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This week’s episode featured all three co-hosts for the first time in almost a month! We discussed how last week your ol’ pal Wanye sat way down in Mexico ready to record with a podcast mic and a gleam in his eye only to be cruelly denied by Gregor and Struds who legit just fanned him and did the show as a duo ignoring Wanye’s texts and emails all the while.

With fake apologies from Gregor and Struds and even faker return threats from Wanye von Gretz the show wove and swerved through a variety of topics this week. Strudwick professionally noted how he recently interviewed Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood who are currently resident DJs at Rexall Place for 1059 mind blowing concerts in a mere five days.

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Wanye gushed about Beyonce’s pregnancy news. The two Jasons debated backup goalie trades for the Mighty Oilers. Then Struds closed the podcast with a baller story about being on a yacht with Mark Messier in South Beach.

All in all an episode worth listening to.

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  • Chainsawz

    The audio from episode one to episode 16 has made the journey worth it. Great stuff, guys. If there is a whole podcast on Wanye’s and Jason’s arms, that would be fantastic.