Friedman Speaks, Baggedmilk Analyzes


With the bye week snooze fest in full swing, I thought I would take a minute to look at the Oilers’ items listed in this week’s 30 Thoughts over at Sportsnet.

As he does every week, Elliotte Friedman looked around the NHL and dropped little truth nuggets about your favourite hockey team right into your eyeballs. When it comes to the Oilers, Friedman only had a couple of items but they could end up meaning big things depending on how they shake out.

As we all know, Brandon Davidson’s name has been coming up in trade rumours lately. That was going on before the All-Star Break, but this was one of the first times where we’ve seen his name attached to a specific team. On Davidson, Friedman said:

Finally on the Avalanche, there’s a certain logic that they are one of the teams taking a run at Edmonton’s Brandon Davidson. Davidson, a great story who’s carved out a nice niche, is not someone the Oilers want to trade, but someone they may be forced to move.

Wait a minute. I’m going to stop you there, sir. Forced to move? I mean, they’re not really FORCED to move Davidson but I can see why he’d say that if the plan is to keep Russell over Davi. As a workaround, the Oilers could try to swing a gentleman’s agreement with Russell (if that’s the direction they really want to go) where he signs after the expansion draft as a means to try and keep both players but maybe that’s just me being a dreamer again. 

Friedman continued…

First, it will be tough to protect him in the expansion draft. Second, he’s going to be due a raise, but so are Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl. The Oilers also want to keep Kris Russell. You can’t keep everyone, so the Oilers are being proactive. Davidson will help someone.

Yeah, he could help the Oilers for a long time but I digress.



According to NHLNumbers, Brandon Davidson has one more year left on his contract at $1.425 million. While he would likely merit a raise after next year is done, would it really be breaking the bank? Based on history, some educated guessing, and Eklund-esque projection, I just can’t see any raise that Davidson gets being more than double what he makes now. And even that would still be less than the 4×4 Russell speculation that Stauffer was putting out there this week.

For me, Andrej Sekera has been so good this year that it hasn’t really mattered who his partner has been, he’s been able to carry them. Do we really believe that Davidson wouldn’t be just as effective next to Sekera as Russell has been? What about Oesterle? What about Nurse? If the Oilers are looking to save money then there are internal options that I see that are just as good, if not close, as Kris Russell. Why lose the cheaper option when you know you have some big contracts to pay soon?

Anyway, back to the speculation…

Colorado is interesting because I’m not sure who the Oilers would be after if Davidson is the centrepiece of the deal. Would we want guys like Duchene, Landeskog, Barrie, or any of the other names floating around out there? Of course we would like those guys, but it’s going to take a hell of a lot more than Davidson to get them in Oilers silks, so let’s look at some of the players that might be available in that kind of deal and what their contract status is going into the summer.

Left Wing Centre Right Wing Defense
Mikhail Grigorenko (RFA) John Mitchell (UFA) Jarome Iginla (UFA) Fedro Tyutin (UFA)
Rene Bourque (UFA) Joe Colborn (1 more year @ $2.5) Blake Comeau ( 1 more year @ $2.4) Francois Beauchemin (1 more year @ $4.5)
Carl Soderberg (3 more years @ $4.75) Eric Gelinas (RFA)

As you can see, the list of options for the Oilers to realistically acquire from the Avalanche is limited, so I’m curious to know who you think would be the target? Did I miss someone that you think should have been there? Let me know in the comments section.


For those of us that were thinking the Oilers might take some big swings at the deadline, we are likely to be disappointed. On the idea of the Oilers being overly active at the deadline, Friedman said:

When it comes to Edmonton and the trade deadline, remember the club could have some serious bonus overages affect the salary cap for next season. GM Peter Chiarelli will be conservative if he can’t move out a big salary.

Every dollar matters in the Connor McDavid era and I know that Peter Chiarelli is well aware of that fact but, with that said, those limited dollars should make ideas like a Russell 4×4 extension non-starters. If the Oilers are actually looking for ways to scrimp and save then they need to be finding value deals and not creating boat anchors to throw at themselves as they’ve done in the past. Regardless of what happens, Peter Chiarelli has some big decisions to make in the coming months, and it will be interesting to see what the roster might look like come deadline time or even when September rolls around again. Until then, we wait.

    • Hemmercules

      I think the goal is to have the league be more even. Be nice if they raised the cap even just a little bit but lowering the floor is bad news if you ask me.

      • FISTO Siltanen

        If lowering the floor is bad news then why are the Coyotes allowed to carry $15M+ in dead salary for sake of appearances? If it was their own former players they were carrying it would be one thing…but to trade for these guys in a league that prides itself on competitive balance?


        • Hemmercules

          The CBA isnt perfect thats for sure. The Yotes should have been moved 10 years ago but there they remain, a dingleberry in the NHL. If the Coyotes management want to throw 15m into the toilet thats their business but its not like 10 other teams are doing the same thing.

          Lowering the floor just encourages more teams to spend less, thus being lesser quality teams.

          • FISTO Siltanen

            That’s the thing:

            The Coyotes aren’t spending $15M on dead money. They’ve assumed these contracts and pay nothing or next to nothing for them.

            So while it appears they have a cap load of $71M or so they aren’t even at the cap floor minus those numbers.

            So if lowering the floor encourages teams to not compete financially how does this not do the same?

          • Hemmercules

            As I said, the CBA isnt perfect. I never said what the Yotes are doing was good, just that lowering the cap floor wont help the league. They just found a bit of a loophole, its not like 10 other teams are doing the same thing. If we’re lucky, they will move the Yotes to Seattle one day and maybe build a fan base there. Watching Arizona games on tv is painful, so many lower bowl seats available its disgusting.

            Looking at the current salary caps around the league, it doesn’t look like any teams are at the floor which is good. They should raise the cap floor if you ask me.

      • RyanCoke

        It is forcing floor teams to pay more money or take on crappy contracts just to reach the floor. That is not staying competitive it is just paying more money. I am not talking like a 10 million difference on both sides but something like raising the cap by 3 mill and lowering the floor by 3 mill would still have competition while helping both floor and cap teams at the same time.

        • Hemmercules

          My question is this, what is the point of lowering the cap floor by 3 mil?? What does it accomplish?? Not many teams operate that low anyway, if any.

          The point of the cap is to keep the entire league competitive, if a team is a perennial loser and the stay at the cap floor every year they should be moved to a different market/owner in my opinion.

    • Ya that salary cap really sucks, totally destroyed the league. I mean sure, it’s mid feb and in the East you have an entire division within 6 points of a confirmed playoff spot, and the entire rest of the conference within 5 points of the last wild card spot.

      But no, you’re right, that kind of meaningful games as it comes down to the wire for every single team in an entire conference to play is pretty boring. Besides, that’s nothing like the West. In the West only the Kings, Flames, Blues, Preds, and Winnipeg are battling it out for three playoff spots.

      Man that salary cap has made this league boring.

    • wiseguy

      Because some of us still remember when Toronto and NY Rangers spent 4 times as much on payroll as Edmonton and we could never compete or hang on to our players. Be careful what you wish for just because we think our team is in a position to be a Toronto or NY, the big boys in the league will always have more $$$.

    • mantis tobaggan md

      because the cap is linked to league revenue and the majority of revenue is from the Canadian teams
      the Canadian dollar is around been $0.74 usd give or take that’s why they are projecting a flat cap for next year or a minuscule increase

  • TruthHurts98

    I really like what Russell has done until lately. He is not worth 4×4 and certainly not worth signing if the Oilers want to compete for a Cup every year with depth. I like Davidson, but if they have to move him the leftorium is stocked. I would rather they trade for a RHD in the summer to replace Russell and not sign him to a dumb contract. If they are going to lose Davie anyway, I hope they make a good trade and get someone who can win face-offs or more defensive depth. Or maybe he’s part of a package.

  • IgorUlanov#1

    Crazy but what if we trade Russell to Tampa for Boyle, Both are UFA and making about the same amount of money. We have enough defensive depth to cover for it once Nurse gets back and we get the Veteran 3rd line center we want. Tampa gets a veteran Dman to help out their struggling D core

    • Hemmercules

      Boyle would be nice but I can’t see Tampa making that deal. They are in last place, why on earth would they make trades to bring in UFA’s? They would want Davidson or a prospect or a decent pick.

      As for the Avs, I could see a deal there but I dont think Nuge would be involved. The Avs need to get better so lateral moves aren’t helping them, Duchene and Nuge are too similar and Nuge is probably softer. Maybe some type of package involving Davidson, a pick, a prospect, Iggy and Barrie??

      • IgorUlanov#1

        Tampa is grossly underperforming all year because of their D. They went to conference final last year and Stanley cup final the year before and were a favorite to make it again this year. A change up could be enough to push them into the playoffs and they have a good team to make a push again. So UFA for UFA makes sense.

      • Spydyr

        In the playoffs the checking gets tighter the battle for pucks more intense and the hitting gets harder the play much more physical.It gets even tougher to get into the scoring areas.Defensive play and backchecking become more important. All thing Eberle lacks. So why do you assume he will ” light it up in the playoffs”? Is it because he had a couple good games a decade ago when he was a kid playing against kids?

        • Max Powers - Team HME Evans

          You’re automatically assuming he will disappear in the playoffs. I’m automatically assuming he will light it up. Neither of us have a playoff track record to go on and we’re both making predictions out of our a$$.

          You also must be putting a lot of weight into this season. I’m putting a lot of weight into his history as a legitimate top line NHL forward. History says he will score, this season says he will struggle.

          You’re making the easy prediction. I’m making a risky prediction. They’re both predictions and mean nothing until he plays in the playoffs. Then, and only then can we come to a conclusion as to who was right. Even then who cares. I just hope Eberle recovers.

          • Spydyr

            The thing is I’m not predicting anything just stating facts. The facts stated are just not from this season but Eberle’s entire career.Thinking he will suddenly “light it up” in the playoffs when the going gets tough is pretty far fetched. Everyone needs a dream though,good luck with yours.

          • Max Powers - Team HME Evans

            So what’s your point then? You’re just disagreeing with as many opinions as you can to enlighten all of us with your incredible intellect? Thanks for that. You remind me of DSF.

          • Shameless Plugger

            Isn’t that what a fan is? Someone who sticks by his team and their players through thick and thin? Are we supposed to just cast players aside after one rough season? Seemed to work out great with the Tom Poti’s of the world or the Justin Schultz’s. Every year there are guys like you who single out one player and stand on their soap box beating their chest about how right they are.

            Anybody who has played any team sport of any kind knows that supporting a struggling player serves them way better than constantly driving them into the ground. I say we cheer Eberle on and maybe just maybe he can turn his struggles around.

            I’m just not sure how spouting the same dribble every day serves any purpose other than to inflate your already bloated ego.

            Please spare me the lame “skip over my comments if you don’t like them” it’s a public forum and I’m free to respond as I see fit.

          • Spydyr

            You are a Fanboy. I am a hockey fan. There is a big difference. If a player on the team I like is playing weak I will call the player on it and talk about it. Not hope that “maybe just maybe he can turn his struggles around.”

          • Shameless Plugger

            So when Talbot was struggling to start the season last year you weren’t hoping he’d come out of it? Gotcha, having hope is ridiculous. Silly me.

            Fanboy…hmmmm….. I am a fan of the Edmonton Oilers, guilty as charged. I still don’t get how calling someone a fan is an insult? Confusing to say the least.

          • Stanley

            DSF was an insufferable troll who would post hundreds of inflammatory, ill-researched remarks about the Oilers. That a few of the comments he made turned out to be correct was simply because “if you throw enough sh*t at the wall something will stick”.

            If this is who you aspire to be then kudos I guess, but don’t try to defend DSF. It just makes you look like a troll who only cares about getting a rise out of people.

          • Keepyourstickontheice

            Can we agree there is a whole range of opinions between Oilers Domination to Follow! and the griping that Serious Gord sprinkles into our lives?

          • Shameless Plugger

            I get your disdain for Eberle but saying he’s been junk his “entire career” is completely inaccurate. He’s having a down year for sure. But you’re grossly exaggerating in this case.

          • Spydyr

            When did I ever say “he was junk his entire career” What I have said as some have pointed out many times is his defensive game is weak, he does not backcheck hard he is weak in puck battles he is weak in the defensive zone he does not hit or stand up for his teammates. He is a one dimensional offensive player.

          • Shameless Plugger

            Comment #46 or did you not write that yourself ? Facts are facts you said.

            The only facts you have are numbers the rest is just opinion. And his numbers over his career are pretty damn good. Save for +\- but we know that’s a team/garbage stat anyway. A guy can get a minus for simply stepping on the ice at the wrong time.

          • Spydyr

            I’m sure Eberle has improved his plus minus much more by stepping off the ice at the right time. Watch his line changes for a few games. You might learn something.

          • SSB1963

            And yet the coaches don’t seem to be too worried. Sure he is having a down side but to say he has been playing like this his whole career is laughable. Sure glad you are not the G.M. or coach.

          • Hemmercules

            I like Eberle, I really do, but seriously how is Eberle suddenly going to elevate his game when he’s been unable to do it on the best team he has every played for??

            If he’s still here in April and the Oilers make the playoffs I will be excited to see how he does. His performance so far this season isn’t giving me any warm and fuzzy feelings about the playoffs.

        • btrain

          Eberle is no Patrick Kane but comparable in that they are both small, non physical, offensively minded type players who are not known for the defensive abilities. The logic that playoff hockey is too physical for Eberle, would also suggest that it would hurt Kane as well. However, Kane actually becomes more dangerous in the playoffs. Why? perhaps because more is on the line and its much easier to get up for a playoff game then it is for a regular season game. I am not going to bet against a player of the team I cheer for as it seems illogical. Especially the top scoring player for this team over the better part of 6 seasons. A player who as recently as 2015 finished second in tournament scoring and won a gold medal with Team Canada in the world championships.

    • passenger

      Imagine what you’d be worth if you tried every post. Wanna trade usernames? You’re just coasting out here Spyder, this modern comment section requires grit and sacrifice, not one dimensional posters like yourself! Do you really want to post here anymore?!? GET YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME!! This is soft, and everyone knows you only have the one move. Hit the showers and think about your future here. Pathetic display.

      • Spydyr

        Thanks for paying attention to my post as wrong as you are. I have posted numerous times with no mention of Eberle the last few articles. If you are going to criticize try and keep up.

        • AJ88

          Everybody on ON knows your warm feelings towards Eberle. So the last few articles out of hundreds you didn’t mention Ederle, thanks for the 30 second break. You seem to think the more times you voice your opinion about Eberle the more convincing you will become. Sad to say it probably has the opposite effect, you come across like your opinion is the only one that counts especially when you are so “one dimensional” about Eberle.

          Believe it or not the vast majority realizes Eberle is struggling this year, most have different thoughts how to move forward.

          • passenger

            Every GD time Spyder! Ever GD time it’s this weak “button hook at the half-boards and dump-in” move! You’re not even trying out there Spyder!! My grandma comments a tougher game, and she’s DEAD! How bout you earn that username recognition for saying something useful for once?!? Oh, you’re using a stiffer keyboard and read “How To Win Friends And Influence People” this past summer?!? Fire that coach! How bout you quit dusting your keyboard and shoot an accurate comment for once?! Honestly, I’m starting to think you need to eat some popcorn in the Flamesnation comments section for a little while, til you find your game. Such a soft lit display.

          • passenger

            You just gonna phone it in like that Oil Can, a little “off the glass and out” chip shot trying to use the same chirp I just used? You’re a problem in the dressing room Oil Can! I know it, you know it, Joey GD Moss knows it Oil Can! Who taught you to post, Oil Can? A pigeon? DID A PIGEON TEACH YOU HOW TO POST, OIL CAN? Well take your coo coo cooing right back out on the ice Oil Can! BAG SKATE!!!

    • Captain McTowel

      Unless he lights it up in the playoffs. We’ve never seen Eberle play a playoff game…..ever!

      If he’s as clutch in the playoffs as he was in all his World Junior Championships, then will anyone remember this regular season?

  • CaptainLander

    Still torn on Russel. He has played well for the most part but he is still a left shot defensive defenseman. I still think Pete will be shopping up to the start of the next season for a RH PP guy before signing a Russel to contract especially one for 4 years. 1 year at 4 mil may be ok.

    I do see them trading Davidson as opposed to loosing him in expansion. Which kind of sucks.

  • freelancer

    I can’t imagine an Oiler Avalanche deal going down at the deadline. I would love a Barrie for Davidson+ type of deal but that would mean we would have to protect 4 defense and only four forwards.

    I don’t see Edmonton giving up the assets needed to acquire a Duchene, Landeskog, or Barrie at the deadline.


      The problem on Oilersnation we are deeply divided on who is Useless and who is useful! The Hall lovers crowd seems to also love Ebs and Nuge and will have NO part in a discussion to trade them lol! “They will come around…they will be good in the playoffs…they’re on the wrong lines…visually better”. Crap, they are what they are and they best pull up their socks for this G.M. doesn’t have the patience of previous Oilers brass. Gotta love Chiarelli for that.

      • btrain

        I am not afraid to admit that I would hate to see Eberle go but at the same time if it makes sense then I will get over it. It’s just frustrating when people don’t realize how biased a view we have for our team regardless of what position we take. We watch this team night in night out and literally are exposed to hundreds of examples that will prove our point. Yet we turn around and drule over players across the league that we only see in highlights and on stat sheets. Our ability to be objective is therefore very much flawed and unfortunately because our view matters to Canadian sports broadcasters we get to hear them piggy back on our worries and hear them chime in in order to blow things further out of proportion (good and bad). Eberle needs to be better just as Kopitar, Bergeron, Duchene, Okposo, Ladd, Parise, etc etc, need to be better for their clubs. However we won’t hear Craig Button or Nick Kypryose ripping on them. We don’t hear a collective panic from their fans, a devaluation of them as players beyond what is reasonable.

    • Hemmercules


      Shatt is an American, he has stated he wants to be in the eastern US and will be UFA this summer. Lots to give up for a maybe. If they can talk to him before the trade and he indeed would like to come to Edmonton there is a possibility there. He’s going to get 7 mil on a long term deal, can the Oilers afford that?? I doubt it.

      • Natejax97

        I wish…LOL. Not a drop of vodka to be found.

        Just saying that this will probably be the package required for this rental (someone is going to step up for his services if he becomes available). And that is exactly what Shatty is for any team except maybe the Rangers, a rental. Not suggesting that is what I would want, just asking a fun question.

        I am 100% against trading Davidson, ever.
        I am 100% for finding a solid rental but believe it will be tough to do given the small amount of sellers.
        I am 100% for letting Eberle and Nuge play their first ever playoff game in Oiler Silks and letting the summer chips fall where they may.
        I am 100% believer that any team that reaches the playoffs this year has a chance to make some noise, even the Oilers who are not looked upon as contenders.

  • rusty

    I cant see Chiarelli trading for anyone he will have to protect in the expansion draft. I think the Oilers see Maroon as a bigger Piece than Davidson. I believe he will be traded but its impossible to gauge return because every team has their own expansion plans. a team looking for a depth defensmen and excess of depth forwards can swing a player for player trade. a team looking for something for this years playoffs might just give up a pick (maybe a second rounder to make up for the one we gave to Boston).

  • Derian Hatcher

    Ok – please indulge me….the mere fact that we are talking about the trade deadline IN RELATION TO THE PLAYOFFS makes me feel all warm…

    exactly like the time 20 years ago when I was in a pub in LA and I turned my head and standing RIGHT BESIDE me was Michelle Pfieffer..and I managed a very weak “How’s it going?” and she said ” Good, how are you?” After that I lost my ability to talk for some reason, and she smiled ( I think she was laughing at me on the inside). sigh

    I have the same feeling about being able to say “Oilers” and “Playoffs” in the same sentence.

    You had your chance Michelle, but I’ve moved on and so have my beloved Oilers!

  • OilCan2

    Bye week. ZZZZZZZzzzzzzz.

    Keep/protect Davidson. Let Russell suntan until August when his agent gets desperate.

    I for one am pumped to see some playoff action.

  • MessyEH!

    Man Oilers fans love talking about bottom pairing defensemen. So much discussion on Davidson and Russell. It’s been too long since we had an actually NHL defense composed of NHL players. It’s a good change.

    Remember how much we valued Smid. The Schultzs Faynes signing. Cam Barker signing Nikitin signing. Garbagecough. Ferrence and Whitney’s bodies failing too soon.

    It’s nice to be discussing the merits of Davidson and Russell but both really are bottom of the line up options. I would try to keep the younger and cheaper option. Davidson contract will be much easier to move then a depreciating Russell. If Bear or Jones turn out to be effective end of line up options we aren’t going to want to be paying Russel to play in the AHL.

  • A-Mc

    If the Oilers are absolutely confident that they would lose Davidson to expansion, and their trade partner is Colorado, i bet the return is a 2nd round pick.

    B. Davidson for Colorado’s 2nd round pick (Which is almost a 1st).

    I wouldn’t like this trade, but i also wouldnt be surprised to see it. The 2nd could then be turned into a 3C that risks exposure to expansion for another club.

    • Ned

      The problem with this logic is that it isn’t just Brandon Davidson for the 2nd round pick, in addition its also the player the Oilers will now lose in the expansion draft.

      So for example, if the Oilers trade Davidson, and then lose Reinhart in the expansion draft, the second round pick from Colorado really cost Davidson and Reinhart. Because otherwise, if the Oilers do nothing, they just lose Davidson in the expansion draft and keep Reinhart (so effectively the trade becomes Colorado’s second for Reinhart).

      Is this worth it? Perhaps you believe a second round pick is worth it for Reinhart. But keep in mind, the Oilers are also then losing a decent defenceman in Davidson that they could use for the remainder of the season and playoffs.

      The better play may be for the Oilers to just keep Davidson if the return is not very significant.

      • A-Mc

        If the Oilers dont trade Davidson, then there is no 2nd from Colorado (In this scenario). It’s Davidson to LV for nothing. “So effectively the trade becomes Colorado’s second for Reinhart” – Except that it isn’t.. Nothing goes to COL for that 2nd pick.

        The Oilers lose someone to expansion no matter what, and there is no return for that player. The key is to try not to lose someone who could actually get you something in a trade.

        • Ned

          I’m not sure that you’re following what I’m saying. If the Oilers trade Davidson out of fear of losing him in the expansion draft, they are still going to lose a player to LV. I thought your post was stating that its better to trade Davidson for something (i.e. a 2nd round pick) rather than lose him for nothing in the expansion draft.

          I’m just pointing out that they’re still going to lose a player and the value in keeping Davidson is that one, if LV takes him then the Oilers don’t lose anyone else (e.g. Reinhart perhaps). And two, the Oilers still retain him as a player for the remainder of the season and playoffs which also has value.

          • A-Mc

            I understand what you’re saying, i just knit picked on a specific part of your reply that wasn’t accurate.

            I’d rather lose Davidson (Col) and Reinhart (Exp) for a 2nd rnd pick, than only lose Davidson and get nothing.

            I have no faith that Reinhart will ever equate to something the Oilers need on the NHL club.

    • Hemmercules

      Offensive defensemen that scores over 40 points a year, under 30 years old. The oilers need one of those.

      They seem to be getting it done by commitee this year though so I hope they dont sell the farm to get him. I would love to have him at 5.5 but he will get Phaneuf money and thats too much.

  • I am Batman

    Since I see with sadness how ON piles up on one of us (we are all participants of this discussion forum and it’s disappointing to see so much derision towards one of our own just for stating his opinion about Lazy Ebs):

    Eberle sucks. Has always sucked . Will always suck. He is in Edmonton until another sucker decides it’s a good idea to give him a try, or Chia settles for the third rounder Eberle is worth.

    Until then, trash away, I don’t care what you think and neither should you: free country people!

    • Shameless Plugger

      It’s not the stating of opinion that’s an issue here it’s the incessant need to change the minds of the Eberle/Oilers fans to his opinion.

      It seems to me that Spydyr has an agenda when it comes to Eberle, and it isn’t to engage in meaningful hockey discussion. It’s to simply have everybody board the Eberle sucks express, and it happens to be on EVERY DAMN ARTICLE regardless of what the article is written about. It’s annoying.

  • Hemmercules

    Why do people get so worked up over Spydyrs Eberle comments??? Just let him have that. You’re not going to change his mind somehow.

    I have been an Eberle fan since those world junior days but this year he just doesn’t look like a fit on this new team. His back checking has improved immensely from a few months ago but at 6mil he needs to remain the 60 point guy he has always been. I wont blame his size on it because plenty of small guys get it done in the NHL. He’s just a turnover machine this year and can barely find the net with his shots.

    I wont be sad if they keep him, but if they get something decent for him I probably wont be overly sad to see him go either. I hope he finds his game again soon and rides off into the playoff sunset with the Oilers like him, Nuge and Hall deserved all along. As Spyder said above, lets see what the GM thinks of him this summer.

  • Little Buttcheeks

    I don’t get the urgency to trade Davidson. I’m a big fan but he’s a third pairing D on the Oilers right now and might even be a healthy scratch once Nurse returns. I doubt too many teams would be able to protect him in the expansion draft and I’m not convinced that he seems to be a lock to be claimed by Vegas. I would take my chances on keeping him unless he could be used in a package for a good deal. Don’t just give him away for a draft pick though. We’re losing somebody to expansion for nothing anyways, and he’s already covered his bet as a sixth round pick.

    The Russell 4×4 stuff scares me. He’s already number 4 at best on the depth chart, he will be surpassed by Benning and Nurse in short order. If we are going to walk the tightrope of the salary cap once Connor gets his raise, we can’t afford to pay a third pairing guy 4 mill. No more than 1 year for the guy. If he doesn’t take it, then let him walk. He’s been a good stopgap but that’s all he is.

    I believe we should look around for an upgrade at the deadline, but probably not a blockbuster. A third line centre, maybe another winger but nothing long-term. Stanley cups are not won on deadline day anyways and I believe that big deals just upset team chemistry. The nucleus of championship teams are built in the off-season.

  • @Hallsy4

    Is Stone in Arizona hurt? If not, I’d guess Pouliot will be traded to Arizona for him, as the Oil need RHD and they will attempt to resign him and let Russell walk in the Summer. Arizona’s GM likes fancy stats, and I believe Pouliot generally has good fancy stats.

    I could see Davidson going somewhere, probably smaller deals, the leftorium is deep.

    I would like Boyle as a rental C.

    I’d guess Fayne maybe goes somewhere (maybe back to NJ ?) for another biggish contract, or possibly for Halak and Halak is dealt in the summer or next deadline.

    Friedman, if you would like any further info let me know brother.

    • The Whispererer

      Stone was injured last March and required off-season ACL and MCL surgery. He didn’t make it back into the lineup until late October and has (understandably) been slow to return to his previous form. At his pre-injury performance level he would be a perfect 2nd pairing/PP RHD for us. He is making $4 million and is UFA this summer. I would much rather look into investing in him than Russell.

      • Shameless Plugger

        I would love Stone. But I just can’t see the Oilers adding another defenceman that requires protection. They are most certainly going to have to go 7-3-1 in the protection plan. So adding any kind of dman that isn’t just a rental won’t work in my opinion.

  • btrain

    If you don’t like Ebere or the style he plays, etc, you are completely entitled to your view. I didn’t care for Yakapov’s game and I maintained my position on this. However, its the illogical ridiculing, character bashing, and fixating on a players flaws that is hard to except from their own fans. I mean if his own fan base can’t stand him, what do you think this does to his value? Though other teams interested in a trade could maybe look past this, you don’t think they exploit the negative attention fans give a player? We have watched it happen numerous times where this negative attention forces a GMs hands. I mean one of the things missing from the Oilers balance is a right shot defencemen who can put up points. Wouldn’t Justin Schultz be nice to have around now, where he wouldn’t be playing above his head and could be put in a position to maximize his strengths. But nope, we sent him packing, and now we try to figure out who to trade or what to give up for a similar player. Phil Kessel is another great example outside of Edmonton, of a player basically forced out of town because of an ignorance for how bad the leafs were as a team but the fans needed someone to blame. Both guys are reigning Stanley cup champions…

    • Shameless Plugger

      Bingo. Running guys out of town has gotten old. I am tired of seeing these players go on to have successful careers elswhere.

      I never understood the whole crap on players from your own team. Expecting them to perform is one thing. Calling a guy out for character flaws or claiming he doesn’t care or doesn’t want to try is ridiculous, seeing as we(fans) don’t know these guys from a hole in the ground.

      • Randaman

        Welcome to the internet boys. Trouble with opinions is everybody has one.

        Might not be in alignment with yours but that doesn’t make them wrong either, unless anyone here is arrogant enough to think they are always right.

          • Randaman

            Where I live buddy, the only talk radio I hear is on TSN and my boss frowns on me listening during work. Go figure.

            I don’t have access to CHED or your other local choices

          • camdog

            If you can type on here you should be able to listen to any radio station in the world. During the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s the same type of smack that goes on here was going on at the local radio sports talk shows. And that didn’t stop phone calls coming in from around the world, before there was internet…

    • I am Batman

      Saying that what fans post on hockey blogs has an influence on such’s player trade value is naive, to put it politely.

      GM’s have scouts that watch games. Scouts that already know how lazy Eberle is without me needing to tell them. It’s not like their jobs revolve around looking into hockey blogs to see how much the fans like a player! This is not a likeability contest. Imagine…. “hey Chia, we should get Larsson” “how do the fans like him????” – it doesn’t work like that.

      “We” didn’t send Schutz anywhere, the GM did . Schultz was terrible in this team and was terrible for the system coaches were trying to play. It’s not like he single handedly won a Stanley cup, the conditions in Pittsburgh can’t be replicated here 100%…. but that has nothing at all to do with the fans.

      Ps. Eberle sucks and he is barely worth a third round pick. Take note GM’s!

      • btrain

        It’s not the one or two guys on a blog site but when a significant chunk of a fan base starts to turn on an individual player, when segment after segment, article after article is critical of a guy, it gets tough to ignore. The consumer of media is the fan and the motivation of the media is therefor the fan. The media and fans fuel the cycle of negativity and YES it can have a significant impact on the value of an asset. Especially given the spotlight on players in Edmonton. It puts a sourness to a players name one that other teams can exploit. You think Pouliot has any value at this point? What if he was in Florida, would anyone really know or care that he has struggled so much this year? It makes a difference when every mistake is front page news.

        • I am Batman

          Naive of you to think like this.

          Pouilot’s value is zero because he is playing crap not because of what we say about him.

          If he was playing like this in Florida his value would still be zero but you and I wouldn’t know or care to know.

          So…. in your theory it also works the other way? If the fan base loves a player that drives his value up? Interesting. What did we get for Smitty when he got traded? Was it not the proverbial bag of pucks???? And we all loved Smitty….

          In any case if you wanna feel that way that’s your prerogative… btw, I haven’t seen any reporter write a front page article about how much x or y sucks. Actually not even the bloggers say somebody sucks…. with exceptions I can count in one hand.

          So to all GM’s in the league: don’t listen to your scouts, we know better. Eberle is fantastic, there has never been a more hard working human, he is tough on the puck, skates fast, does everything well, and…. he scores oodles of goals. The Oiler will only trade him for Patrick Kane, Toews, Crosby, Ovechkin, Doughty, Keith or Price so don’t even bother calling if your offer is less than that. The only reason we don’t want McDavid for Eberle is cause we already have McDavid


          • btrain

            I could just as easily say you are Naïve to think GMs around the league filter out all distractions all the time and only focus on on-ice performance and scouting reports. Some how I don’t think his fans and the local media coining the term “Jultz” has no impact on the player or his value. Somehow I don’t think Kassian’s personal issues had nothing to do with his being valued as an equal to Scrivens.

            Also, GM’s aren’t going to call Pete and see how much more they can pay for an asset, so positive media doesn’t work exactly the same way that I have suggested the negative press does. Generally for players in good standing, the GM is able to hold firm on value. However, when a player has been turned on by their own fans, the foundation for which a GM stands becomes a little more weak and brittle. There also is more pressure to just get a deal done “best for both parties” type of move.

  • The Last Of Barrett's Privateers

    Brass Tax? Hard truth? The elephant in the room?

    If we can agree that this is the core more or less




    Sekera (NMC)

    Lucic (NMC)



    I think we can agree this list is also not complete (more skill players needed).

    Therefore, anyone not on the list is an asset to trade. ( Yes, that means Nurse & Davidson too)

    If you think Nurse or Davidson or whomever is better than any of the defencmen on that list, go ahead and switch one out except Sekera.

    The CAP needs to be addressed while adding better players, McDavids contract ( around 10 to 14 million, Draisaitls contract and addition plus subtraction of roster players.

    I think picks, prospects and roster players have to be in play in order for the Oilers to take the next big step.

    I don’t see how the Oilers can add quality and term without losing both CAP space and roster players.

    The problem….Is the Oilers will have to add to the roster players with picks and prospects in order to achieve the goal of being competitive with the best in the league.

    This is what the best in the league have done to get there and stay there