64 in 51

After last night’s win against the Sharks, the Edmonton Oilers head into the All-Star Break with 64 points in 51 games. I repeat. The Oilers have 64 points in 51 games. I don’t know what to do with my hands.

With the Oilers finally patching up the holes and turning their sinking ship around after a decade of darkness, it’s almost surreal to look back and see just how bad this team has been over that span of time. To put it bluntly, the Oilers have been awful at nearly everything apart from winning draft lotteries. Nothing drives home that point quite like having the Oilers pass their points total from previous years with 31 games left on the schedule. Take a moment to think about the amazing mismanagement that it must have taken to make that happen. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

My friends, that’s the kind of sadness that even Freud himself wouldn’t even be able to wrap his mind around. 



Much like when a dog leaves a steamy turd inside your house, I plan on rubbing your nose in Oilers failure a little bit (don’t actually do that to your dog btw) to prove a point. As I mentioned above, the Edmonton Oilers surpassed their points totals from three of the past 10 seasons with last night’s win over the Sharks, and that fact alone is both disturbing and sad. It doesn’t make sense that there are still 31 games left in the season and we’ve already cleared the high watermark from as recent as two years ago.

Check out the numbers:

  • 2009-10 – (27-47-8) – 62 points
  • 2010-11 – (25-45-12) – 62 points
  • 2014-15 – (24-44-14) – 62 points

Frankly, I don’t know how the hell we’ve been able to watch hockey over these past few years considering the Oilers haven’t even been in the ballpark of competitive. I know how many of you are here with us each and every night, and, I think, that support from your fellow citizens is one of the only reasons we haven’t all lost our minds. Being 20 games under .500 is madness, and the Oilers should consider themselves lucky that the NHL doesn’t relegate the worst of the worst.



With all of the crap and shitacular® hockey that we’ve had to live through over the past decade, it would make sense that we don’t know how to handle this recent turn of events. Not only are the Oilers playing a competitive brand of hockey for the first time in ages, they’re also challenging for the division lead and marching their way towards the playoffs for the first time since 2006. That’s a lot of change for a fan base that watched another 29th place finish a year ago and I think we should all take some time to appreciate the journey. 

While we don’t yet know how the season will turn out, I’m saying that we should still relish the scenes from the movie that’s playing out before our eyes. It goes without saying that this change of pace from the Groundhog’s Day of sadness is worth being happy about. I don’t care if fans from other franchises think we’re annoying on Twitter, or that the only reason we are where we are is because we won the lottery, because we’ve earned the right to take shots back at everyone that used the Oilers as a decade-long punchline.

We deserve to finally watch a good hockey team, and that includes chirping each and every person that doubted that this would ever happen. It’s been a long time coming, my friends, and I plan on being insufferable once the Oilers finally clinch. Frankly, the rest of the league deserves it.

  • D

    As one of the “old timers” who witnessed the 1980s, I can say that back then, the Oilers got so good so fast that by the time 1988 rolled around, I took it for granted that the Stanley Cup would just magically arrive in Edmonton every summer. I remember some of my friends didn’t even bother to watch the last game that year because winning the Stanley Cup became blase.

    With all the misery of the last ten years, I just don’t see that happening this time around. If the Oilers go on a string of Stanley Cup wins (say three in five years like Chicago), the third win will be savoured just as much as the first one. So there is some upside to all that misery – the full appreciation of winning.

  • Jay (not J)

    Kind of cool that they managed to pull into first when they did so that we have 5 whole days to just bask in it without sweating how anyone else is doing or whatever equivocations are being dreamed up by eastern media or southern trolls. Good times.

    But, we’re fans though and the fan is ALWAYS hungry for more. If they can be tied (shy a GIH) at the Allstar break, they can take the division by season’s end, right?

    Well, maybe we can put a pin in that for 5 days and just enjoy.

  • Petrolero

    I read once that championship teams tend to start slow and gel and get better as the season rolls along. This was for any sport. It wasn’t just obvious there were specific reasons which escape my mind right now but two good examples are the penguins last year and the kings when they got Sutter as coach mid season. The Oilers started well then dipped quite a bit never really getting consistency from the whole team until recently.

    They are on the upswing now these 2 games against California were no fluke folks.

  • I am Batman

    Can trades happen during all star break? Without Oiler hockey and without football on tv this weekend feels like I’m going to go and hang out with people

  • MessyEH!

    I was young when Edmonton won in the dynasty days. I remember arguing that they were in fact a dynasty. (The same debate that is happening now in regards to Chicago.)

    The sweetest cup was 1990. Billy Ranford! Those who weren’t there just can’t know.

    2006 happened. Then it ended. Heartbreak upon heartbreak followed. We wandered the desert

    I miss some of the players we pinned our hopes on. I wish some were here to celebrate the good times with us. I wish some hadn’t aged so hard.It’s too early to tell what we have. But I love THIS team.

    It still doesn’t seem right, to see Cogs in an Anaheim jersey. Doobie in Minnesota. Hall in NJ. Petry in Montreal. All these things? the lost players, the lost seasons, the lost years, may finally be worth it.

    I can cheer with a clear conscious. I don’t feel as if we’re being scammed. This feels real.

    PS here’s hoping the flames tank the remainder of the year.

    • IUsedToBleedOilBlueButIBledOut

      In response to your P.S. I hope the flames miss the playoff cut by one point and therefore get the 15th overall pick in the draft. If they tank they might get a good draft pick. Can’t have that. The pain of just missing the playoffs and not being bad enough to get a high draft pick is what I wish upon them for the next 10 years.

    • Shredder


      I’ve been telling colleagues that this is the best Oilers team that I’ve been able to watch, enjoy, and really appreciate. I was too young to appreciate what we had in the 80’s. I turned 8 soon after they won their last cup.

      2006 was awesome, I had to move to Calgary the day after we lost game 7 (I have since moved back because I like Edmonton better – although Calgary is a great city, no doubt). Moving there was tough when civic pride was as high as I’d ever seen it. It was hard on the soul.

      But this, this is MY team. If I were building a team, I couldn’t do it better myself – great goaltending, incredible speed/size/skill all combined. I might add a Pronger on the backend if I wasn’t worried about cap hits and McDavid’s next contract, but this team is just awesome to watch.

  • justDOit

    Frankly, I don’t know how the hell we’ve been able to watch hockey over these past few years…

    Molsons is proud to be a partner of the Edmonton Oilers. And Labatts, and Seagrams, and…

  • Not a First Tier Fan

    It’s awesome catching a fellow Oilers fan at work just standing there smiling and knowing exactly what they’re thinking about.

    Been a long time but hey – we deserve this.

    Keep it up boys – you’re freaking heroes!!!

  • Pouzar99

    I know that a lot of folks in the Nation community often go the Rogers Place to watch the games. I have a request. I would love to see the team given a long, loud standing ovation when they skate on the ice to play Minnesota next Tuesday. God knows they have earned it. The 10 year journey through hockey hell has been nearly unbearable and we need to show them we are totally behind them. I will be the very loud guy in Section 210. I think the relative quietness of the crowd is one reason we have a better road record than home record. After all we have been through, that is understandable but its time to start turning our barn into a madhouse.

  • Derian Hatcher

    During the glory years my dad would take me to games and we watched the dynasty being built together. Years pass and we were not able to talk oilers with any passion while the incompetents ran the team into the ground. We are now in different cities and he does not get around as well any more. But we text back and forth during every oiler game, commenting, cheering, second guessing, but always talking oiler hockey, just like the old days. Makes me smile.

    Thanks Oilers –

  • BabyNugeMonitor

    For those of us who have suffered the decade of darkness and remained steadfast in support, shouldn’t we get some official badge of distinction so when all the bandwagon fans pile onto HMS McDavid & Co. come playoffs this year we can identify each other?

  • OldOilerFan

    I don’t know about you guys, but I’m blowing the dust off my Oilers flag for my car. Remember driving around town in the 2006 run and EVERYONE had one?

    Good times my friends good times.