GDB 61.0 Wrap Up: Who’s a good kitty?

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Take that Corsi Cats! Final Score: 4-3 Oilers

After spreading their cheeks and dropping a fresh road turd on the ice in Tampa last night, I was really curious to see how the Oilers were going to bounce back against a better team tonight. Edmonton hasn’t played all that well to start their road trip and the games are only going to get tougher as they go along. Coming up with a decent effort against the Panthers could do wonders to help turn around the mini-tailspin that the team finds themselves in, despite stealing a win in Chicago. Long story short, the Oilers needed to play well and they needed to do it for 60 minutes. Did it happen? Close enough.

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As though they read my GDB from this morning, the Oilers had a much better start to the game than they had last night against the Lightning. Not only did they find a way to grab themselves an early lead, they also prevented the Panthers from instantaneously responding with a goal of their own. It looked like clear sailing early on. But after winning the first period, it was important that the Oilers not allow their level of play to sag or give the Panthers unearned chances to get themselves back in it. Unfortunately, that’s the opposite of what happened. Rather than hit the ground running and keeping their checking game on point, the Oilers allowed goals in the first and last minutes of the second period along with a blown coverage stinker as a cherry on top.

After grabbing and losing leads on three separate occasions, the Oilers allowed the Panthers to hang around in a game that should have been out of reach. It seemed like the kind of storyline that was going to bite them in the ass, you know? With the game heading into the third period tied at three, it really was anyone’s guess as to who would come out on top. There was a little bit of Jekyll and Hyde going on in the Oilers defensive zone and with Sekera leaving early it only added to the problem. Fortunately, the Oilers were able to bend without breaking and keep the Panthers at bay despite their onslaught of pressure. With the game tied the Oilers needed a hero and it was the silent assassin, Kris Russell, with his first goal of the year, that gave the Oilers a win and two much-needed points out of Florida.

Wrap it up.



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  • Oscar Klefbom had a goal disallowed last night because of a ridiculous coach’s challenge, but tonight’s marker definitely counted for his 11th of the season. Klefbom one-timed a loose puck from the point that beat Reimer and took a friendly bounce off the post. Sexbom has six points in his last five games and all of a sudden the Oilers may have found a defenceman that can produce a little bit of offence from the backend. It was also the second straight night where he played over 26 minutes.
  • The Oilers were back on their heels after Florida tied the game up at one and it looked like they had a good chance of taking the lead. That was, until the offensive warlord known to earth people as Eric Gryba scored his second goal of the year and gave his team back the lead.
  • Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is one of the players that has been called out for needing to produce more offence and he made good on that tonight with a greasy goal (his 13th) in front of the net.
  • Kris Russell picked the perfect time to score his first goal of the year as he jumped into the play and put home a wonderful pass from Leon Draisaitl. This was Russell’s first goal in 61 games and you know he’s happy to get that monkey off his back.
  • Connor McDavid clearly did not appreciate going pointless last night and he spent tonight’s game smashing the turbo button that no one else seems to know about or have access to. Connor finished the night with an assist and five shots but likely should have had more given the number of 2-on-1s he was involved in.
  • Cam Talbot was a little bit shaky in the first two periods but really shut the door for the third. The Panthers had 13 shots in the final frame and Talbot stood tall and kept his team in the lead. Dadbot finished the night with 31 saves and a .912 save%.
  • Todd McLellan put Lucic-Nuge-Eberle together to try and pull each other out of their offensive ruts. From where I blog, the EberNucic experiment worked better tonight than it has in a while. The trio combined for three points and could have had more with a little bit of luck.
  • Jagr is the best and I’m not ashamed to say that I love that old man. Would have preferred if he stayed off the scoresheet, though.
  • Big thanks to James Reimer for being really mediocre tonight.



  • For the second night in a row, the Oilers allowed a goal within the first minute of a period. Florida tied the game at one only 21 seconds into the second period and it put the Oilers back on their heels. Not exactly the best way to build on an impressive opening 20 minutes.
  • Edmonton was sloppy on the Colton Sceviour’s second period goal. Simple as that. Lucic left his man alone and the Panthers were able to tie the game up at two. Attention to details.
  • The Oilers allowed a goal in the first (Barkov) and last (Marchessault) minutes of the second period and both of the goals were completely preventable. Lock it up.
  • The Oilers lost Andrej Sekera after only 8:12 minutes on the ice after blocking a shot with his arm. He came back for a single shift after being in the training room for 10 minutes but that was it. Losing Sekera long term would be devastating for the Oilers. Hopefully, Larsson will be back soon.
  • Why is it that the Oilers have been getting so few power play chances over the last three games? I find it hard to believe that both the Panthers and Lightning have teams filled with Lady Byng candidates. One chance? Give me a break.
  • Meanwhile, the Panthers scored two power play goals tonight and punished the Oilers for both penalties. Bad combo.
  • The Oilers were once again sub-50% in the faceoff circle (48%).
  • Only five shots for the Oilers in the third period as they basically just sat back and held on until the final buzzer sounded. It was stressful, man.



05:18 Edmonton Oscar Klefbom (11) 1-0


00:21 Florida PPG – Aleksander Barkov (15) ASST: Jussi Jokinen (11), Aaron Ekblad (11) 1-1
10:26 Edmonton Eric Gryba (2) ASST: Mark Letestu (17), Kris Russell (6) 2-1
15:53 Florida Colton Sceviour (8) ASST: Jussi Jokinen (12), Keith Yandle (27) 2-2
18:59 Edmonton Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (13) ASST: Jordan Eberle (24), Milan Lucic (21) 3-2
19:56 Florida PPG – Jonathan Marchessault (18) ASST: Keith Yandle (28) 3-3


12:02 Edmonton Kris Russell (1) ASST: Leon Draisaitl (31), Connor McDavid (48) 4-3







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  • Conner's Better

    Remenda needs to go back to SJ and buy season tickets instead of putting down a good team that keeps winning. Even HNIC announcers give us more praise.

  • FISTO Siltanen

    I’m all for the Oilers improving their faceoff stats like everyone else…but a 48% in the dot isn’t horrible. It is winning/losing one faceoff.

    I think we can live with that number.

    • JimmyV1965

      I get that faceoffs are important, but I also think it’s a bit overblown. If there are 65 faceoffs per game, a team with a 48% rating is down 1.25 faceoffs per game, compared to a 50% team.

      • FISTO Siltanen

        If one team wins 34 faceoffs to the other’s 31 the team with 31 needed to have won 2 more faceoffs for the win in the dot.

        As it would stand one team is red hot with 52.3% success and the other needs to pull their socks up with their weak 47.7%.

        Yet it isn’t that bad. We need to establish a baseline acceptable number.

  • Heavy Stick

    For all you homies Remenda praises good plays.I like this. Nothing worse than a homie that praises average plays.
    Benning was a face palmer last night. Yes 25 min but in most cases, just gave the puck back during battles. God Lucy is a serious overpayment. It’s like paying 24.95 for a Walmart freezer pizza.

  • olderthendirt

    From where I was sitting appeared to deflect just in front of the net, Thought it was 44 but when they called out 62 I assumed it was the Florida stick it hit.
    First time for the Cowtown based Oilers fan to see McD live and all I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    At some point soon he will have back to back to back 5 point nights.
    And with DR Drie filling in for 11 I might have flashbacks to the 80s.

  • Seriously Bored

    Must i scroll through multiple, massive posts about remenda in every single wrap up?

    He is not an Oilers fan and he does not work for the Oilers. He works for sportsnet which is trying to promote all NHL teams and stars.

    • Clarkopolo

      It’s fine if it is a fair analysis of both teams throughout the game. But Remenda is the opposite of a homer. He constantly criticizes the Oilers with little praise. Then he gives the opposing team virtually no criticism at all while only praising their play.

      It’s extremely frustrating as a fan to listen to a guy constantly ripping your team. I don’t mind a little criticism, but Remenda is very negative towards the Oilers.

      • Totally. Is it too much to ask for an impartial colour commentator (*COUGH Ray Ferraro)…

        We’ve had Remenda who hopes and prays every goal the Oilers score is going to get challenged and called back (somehow never mentions challenges when the other guys pot one…), and Louie DeBrusk, the king of the homers who would never say a bad thing about the Oilers…

        The media team should have got flushed with the old arena. Gene Principe though we can keep him. Basically a legend.

  • eeagain

    If you don’t like Remenda, don’t listen to him. I usually turn the sound off when watching the games. I find a voice over doesn’t add to the game.

    Two things that are getting old here are the constant whining about Remenda and BM’s “face planting” about face offs. The Oil have only Letestu as a good face off guy. LD is 21, McD 20, Caggulia is a rookie and RNH has never been good at face offs. Being a weak face odd team is hardly a surprise, why keep harping on it?

  • Chainsawz

    What’s the proper drinking regiment to prep for the playoffs if you’re in your mid 30’s? Asking for a lot of us. Maybe this isn’t the place to ask considering the drought. Nation needs to fire up Habs Nation just to answer this question. I will not be taking any advice from Nucks or Flames fans.

    • 99CupsofCoffey

      Sometimes people on here forget that they’ve watched games for a decade and there was rarely anything for Oilers announcers to get excited about.

      I don’t want overly “homer” announcers, but I watch a lot of games and the color guys on other broadcasts are Excited about the game, excited about the team they’re calling. They even get carried away into the “homer” realm.

      That’s what i’d like. A little enthusiasm about the home team. I watched half of the Panthers feed, and at least their color guy seemed like he cared about the Panthers.

      Remenda doesn’t give a flying you know what about the Oilers – it just gets old.

  • Oiler Al

    @ Remenda…. give the guy a break,at least he knows and talks hockey. Ever listen to the loogans on Fox or even NBC,half their chat is nothing about the game that is going on.

    I think its more his voice than what he says, its kinda squeeky, but so is Paul Romanuks.

    At times he is critical, because he is a fan and a former coach.We all find warts in the Oilers games, and those that dont ….. keep walking with those rosey eye glasses and kool-ade cup in hand.

    PS..I am not suggesting he is the best, but have a listen to Kelly Hrudy as a color comm., sounds like someone just fell off a turnip truck.He is a total Flamer.