The Capilano Rehab Injury Report: So Many Updates!

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Oiler fans have been experiencing a lot of new feelings this year. We continue to stomp all over the Calgary Flames, we’re in a strong playoff spot with just over 30 games remaining, and the weeks go by without any devastating injuries. Even though it gives me nothing to talk to you guys about, I couldn’t be more happy about it.

Not that I don’t like talking to you guys. I just find that the more information I have to give you about injuries, the more I become the most hated man in Edmonton. Exhibit one. Many citizens argue that the injury report is one giant ball of jynx for the team. This is probably more than possible, but if we look at Exhibit two, I turned the jynx around on the league, thus no more bad injuries for the Oilers. You’re welcome.

I should probably explain myself and say that I don’t believe that no bad injuries have happened this year. The lengthy loss of Pitlick, Nurse, Pakarinen, and Ference have been devastating but after what we experienced last year, these are much easier to handle.

Get To The Injuries, Chris

Jujhar Khaira’s injury sounds like it could be his wrist… making everybody’s initial assumptions wrong. I am not a doctor mind you, I just report the gossip. With that said his timeline is still unknown. If it’s actually a wrist injury I think it’s only safe to assume he’ll be out for a while.


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Tyler Pitlick pulled (tore) his lower knee thing (ACL) and will likely be out until 2018 (this summer).

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Darnell Nurse continue to nurse his foot/shin connector and probably said in an interview somewhere that “no matter how bad the injury is, he’ll always continue to smile.” I can only imagine that’s what he quoted. Good for you Darnell, that’s the right spirit to have! Nurse’s return date is still set for March.

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Iiro Pakarinen has been skating for like, three weeks and still hasn’t been activated. WHY? I have no idea.

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I enjoy looking up Andrew Ference updates every week because he’s just living his life. While making that LTIR cash, he’s also been participating in several community events, fat-biking through the Edmonton river valley, speaking at elementary schools, and appearing on TV. I’m glad things are going well for him and part of me misses seeing him around the team every day, but he’s living the life in the meantime and I’m happy for him.



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