnyk’s game on track.
    Just saying….

  • Big Jacks Meat

    Nuge – Klefbomb and a 3rd for Landeskog and Barrie.

    They get the edge with landeskog -Nuge Trade maybe
    but the 3rd rounder makes up for it.

    Klef – for Barrie…we may actually lose a bit but.. Klef does have 7 this year.

    I love Landeskog though.