Embed from Getty Images On any top 10 team in the NHL (and that’s what the Oilers are) there are stars and there are role players. There are over and underrated players. For a team like Edmonton that hasn’t impressed anyone with a playoff showing in a decade, a lot of skaters have been underrated….


Trade Options: Right Wing

We continue our series on trade options for the Oilers. We’ve discussed Thomas Vanek and looked at Brian Boyle. Today I will focus on one team with two right wing options.  We are 12 days away from the March 1st trade deadline and we are getting a clearer picture of who will be sellers. Arizona and…



March is just around the corner, the smell of thawing dog crap is in the air and the Edmonton Oilers are headed out on the road with 58 games in the books and rolling toward their first playoff spot since 2006. Craig MacTavish was head coach, Jason Smith was captain and Connor McDavid was nine…


The Roundup

The Leafs are in on every trade rumor, Canucks taking calls, Nyqvist somehow only gets 6 games, the Jets still have holes, Flames aren’t sure if they are buying or selling but March-Andre Fleury is not the answer in net, breaking down the potential moves in the Pacific and Central divisions and plenty more in this week’s Nation Roundup brought…