GDB 45.0 Wrap Up: BURN!

*crotch chop towards Calgary* Final Score: 2-1 Oilers in the shootout

I can honestly say that this is the first time I’ve ever written a Wrap Up (or a blog post in general) about a Battle of Alberta that happened in January that actually meant something. This is literally the first time right here. I’ve been blogging with various levels of consistency since 2007 and this is the very first time the Oilers have been good enough to write about meaningful Battles of Alberta in January. Let’s all take a minute to soak in that in. Now let’s take another minute to appreciate the fact that games between the Oilers and Flames finally mean something again after years of fighting for nothing but draft position and the smaller of the two sadness trophies.

Now that the BOA is actually a factor in the Pacific Division playoff race it was important for the Oilers to take advantage of an opportunity at a four-point swing, and get their third win of the year against the heathens from down south. The Oilers need the points and the Flames can kick rocks. As much as this was a big game it was also a winnable game for the Oilers. Calgary played (and lost) to the Devils last night and that should’ve meant that they would tire more easily than Edmonton would as the night progressed. Admittedly, I’m not sure I saw much evidence to support it. At least, my rum-powered optimism is still firing. 


With these two teams being as tight as they are in the standings it was only fitting that the game ended up being just as close. Both teams were throwing their bodies around and both sides were also checking relatively well in their own end. Neither the Oilers nor Flames produced all that many shots, and after trading two quick goals in the second period it was a ‘next shot wins’ kind of hockey game. Throughout the third period and overtime, the Oilers and Flames traded opportunities to score but the goalies were fantastic on both ends of the rink and carried the game into overtime and a shootout. What started out as a dry, slow game ended up with a flurry of excitement in the third period and overtime with the decision coming in the shootout. 

The journey may not have been pretty, but we can count this as a third straight Battle of Alberta win on the year. 

Thus concludes another edition of the Battle of Alberta, and we wrap. 



  • Patrick Maroon is hot fire right now. The Big Rig has been doing everything that we could have hoped he would and more, and I don’t know how the Oilers could ever proceed without protecting him in the expansion draft. For the second time this season, Pat Maroon scored a big goal (his 18th) in front of his son and you can’t help but cheer for the guy. He is Connor’s Chris Kunitz (even though his goal was on the power play with Nuge). BTW Pat Maroon has scored both times his son as been at the games. 
  • Both Leon Draisaitl and Mark Letestu cashed in their chances in the shootout and the flames
  • Cam Talbot was fantastic tonight. Dadbot faced a barrage of shots early and he was up to the task on each and every one of them. The Flames produced some excellent chances throughout the game but Dadbot was having none of it. Aside from the rebound he’d probably want back on the Monahan goal, Dadbot was perfect.  Talbot finished the night with 24 saves and a .960 save%.
  • Drake Caggiula had a really good night. He was flying around the ice, always seemed to be around the puck, and was able to execute some slick little plays in the offensive zone. Caggiula got the primary assist on Maroon’s power play goal, and he was in the mix all night long. 
  • Oscar Klefbom played a team-high 25:45 and ended up with five shots on goal (also a team high) and a -1 rating. Solid game from Klefbom tonight while playing some big minutes.
  • Edmonton was 54% in the faceoff circle tonight and that’s a positive for a team that hasn’t been great lately. 
  • Edmonton got a big goal from Pat Maroon on the power play and it kick started the evening for both sides, I guess. The Oilers finished the night at 1/3 on the power play. 
  • Not to be outdone, the penalty killers were perfect tonight after killing off the lone Calgary attempt. 
  • The Oilers got some good luck with the posts tonight and for that I’m thankful. All hail post!
  • I like seeing the Battle of Alberta get angry again. There were 74 64 hits thrown, according to the NHL (34 Flames/30 Oilers). Both sides were going at each other all night and I can only imagine what it will be like when we get another playoff series. Mmmmmmmm.
  • Shout out to the Oilers for honouring Hayley Wickenheiser before the game. She’s done so much for women’s hockey and it was cool to see her get a well deserved ovation at Rogers Place. 



  • Sluggish start for the Oilers tonight. Despite having a power play in the first period the Oilers only managed to generate five shots in the first 20 minutes. That’s not nearly good enough against a team that played a night ago.
  • Pat Maroon had just scored and they allowed Sean Monahan to tie the game up less than 30 seconds later. Talbot couldn’t handle the rebound, Benning could stop Monahan from getting a 2nd shot, and the lead was gone just like that. They have to be better than that. 
  • After I post this Wrap Up I’m going to wander into the nearest bush or forest to catch the cutest animal I can find to sacrifice to end the Ebercurse. Jordan Eberle had all kinds of chances tonight, including a breakaway in overtime, and he just can’t buy one. 
  • Kind of Boring for the first 35 minutes or so, no? Just me? Anybody?
  • Not nearly enough shots on net tonight. On multiple occasions, guys would look for a pass rather than shooting the puck and seeing what happens. Even though Edmonton outshot the Flames 27-25 on the night they still passed up on many chances to shoot. 
  • The Oilers somehow made Elliott look good.
  • Prison Rules were engaged again in the third period. Holding, hooking, holding the stick… you name it, it wasn’t getting called. 
  • No McPoints.
  • Hockey Night in Canada cut the Pat Maroon After Hours segment because of the overtime. BOOOOOO!



No Scoring


16:24 Edmonton PPG – Patrick Maroon (18) ASST: Drake Caggiula (5), Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (13) 0-1
16:50 Calgary Sean Monahan (12) ASST: Johnny Gaudreau (18), Dougie Hamilton (20) 1-1


No Scoring


No Scoring


Edmonton Goal – Leon Draisaitl
Calgary Missed – Sean Monahan
Edmonton Goal – Mark Letestu
Calgary Missed – Johnny Gaudreau


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  • OriginalPouzar

    I always wake up happier when the Oil won the night before (well tied but won the shootout). There are a couple Oiler fans at the gym here in Calgary that I’m looking forward to seeing in a few minutes).

    Love Leon’s stone face when he scores (not quite as good as the wink though).

    Such an ugly game but two more points in the bank.

    On to Monday – it’s time to streak.

  • Looch#27

    If Maroon score in the dying seconds of regulation this city would’ve lost its marbles!!! The Big Rig never ceases to impress. That comment about not wanting Lucic and Kassien to show their nasty sides is a complete laugh!!!! Maybe you should be watching figure skating my friend because that is exactly what them boys need to do to elevate their collective games you think we brought Lucic in to hold hands and sing kumbaya?!? Bring on the nasty I say and let’s run roughshod over the league!! Playoffs here we come!

    • mb

      Found when I played or coached,if you got a penalty from being nasty. Really bubbled a guys snott, they where easy penalties to kill. It was the chicken sh*t penalties that were hard to kill.

  • Canoe Ride 27.1

    Chia deserves some credit.

    There is a sense of accountability towards the opposition on every shift. We’re just not fun to play against anymore.

    And we have a goaltender.

    PS- how sweet was Leons hit on Hathway?

  • tileguy

    For all the hotheads here who fly off the handle at the vaguest of remarks about the oilsands, I am sure junior meant phase out in about 100 years or so from now, after all he just approved 2 pipelines and kxl coming on board soon. Your livelihood is safe.

    Good times, pipelines and Stanley Cup Playoffs on the horizon.

    • bazmagoo

      Trudeau has also said no rational country would leave it’s oil in the ground. The tar sands will be extracted fully, unless the Green Party ever gets into power or the economics of oil extraction don’t make sense anymore. Three new pipelines (XL, Mountain, Line 3) would increase Alberta’s capacity to export by about 1.8 million barrels a day. The current export capacity isn’t even being used fully.

      But he’s not the leader of the Conservative Party, so he’ll be shut out next election in AB for slipping up. You’ve got an oilsands friendly Prime Minister Alberta, and three quarters of you don’t even know it.

  • RyanCoke

    Who was the female colour girl? I usually look forward to hockey night in canada for a break from remenda but she was annoying too. Way to ruin a hockey night in canada.

  • camdog

    Junior’s like a coke head that wants to quit crack but can’t. By the time he’s done his time in office, this country will be so far in debt, they’ll need another hit off the pipeline express just to keep the lights on at Parliament Hill.

  • Oil drop

    Soap box time

    To all those who have made political statements here

    Context is a wonderful thing

    Hate or love a politician all good

    But when you hate on a guy be aware of facts.

    The comments about phasing out oilsands was federal government policy developed by previous government all that happened 2 days ago was the current government reaffirmed that commitment.

    • camdog

      Unfortunately that’s all we are getting our of Prime Minster’s office right now, a guy on the Soap Box. Too bad we don’t have a prime minister.

      The other day Trudeau commented on the Ontario power grid and how it was up to the province to solve their issues. Well the thing is the Ontario Liberals that destroyed Ontario hydro, are now in the PMO’s office and they are running this country. By the time Trudeau is done with his time in power, it won’t just be Ontarians that are having trouble paying off their hydro bill..

    • The most important thing to the Albertan economy were, and are, pipelines.

      But I think people here are programmed to put partisan politics ahead of actual results that help the Oil and Gas industry and Alberta.

      Especially when the last guy had almost 10 years and didn’t have the legitimacy to build any. Provinces hated him, First Nations were ignored, and our customers didn’t see any drive to balance the economy with protecting the environment. We finally get those fixed and boom, major pipelines are being approved left, right, and center.

      It’s almost like defending Lowe and MacT as GMs just because you’re programmed to like them.

      Chia, as an outsider, comes in and gets results. He makes painful concessions that not everyone likes. But in the end it gets results.

      You don’t have to like Trudeau but at the very least be happy that we’re getting crucial pipeline infrastructure approved. It took some concessions, but it’s better for Oil and Gas in the long run.

      You don’t have to like Chia or the Hall trade, but be happy the Oilers are in a playoff spot mid-January.

  • Looch#27

    F#ck politics!!! Go on Facebook and rant if you feel the need this is OilersNation so you know go hockey and all that stuff? Bring on the desert dogs and Mike Smith because Connor, Leon and Maroooon are streaking!!!

  • camdog

    One last comment and then I’ll be done. My wife’s grampa lives in Toronto, going green for him meant turning down the temperature in the fridge because the power is too expensive. He doesn’t mind cutting the mold off his food. Unfortunately that’s “going green” in Ontario, for their senior citizens.

    • Zamboni Driver

      What complete nonsense.

      Love a guy who keeps up his Lorne Gunter reading.

      I’ll say it slowly so you can understand.



      And with the Nutbar in Chief in the States taking over next week, probably a third (provided he doesn’t start WWIII before Keystone XL is built).

  • OriginalPouzar

    Spydr – Still think Talbot is slowing down?

    To me, he’s had one iffy game in the last month.

    Yes, back up tender is still an issue but Talbot seems to strive with lots of work.

  • TruthHurts98

    Here’s a thought, maybe Eberle should go back to the shorter stick and never listen to a word from his shooting coach. If only the 16 million dollar line could start getting goals, it would open up more space for Connor’s line. Oilers seem to be having all kinds of trouble scoring, eventually some puck luck will have to go their way. Can’t wait for that to happen. And please for the love of all that is good and holy, beat the Coyotes on Monday!!

  • Oiler Al

    For an ugly game,it sure kept me on the edge of my seat.
    Game never really got going till the third period.

    Talbot saves the day! Would be nice for the team to score 4-5 goals and take some heat off Talbot the odd night.

    Two things that drove me crazy:

    Lucic’s game…lost cause

    Cassie Campbell chirping all night, sounds like a squirrel in heat.

  • Burns14

    Slepydhev played really well tonight, hope he gets some more game action. Sad to say Hendricks foot speed is becoming an issue though, khaira should be able to take his spot in the lineup.

  • HockeyRulz

    I thought it was an exciting game, both teams had their chances, but Talbot got us the win.

    One thing I noticed was the difference of our D when we don’t have Larrson. He’s good!

    As well I think Ebs played a solid 200ft game. He just needs to stop hitting the post and put them in the net, but he gets a lot of chances so he is playing well just not finishing. Once he starts producing I think we will see others start to produce more too.

    In all a great game and now the Oil are in a great position to keep climbing!

  • geoilersgist

    Baggedmilk I think it is time you guys back to writing gdb for both sites depending on who wins previous meeting. Those were the days and with both teams being competent (the Oilers more so) it would be fun again.

  • bazmagoo

    Both teams looked tenative and nervous last night. Dadbot won us the game, and I thought Larsson was missed. The result was what we needed though, the Flames better get things going with the Kings and Predators right behind them or they will be on the outside looking in. Now wouldn’t that be a shame!

  • Johnnyo

    Only time I’ll talk pipelines, #promise. I’m in the business.

    Almost 1 million barrels per day of heavy oil export pipelines were approved and built while Harper was PM. That’s a fact.

    Trudeau is ideologically opposed to pipelines and the oil industry. He approved two projects. Kinder Morgan’s will not hold up in court for the same reasons Northern Gateway approval was overturned: the federal government failed to conduct the necessary phase 4 consultations with First Nations. Trudeau knows this.

    The other project is a replacement of an existing pipeline. It does not add new export capacity that hasn’t previously existed. It also hasn’t been approved in the USA, and because it’s an existing pipe, approvals are done state by state. It’s far from a sure thing at this point in time. Best guess: 3-4 years if ever approved state side.

    Keystone XL was approved by Harper. The Donald will likely approve it, but cut a deal to tax it heavily no doubt. We’ll see if shippers have an appetite for it under those new financials.

    Trudeau is no friend to Alberta’s energy industry. Despite what he claims. He’s already doing real damage and he’ll do more.

    • RJ

      If you’re in the business, then you know there were four major pipeline projects proposed the past few years.

      Northern Gateway had the least likelihood of succeeding given its route and given the regulatory hurdles it faced.

      Line 3 and Kinder Morgan both utilize existing rights of way, so the regulatory challenges were much less, which is why they were both approved.

      And the keystone will likely be approved with conditions south of the border, so that will be three new pipeline projects to take Alberta oil to foreign markets.

      Save your politics for somewhere else. I don’t belong to any party, I think most people just want to see increased levels of activity.

  • OriginalPouzar

    Does anybody know what there are certain blogs on this site that I cannot post comments in?

    For example, I cannot post a comment in Lowetide’s new blog “Gift”.

    The box is there to type in, however, when I click post, it doesn’t show up.

    I’ve had this happen with a number of seemingly random threads over the last few weeks.

    I’m trying to increase my activity on here.

  • Stack

    Where did all the flame trolls go? I had to go to FN to get my shots in! I’m pretty sure it’s mostly ON commenting on their threads over there, I believe most of them are hiding from the internet today while they try to make a Patrick Maroon voodoo doll.

  • MessyEH!

    I would love to get Iginla. It would kill Flames fans to have him retire as an Oiler. Imagine if Smitty played his final games as a flame.

    We’d all be like “F@k that guy!”

    Please please please. I would totally buy an Iginla Oilers Jersey.

  • RJ

    I come to this site to talk about the Oilers. Please save all of the politics for your own fb or Twitter accounts.

    On another note, I have been pretty critical of Eberle’s play most of the season. He was gifted a spot beside the best Oilers centre in 20 years, and he hadn’t really delivered. When he isn’t putting up points he contributes very little. But…

    As a fan, I hate players floating around, and that’s what he does most of the time. But last night I thought he made some decent plays and looked like he finally gave a damn. If he isn’t scoring he should be contributing in other ways, and I thought he did. Hope he keeps it up.

  • fasteddy

    I agree with boring BM….I’m coming to Edm in near future and the only way to catch a game would be to stay an extra night; last night’s game cemented my decision not to do so. Love seeing the team doing so much better, but man NHL hockey is losing entertainment value.