Is Kevin Shattenkirk Back on the Oilers’ Radar?

According to TSN’s Insiders, Kevin Shattenkirk is a player who might be available for a trade come deadline time. Jordan Eberle’s name came in at number seven on their Trade Deadline Trade Bait list.

TSN Trade bait

It started earlier in the day yesterday when TSN’s Frank Seravalli wrote:

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The Oilers, who crave a right-shot defenceman like Shattenkirk to step onto their power play and consistently put up 45 or 50 points, are in buy mode for the first time in a long time. The Oilers are on track to qualify for the Stanley Cup playoffs for the first time since 2006. They are one of the teams that could consider moving a conditional first-round pick to make a splash for a player like Shattenkirk.

Moving Eberle now would create a bigger hole at right wing. Eberle, 26, has underwhelmed this season. He has just eight goals in 46 games and one tally in his last 18 games. He has also shouldered a lot of Edmonton’s toughest matchups and his stock seems bound to rebound.

Later yesterday, on TSN’s Insider Trading, James Duthie, Pierre LeBrun and Bob McKenzie further discussed Shattenkirk as well as the Oilers:  

Duthie: (In reference to Kevin Shattenkirk being number eight on their trade bait list) Is there a trade possible there? 

LeBrun: Yeah there is and that’s change in it’s self. I think when this season started, all things being equal, the St. Louis Blues viewed their team as a team that could contend for the Stanley Cup and why not after going to the Western Conference final last year. Listen, they’re still potentially playoff bound – but I think internally the Blues don’t view themselves in quite the same level that they were a year ago. 

And remember that this is a team that let David Backes and Troy Brouwer walk away for nothing last July. They are going to listen on Kevin Shattenkirk, doesn’t mean they necessarily will trade him – it depends on the offer but I do think they will listen and potentially get something for him. 

McKenzie: And Shattenkirk is an interesting name because we know last summer that he and the Edmonton Oilers had permission to talk to each other at that time – but he basically did not look favourably on going to Edmonton and signing a long term deal there so that one was shelved at that time. 

But because the Blues aren’t as good and because he is in an expiring contract situation our Frank Seravelli is reporting the scent seems to be out there that Shattenkirk might look more favourably on a lot of different options, perhaps including the Edmonton one.

Kevin Shattenkirk, a 20 minute, right-shot powerplay quarterback who has the ability to put up points in the 40’s, is a player the Oilers clearly covet. After this season, his four year, $17 million contract expires making Shattenkirk a UFA. 

Seravalli says that “he will be in range for a payday nearing $50 million over seven years,” which would give him around $7 million per season. 

Over the past four years, he has over 4000 minutes at even strength putting up 0.79 points per hour, a 53.6 Corsi for percent, a PDO of 99.8 to go along with a 53.4 goals-for percent. 

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However, in the same four years, no defenceman in the NHL has scored at a higher points per hour rate on the power-play than Shattenkirk has, putting up a stunning 6.27 points per hour.

For comparison, Shea Weber is second in that category scoring a whole less point per hour on the power-play than Shattenkirk at 5.24 points per hour. Third is Kris Letang at 5.03 points per hour. As a fact, only one other player scored more than 5 points per hour on the powerplay and that’s Keith Yandle at 5.02 points per hour.

Andrej Sekera has played the most power-play time in the last four years with 605 minutes. He has scored 3.67 points per hour in that time frame, well off of the ability Shattenkirk has to produce on the power-play.

The Oilers have an interesting cap situation to make work in the future given that Leon Draisaitl will be due a new deal this offseason while Connor McDavid, Patrick Maroon, Brandon Davidson, Matthew Benning and Darnell Nurse will all be due new deals two offseasons from now. 

Shattenkirk is well deserving of a new deal and if he were to sign a seven-year deal he would be 34 years old by the time the contract expires. 

Would you deal for Kevin Shattenkirk if it meant that we could re-sign him this offseason?

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The latest from Laing:

  • Justino

    What about Davidson and a conditional 1st if he signs here? a 3rd if he doesn’t? We are already concerned about losing Davidson in the expansion draft so why not use that to add to our Defense?
    If not then I believe Nuge is the one that has to go before Eberle.

    • Been there

      Part of the reason is you have to expose someone. Sekera has to be protected and I would not risk Klefbom, Nurse or Larson. So Davidson is the logical one to be exposed.

      • Justino

        Nurse doesn’t have to be protected, so going a 4-4-1 and protecting Drai, Eberle, Maroon and Lucic for forward and Sekera, Larsson, Klefbom and Shattenkirk on Defense makes sense to me

          • Been there

            I would rather leave Eberle unprotected before Nuge as he plays a very good two way game. Plus I think that he would get a better return in a trade when the time comes.

          • Been there

            Been watching for sixty, played, coached, officiated, worked for a junior team and I am still not an expert, but I have had many talks with some of the brightest and most knowledgeable hockey people in the province.
            I know enough not to allow my personal bias to block me when trying to have intelligent hockey debates,

          • Shameless Plugger

            You lost him at intelligent. It’s Spydyrs way or no way. Never seen a more close minded person in my life. Most people can accept others opinions as such and have a meaningful debate. Spydyr spits out the same thing day after day after day. Whilst discounting anybody who opposes his opinion.

          • Shameless Plugger

            Show me where I wrote Eberle is better than Nuge.

            Again seeing as you missed it the first time I was merely pointing out the fact Justino forgot Nuge on his protected list as he was going with a 4-4-1 with Lucic, Drai, Ebs and Maroon. I was saying we need to go 7-3-1 which is why a signed Shattenkirk wouldn’t work for the expansion draft.. Go back and read you’ll see it plain as day.

          • Spydyr

            Right here?

            “So just leave Nuge unprotected?”

            By saying leave Nuge unprotected and protecting Eberle states who you value more.

            You call me out on my opinion that that Nuge is better than Eberle then fail to back it up.

          • Shameless Plugger

            You are clearly misinterpreting my question. Refer to comment 101(for my thoughts on Nuge vs. Ebs)

            Also the comment you replied to clearly states why I asked the question.

            I can’t spell it any more clearly for you, so either you’re just plain dumb or are being an ass on purpose.

          • Spydyr

            Never said I was an expert but I do know a centre that plays a 200 foot game, back-checks hard,has a a stronger more accurate shot is a better passer and has a higher hockey IQ is more valuable then a one dimensional offensive right winger.

          • Shameless Plugger

            i wouldn’t leave either unprotected. I was merely pointing out that Justino forgot about Nuge. Nice assumption though.

            Sorry I didn’t word it correctly enough for you oh holy god of all that is hockey knowledge.

          • Justino

            The situation I was talkin about was to trade Nugent over Eberle as we have depth at center and need to shed one of the 6m contracts if we want this to work.

      • @Hallsy4

        It would be a pretty cool story to see Iggy end up here, and I think he might have enough left in the tank for one last playoff run. Probably smaller tweaks like a veteran upcoming UFA are more in line with what we can expect, which is fine, but I hope Chia makes a couple additions. What’s Iggy’s one timer from the top of the circle on the PP like?

        • Been there

          I personally hope it comes down to neither, but if it has to be one I would take Vanek. I like Iginla but right now he is a fourth line player and I prefer Kassian and Khaira in those roles, Vanek could still play 3 or 2 lines as depth.

  • Oilcounty88

    I don’t see there being a fit between Shattenkirk and the Oilers. Main problem being the expansion draft looming. Whatever you give up to acquire Shattenkirk is only going to expose another player of value on the forward side (i.e Maroon). Factor in trading a potential 1st rounder, Davidson and then loosing Maroon in the expansion draft wouldn’t look great.

    I think the Oilers are better off making a calculated move at the deadline for a player like Iginla, or backup goaltender, a pure rental to shore up some depth and make a run in the playoffs that won’t cost much for future assets.

    With the looming contracts coming due I don’t know how adding another 7 million dollar player can fit into the long term plans, regardless of the fact he’s the type of player the Oilers desperately want. Just no at that price point.

    p.s I don’t see the Oilers having a bad power play for a long time when you have #97 running it. Just need to find someone with a decent shot who can hit the net. Hopefully for less than 7 million a season.

    • Been there

      Great comment, the only part I would personally disagree with is chasing Inginla. Trust me I like and respect him, but who would you sit? Hopefully not Kassian, we need his energy and edge.

  • Slanto3000

    I say go for it. Have parts of the deal conditional on the resigning of Shattenkirk. Is it really that big of an issue that he wasn’t interested in being an Oiler before? Isn’t it exciting enough that we are in a position to buy instead of the annual firesale and 29th place finish? If we are worried about a 4-4-1 type situation that means we will have a rock solid D.
    Davidson/Russel + Conditional 1st + the pick from the Yakupov trade for Shattenkirk
    If it’s a sign and trade then I think the Nuge would likely have to go the other way
    Nuge + Davidson + Yakupov pick for Shattenkirk + Lehtera

  • dsanchez1973

    Would love to have Shattenkirk for a playoff run. It’s actually kind of important to realize – there are no powerhouse teams in the west this year, and an Oiler team with Shattenkirk wouldn’t be there as a “let’s get some experience” – they’d be there as a reasonable contender. The window could literally be open right now for a deep run, and it’s not out of the question to rent Shattenkirk for exactly that.

    Further, it’s looking more and more likely we are losing Davidson in expansion for nothing anyways. Offer Davidson+some draft pick and let Shattenkirk walk at the end of the year, or flip his early bargaining rights to some idiot GM in a Nikitin style deal.

    I have no interest in him for the kind of money and term he’s looking for after that at his age and with our cap situation.

  • Been there

    I have never been a huge Eberle fan but not a hater either, even when watching him in juniors, I always found his regular season play was up and down, but come playoffs and big stage games (World Juniors) he was money in the bank. Some players are just that way, same as some are great regular season players but disappear in the playoffs.
    It will be interesting to see what happens if he is still here in the playoffs, and I believe he will be, other than maybe a backup goalie move I doubt much happens.
    Just an opinion based on a gut feeling.

  • @Hallsy4

    Nuge Davidson and Eberle for Landeskog and Duchene. Once that’s done minor tweaks. Pouliot, and a 2nd for Shattenkirk, with the 2nd turning into a first if he re-signs.

    • Been there

      Is the cap going way up? Do you know something the rest of us don’t?
      McDavid, Draistl will need new contract. JP is also will need money in a few years. Nice to dream about but not realistic.

      • @Hallsy4

        Nuge, Davidson and Ebs make more money combined than Landeskog and Duchene. Pouliot makes 4 million, which you’re correct that Shattenkirk wil lget around 6 or 7, so there’s a couple million deficit there. I agree it likely won’t happen, as the fit doesn’t really make sense, but Chia should be working the phones on those 2 guys, it would be irresponsible not to. A Nuge for Landeskog deal could be one where 2 players may benefit from a change of scenery. The Oilers also have 3 really good C’s, who will all be making 6 million plus soon, which to your point may be too much money at one position. I would trade Nuge for Landeskog or Duchene straight up. Same with Eberle. Pouliot wouldn’t get it done but I’d dish him and a 1st for Landeskog in a second.

        • Been there

          I respect your answer and reasoning but I will continue to disagree for a couple of reasons.
          McDavid will be getting at least 8-10 million a year, Draistl 6-7 per, Pulijarvi will want at least 4. Add Lucic’s 7, Maroon wanting a good raise and it will get tight.
          Then playing time to keep everyone happy. McDavid, Draistl, Maroon, Lucic, Pulijarvi,Caggiula, Letestu etc…
          You have Khaira, Kassian, Shepyslev and remember Pakarainen will eventually be coming back.
          You need different role players not all the same.
          Just an opinion from 1 person is all

          • @Hallsy4

            Yeah things will be getting tight for sure. I still think the Lucic signing is a big reason for the improvement, even though he appears to be having an off year. Maybe bringing him signalled an organizational change and I believe he does a lot for the team that may not always show on the ice. However, his NMC may become an issue in the future. Not will, but may. The key will be to avoid paying guys who aren’t helping much, guys like maybe Pouliot this season, and replacing them with cheap rookies (Khaira for example). A big reason for Chicago’s success seems to be an ability to find role players internally to make up for the guys they lose to a cap crunch, same with LA to an extent. Looks like they’ll be able to save a few million when Ebs and Pouliot’s contracts are up. I guess throw in Hendo there too. I still would look at how much the asking price for Landeskog and Duchene is. I think those are two very good players who will thrive once they leave Colorado. What do you think they’ll be wanting for either of those two? We could see some big deals happening around the league come deadline day.

          • OTOF2

            Why is it assumed Poolparty and his 1 goal will get $4 million? Some still seem to have the always given never earned mindset. Lets wait until he proves something before allocating $4 million. I’m still waiting for Yakupov to unleash his Ovechkin scoring prowess that so many on this site proclaimed.

  • @Hallsy4

    Is there any chance of some deal involving Nuge, Ebs and Landeskog and Duchene. Obviously not all in one deal (I wish though). I would certainly consider Nuge for Landeskog, and maybe Colorado would too as they need to change direction.

    • I am Batman

      That’s not a bad option at all. It’s not that the expensive RW is doing a lot more than the cheaper ones ….

      Or who knows, once Eberle’s contract runs out maybe he is willing to sign at 2 or 3 mill…. in any case getting Shatternick and losing Eberle is not a bad thing.

  • KevCantDance

    If he really has no problem coming here, then we can wait until summer. We’re making the playoffs without him, there’s no need to give up assets now, he may still walk away from us in the summer if we do.

  • Been there

    Not sure who mentioned earlier that rentals never work out mustn’t remember 2006. The Oilers grabbed Spacek and Samsonov for the run, and to be honest maybe add Peca there too because he only came over for the one season, never wanting to be here. And in the eighties Sather always brought Ristolainien over for the playoffs, hence the rule change preventing that.

  • bazmagoo

    Could be a great rental but I doubt we’d see him sign in Edmonton. I’d prefer to see our long term PP guy developed from within, free agency seems too risky with Connor and Leon needing big contracts.

  • Been there

    On a more positive and lighter note it is game Day! The next three games are all winable! Keep all lines contributing like last game and we are in good shape heading into the homestretch!
    Go Oil Go!

  • Natejax97

    2 thoughts:

    1. Shatty ain’t coming here unless he is resigned or we know he will resign prior to the trade being made. The only way we are getting Shatty is by dealing a roster player like Klefbom, Nurse etc. Plus prosects and picks. St Louis is on a cup run. They need depth and all hands on deck as they prepare to finally win a Stanley cup. We will not sell the future if dthere is no long term commitment.

    2. According to an article I read this morning Shatty has no long term plans to stay in Edmonton, but he would look at them short term. Why?? Well because in Canada he would get huge press, huge spotlights and hopefully increase his next contract value by doing so. Shatty would also go to the leafs if he were sure they would make the playoffs. Players like McDavid and Matthews increase other players worth, especially in contract years.

  • Kaplan

    I love this deal if Chiarelli can get Shattenkirk and his agent to sign a longer-term deal with Edmonton. So long as he’s committed to resigning with the Oilers after the season’s over, get it done. I’m fine with an Ebs for Kirk deal. If Kirk stays longer-term, let’s sweeten it with a draft pick too.

  • Bringer_Of_Snow

    Only way i’d do it is with Eberle being the main piece going back. Can use picks and prospects ot balance it out In terms of salary, he’d cost and extra $0-1 Mill more, over Eb’s $6mil. This still leaves sufficient cap for resigning Drai, Nurse and Connor down the line (of course after dumping Pou and Fayne.

    Oilers could them acquire a Vrbata or Paranteau like player to play on the wing.

    If Shattenkirk is set on extending in the US, then i’d pursue Stone from ARZ.

    If Kevin resigns, you’d go the 4-4-1 route in expansion.

    Nuge, Drai, Lucic, Maroon

    Sekera, Klefbom, Larsson, Shattenkirk


  • Spoils

    this list is fascinating.

    I think (in addition to a backup goalie and D and maybe a depth RHC) the Oilers need to go after a shoot first guy, RW ideally.

    Jesse P is pass first, Nuge is, McD is, Leon is… we need shooters in the top 9.

    What would we have to give up to get one of:

    Vanek, Vrbata, Iginla, Jagr…

    • Hemmercules

      Pass on Vanek.

      I bet one of the other 3 could be had for a second round pic. More likely a third for Iggy or Vrbata.

      The question remains though, will one of these guys make the team that much better that ditching a decent draft pick is worth it?? Almost rather just give the minutes to Khaira or Schlepy.

  • AdambomB

    There have likely been more cases where a rental player fails to significantly improve a team in the short term. While it is true that once a team makes the playoffs, anything can happen, I think we need to stay realistic and realize this isn’t a Stanley Cup team yet. Keep the powder dry as the great LT would say.

    • @Hallsy4

      I agree that this isn’t a cup contender yet… although I like everyone else would love to see the team go far in the Playoffs and sometimes crazy things happen #McDavid. Still, Chia can’t be mortgaging the future going for it this season. The window to win is just beginning to open, so it wouldn’t be smart to go for it this year. I don’t predict any huge moves, just older stop gaps with the hope for one last flash in the pan for a couple months. I’m a lot more excited for the deadline than I have been in years though 🙂

  • @Hallsy4

    Also, all of Canada seemingly has considered EBS clutch after his one big goal in the WJ’s way back, and has told us to wait for the playoffs. To me, that’s a guess based on basically nothing (1 sweet goal, but still only 1). EBS also barely made the playoffs in the WHL, so I think all of this clutch talk is hogwash. However, it will be nice to see how he is in the playoffs and put that debate to rest! I hope he’s awesome, but would bet that he will be about the same as he always plays.