The Capilano Rehab Injury Report: Defencemen Swap

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If we lose two defencemen to the IR, but gain two defencemen off the IR, then did anyone really get injured?

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This is the scenario we’re going to have to think about this week, as Kris Russell has come off his two weeks of Injury Reserve time. Additionally, Darnell Nurse is also expected to return soon which could potentially be the best news out of 2017 thus far. And I don’t mean soon as in he’s day-to-day but probably returning in three or four weeks… I mean soon as in potentially this weekend! In exchange for the return of defencemen Kris Russel and Darnell Nurse, we’re going to have to live without Adam Larsson and Andrej Sekera for a little while.

Andrej Sekera left yesterday’s game in Florida after taking a slap shot to the hand. To make matters worse, Florida scored immediately afterwards. Andrej attempted to return to the game in the third period but that didn’t last long. As unfortunate as it was that he left, we’ve got to take it as a good sign that he made an effort to play again.

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Adam Larsson missed last night’s game in Florida and only played 56 seconds of the third period on Tuesday after reportedly having back spasms. Larsson has also been playing with a foot injury so it sounds like he’s pretty beaten up.

The GOOD NEWS is that Ryan Rishaug reported today that both Sekera and Larsson will likely not miss any significant time from their injuries. They are both being evaluated today, so we should hear an update soon. It doesn’t matter that Russell and Nurse (soon to be) are healthy again, losing Larsson and Sekera would be devastating at this point in the season.

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Benoit Pouliot was placed on the IR last week, after Jujhar Khaira was taken off it. Pouliot injured his leg in practice a while ago and hasn’t played since. Maybe it’s a good thing? This year, the Oilers record without Pouliot in the lineup is 11-1-2. There is no timeline on his return but we can be assured that he will be looking to redeem himself when he comes back.

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Two weeks ago I forgot to include Tyler Pitlick in my report, and last week I remembered to include him, but I put the wrong face on his injury dummy. Tyler Pitlick if you’re seeing this, I’m just dumb. Please don’t hate me.

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An-drew-Fer-ence *clap-clap-clapclapclap*

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  • tkfisher

    I wonder with two Dmen down this week if the Oilers look at giving James Wisnewski a shot. He’s a RHD men and not that long ago he netted 51pts. Best case he looks great and thrives in the PP, worst case he plays 3rd pair minutes before we we get healthy and send him down . He played all year in Europe and just finished up his season. He’d sign for cheap and I just see upside potential with very little risk on a vet that is looking for an opportunity.

  • freelancer

    Sounds like with at least Sekera they are being precautionary. My bet is they sit him against Washington and have him, and potentially Larsson as well ready for the beginning of next week.

  • Jordan88

    Dear Peter:

    I like what you have done with righting this burning ship… however lets not play all our cards in hand to get one good shot at a playoff run and then watch our star player play with mediocrity.

    That is my one wish. I have faith you can make this happen.

  • Seriously Bored

    Chiapet isnt going to waste assets right now praying the oilers go on a run this season. He hasnt been here long and has the luxury of patience unlike a lot of the fans.

    2-3 seasons from now your core starts with the following.

    Dr. Drai

    Hopefully Maroon is still around, pool party becomes an NHL regular and guys like Nurse or Benning move up in the defense core.

  • Jordan88

    pool party is going to be a beast… I still think the poor kid does not fully grasp english. not a knock on him but hard to 100% know the play if you don’t know the language.

  • OriginalPouzar

    Lets not catastrophize this quite yet. I believe today was a CBA day off so there has been no news from the organization. For all we know, one of them could even play on Friday – worst case scenario sounds like a couple of weeks.

    This isn’t going to crater the season and at least we have NHL d-men to put in to the lineup – lower caliber d-men (at this point) but at least they are NHL d-men.

    We also beat (and outplayed) the hottest team in the league without Larsson and without Sekera for half – while playing with 5 d-men for half the game on the second night of back to backs.

    This team can battle.