The Capilano Rehab Injury Report


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Brandon Davidson missed a couple games due to a sore tummy sickness and we went 0-2. Better than a shoulder injury I guess. No need to fear, he just needed a few days off and he’ll be back in the lineup tonight against New Jersey.

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We’ve just passed the half-way mark of the season and the Oilers remain in a playoff spot. *golf clap* One of the main reasons we are in this rare, fortunate circumstance is Connor McDavid. The other reason is Cam Talbot. The OTHER reason is that we’ve managed to stay a somewhat healthy team throughout 43 games. We’ve lost a few key players in Andrew Ference and Iiro Pakarinen but other than that nothing much has happened.

I kid, obviously. Darnell Nurse is, in my opinion, our biggest loss of the year with Tyler Pitlick following as a close second. Luckily we’ve been able to rally around these injured players and produce wins without them. Guys like Matt Benning and Andrej Sekera have stepped up big time on our blue line, making the disappearance of Nurse not as noticeable.

Right now it’s more apparent that we’re missing Tyler Pitlick. We lacked right wing depth before his injury, and now it’s even worse. This makes me impatient for the trade deadline, cause I have a feeling/hope that Chia makes an offensive trade and brings in a solid winger to play on the right.


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Tyler Pitlick


As stated numerous times before, Tyler Pitlick will be out for the season with an ACL injury. The more we win, the more I think we’ll make the playoffs. Which means the more I hope Pitlick will be able to join us for the playoffs. Not sure if it would ever play out like that, though, a boy can only dream.

Darnell Nurse


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Darnell is still nursing* his ankle injury and is expected to return in March. If you think about it, we just have a handful of games (9) left of this month, and then there’s only one month (12 games) left to go until he’s back. It’ll be over before you know it!

*C’mon you have to laugh at that!

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Iiro Pakarinen


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I’d just like to take this time to call out everyone who said that I jinxed Iiro Pakarinen last week by saying how he’s fallen off the face of the earth and so on.. Well don’t look now, but Iiro’s been secretly skating with the team. Iiro went from people seriously wondering if he was alive or not to leading the boys in warm up! He hasn’t played since injuring his knee in the preseason which reminds me that I’ve completely forgot what kind of player he is and if his presence will even help us. Either way, a healthy player is better than an injured player.

As I’m typing this another theory popped into my head. What if Iiro is set to come back soon, forcing Chia to send him to Bakersfield on a conditioning stint. Is it a coincidence that Pete just NOW sent Iiro’s Finnish buddy, Puljujarvi down? You tell me.

Andrew Ference


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I’m going to throw an internet party when Andrew Ference reaches his 500th day on the IR and it’s going to be amazing and you’re going to wish you would have accepted my e-invite.

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