Seven Oilers named to NHL top 100 players list

Last night, the NHL announced the final 67 players named to the NHL’s top 100 players of all-time list. Can you guess which seven Oilers made the cut?

Relatively speaking, the list is quite simple for the Oilers. 

Without much surprise, legends like Wayne Gretzky, Paul Coffey, Grant Fuhr, Mark Messier and Jari Kurri were the first five Oilers to be named to the list. 

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The Great One was an easy selection. As the all-time leader in goals, assists and points, Gretzky also holds 61 league records and won four Stanley Cups with the Oilers. No list looking at the best doesn’t have him included. 

Gretzky’s most impressive record is his 50 goals in 39 games, which is a record likely to never be broken. On top of that, the NHL will be hard pressed to find someone else to ever reach the 2000 point plateau. Jaromir Jagr has a shot however.

Paul Coffey set the single-season NHL record by goals for a defenceman beating out the legendary Bobby Orr for that title. Coffey helped the Oilers to three Stanley Cup Titles before being traded to the Pittsburgh Penguins. 

Coffey has been considered one of the best skaters of all-time and was a key cog in the success the Oilers saw in the 1980’s. 

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Grant Fuhr back stopped the Oilers to five Stanley Cup wins and was the first black player ever inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. The Spruce Grove native was a hometown boy, which made the success he saw in Edmonton all the more special. 

In 87-88, Fuhr started a whopping 75 games, played 4,304 minutes on his was to winning 40 games. 

Mark Messier has been deemed one of the best leaders of all-time and was the first and only NHL player to captain two separate teams to Stanley Cup titles. Messier had been deemed by some as a modern day Gordie Howe, with elite skill and speed. Messier certainly didn’t shy away from being a physical impact on the ice as well. 

Messier helped the Oilers win five cups in seven season before helping the Rangers win one in 1994.

Jari Kurri came to the Oilers in 1980 as a polished “200-foot game” player and quickly became known as the dynamic winger playing alongside the Great One. Kurri was another key cog in the Oilers five cups in seven years and was also won the NHL goal scoring title in 1986.

Kurri finished his career as the highest scoring Finnish player, but was later passed by Teemu Selanne. Despite that, Kurri still has the highest point per game total of any Finnish born player. 

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The next two

Two more Oilers were named to the list following those five greats. Adam Oates and Chris Pronger.

Oates was well known as one of the best playmakers of all-time and scored the fourth-most assists among centers in NHL history. Oates saw early success with Detroit, but he didn’t break out until he played with the St. Louis Blues and Brett Hull. 

Adam Oates ended his NHL career in 2004 as a member of the Edmonton Oilers where he put up 18 points in 60 games, his only season with a Canadian club. 

Chris Pronger was a dominant force for the Edmonton Oilers after being acquired after the 2004-2005 lockout. In one season with the Oilers. The blistering blueliner put up 56 points in 80 games with the Oilers in the regular season and a stellar 21 points in 24 games.

Following the cup run, Pronger requested a trade out of Edmonton and the rest is history.

The latest from Laing:

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  • BabyNugeMonitor

    7 Oilers is misleading. Pronger & Oates (especially Oates) were EDM one-hit wonders. Their inclusion in the Top 100 List was for accomplishments overwhelmingly accrued elsewhere.

  • MacT's Neglected Helmet

    Congrats to those selected, but this list is CRAP.

    I was born in the 80s so I can’t comment on the older guys on the list. If someone tells me that Elmer Lach deserves to be on the list then… sure. I can’t argue. If someone tells me that Dickie Moore was a force in his time and deserves to be on the list then… okay. It’s not like I can watch Youtube videos of him that show what a force he was.

    But if someone tells me that Toews is better than Malkin or Joe Thornton then NOPE. NO WAY. That’s an alternative fact.

    And if you try to tell me that Patrick Kane’s body of work is better than Jarome Iginla’s or even Marian Hossa’s then again, that’s an alternative fact. That’s just wrong.

    Omitting Thornton/Malkin/Iggy for Toews/Kane invalidates the list as far as I’m concerned. It shows that there’s other criteria besides “being great” that went into these selections. And selections like Modano and Lafontaine reinforce the notion that there was a marketing element to the criteria that they used.

  • Craig1981

    If we could of gotten 5 more years out of Pronger the last ten years would of been a lot less painful. His trade brought Eberle and eventually Boissoit here though

    …..but its also highly unlikely that we would have McDavid.

    Im happy with this current option.

    • camdog

      Pronger hasn’t had a meaningful season since 2010-11. I can’t imagine how bad the last 5 years would have been without Hall and Eberle. I think it’s safe to say that we wouldn’t have been better. The Spyder man may disagree with me though. 🙂

  • @S_2_H

    It was great to see all those old boys last night! Some of them you could tell were pumped and truly honoured.

    Oates played with Brett Hull in St. Louis, not Bobby – but we know what you mean.

  • Randaman

    I love the fact that most of our greats are being included but this list is a complete joke. The NHL should be embarrassed once again. I can’t stand Bettmans version of the NHL.

    However, I love the Oilers and that we are relevant once again.

    • FISTO Siltanen

      I agree.

      Why not a 10×10 list.

      It’s a hundred years celebration – 10 decades strung together. So list the best 10 players from each decade. Boom – 100 players! The debates would be incredible.

  • Jordan88

    Of those players on the list I have found memories of Pronger in 2006

    I did not get to watch the legends I was too young to remember.

    But Pronger gave this city hope again. A tough hard hitting player who could make that good first pass and make anyone pay for playing in the offensive zone. When on the powerplay he could thread that puck through the eye of a needle. Sad what happened after that fabled run.

    That to me was the greatest Oilers team of all time. A hard hitting grind em out blue collar team. I still watch highlights from those play offs.

    • Blackgold

      As someone who switched from the Leafs to the Oilers the season Edmonton came into the league, Pronger (as good as he was) still didn’t come close to the fabulous 5 that were listed.

  • Mark Lesser

    I’ve been watching hockey since 1983 and Pronger is the best Dman I’ve ever seen. The difference between St Louis with and without him is staggering. The difference between Edmonton with and without him is obvious. Edmonton beats Anaheim in 2006, then he goes to the Ducks and wins the Cup. Anaheim could have won another easily if not for a fluky goal Detroit scored to eliminate them. Then he goes to Philly and leads them to a Cup final. Could have won that year if Philly’s goalies and 5-6 D pair wasn’t awful. The guy made an incredible impact everywhere he went.

  • O.C.

    In the era before Roy taught goalies to be bigger, and in an era where as a kid, the poor skaters played D, (along with good D players), so you wold have guy’s like Fogolin how had to switch to forward skating to pick up speed when defending….

    …that was a long sentence…

    …people filled the net.

    87 players have 1000 or more points. If it were top 100 forwards, even some of these players missed might not get in. There are a lot of great forwards in the days other than the average of 7 or 8 goals a game era.

    Cases can be made for a lot of them. Iginla and Malkin and Thornton are huge misses, because of the era they play in.

    Just an opinion.

  • Serious Gord

    … and how many on the roster today and the past few years will make it on the list on the years to come?

    The candidates

    None of the other first rounders