Do we care about the Garth Brooks banner?

Garth Brooks sells out nine shows at Rogers Place and gets a banner for it. Do we care?

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As I’m sure all of you know by now, the OEG has decided to honour Garth Brooks with a commemorative banner that will hang in the rafters at Rogers Place. The banner doesn’t hang with the Oilers and Oil Kings, it’s more so off in its own section but was nevertheless presented to Garth complete with Gretzky video and the whole shebang. When I brought it up on the Twitter the reaction ranged from anger to indifference. Pick a feeling flavour and it’s out there on this particular subject. For some, having a banner in the rafters is supposed to be reserved for sports accomplishments whereas others felt that Rogers Place is home for community events of all kind, and that selling out nine consecutive shows is worthy of recognition. 



For me, personally, I don’t really care either way. I know that’s a lame stance to take but I can honestly see both sides of the argument. I can understand why some people would say ‘who cares’ that the guy played nine concerts, that’s kinda his thing. On the other hand, I can see why people that went to the shows (myself included) can appreciate the magnitude of what he did. As a third option, I can also see why the OEG would be honouring the country icon for what truly amounted to a marketing grand slam. This Garth Brooks residency worked out so well that I would be surprised if OEG’s game plan doesn’t already include trying to lure more icons into setting up shop at Rogers Place like it’s some kind Northern Vegas-lite. Hanging a banner in the rafters to stroke some egos and maybe throw up a flag for future performers? That’s easy stuff. Let’s see what they do for Beyonce when she does 10 straight shows on the not yet existing summer tour of 20-whatever. 


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Back to the Garth banner itself, I want to know what you guys think about having it up there. Do you like that the OEG gave Garth a shout out? Do you hate it? Are you wondering why I spent 25 minutes writing about this in the first place? Let me know in the comments section. I went to see him on Thursday night, and the guy puts on a great show and he makes it look easy. I’d go see Garth again in a heartbeat. The man was a true professional, he entertains with swagger and he wrapped 18,000 people around his finger in a way that not many performers can do. When Garth said jump we all asked how high and threw our wallets at him while waiting for further instructions. I’m telling you that it was impressive to witness first hand. My question for you is whether or not that deserves to have a banner hanging in the rafters at Connor’s house?

  • Hemmertime83

    Just got home from the final show. Saw the banner for the first time. It’s noticeably smaller than the oilers banners. That makes me okay with it.

    Great show. Great artist. Edmonton is number 5 in best cities for artists to go. His record is impressive and enough people went to a show that during intermission of game 32 vs the Wild having it to glance at and kick off memories is cool.

  • BigMcD

    I think it’s a testament to what Edmonton is becoming and how it is changing in the minds of people in Canada.
    It has always been a good place for a performers to come to and now is becoming the #1 venue in Canada and quite possibly North America.
    This is happening because of Rogers Place and the hard work and vision of countless Edmontonions.
    If a banner helps to recognize that then so be it.

  • nuge2drai

    I know this will not be popular.

    Shattenkirk is available for a first rounder, roster player and prospect.

    I propose…

    First Rounder, Davidson and Reinhart.

    This trade would push everyone on the right side down a notch creating one of the strongest defences in the league.

    After a long playoff run, access to the new stadium and playing next to McDavid and Drai… maybe Shatty signs an extension.

    Sekera Shattenkirk

    Klefbom Larsson

    Nurse Russel

    Benning Gryba

    Long playoff run.

    • RedMan

      long playoff run?

      can you think of a team that got in to the post season based on loser points recently that had a long playoff run?

      seriously, its great that the Oilers have turned the page, but just be glad for the huge step forward, and don’t expect the team to go from worst to first in 1 season.

      • I am Batman

        What loser point?

        Previously there were 2 points for winning, 1 point for tying if after an OT the clubs remained tied.

        A one point incentive was added to teams that won in OT or shoot out.

        So there’s no loser point. There’s tying point and there’s winners point.

        Plus: it’s the same point system for every single team in the league and I actually think the Shames have got the extra point most times they’ve been in the circumstance (I’m not sure, I rather watch “law and order” than that sad excuse of a team.

        Go back to whatever sewer hole you came from: the Oilers spanked the lames 4 times this season, well, we gave you a little tying point, don’t forget to thank us when you make the playoffs by that point.

        Go kings go

      • McDavid's Comet

        Back to the “loser point” argument again? LOL ?

        Edmonton is within striking distance of first and season isn’t over, Oilers could be first in the Pacific when it’s all said and done.

        Then we all can remember the first time a team (Oilers) went from worst to first in one season.*

        * I don’t know if that has happen yet, I didn’t do the research.

  • godot10

    Garth sold out nine shows primarily because his tickets were moderately (if not actually cheaply) priced. The tickets were priced so even a casual Brooks fan would be willing to go. He decided to work harder, longer, for less, so ordinary people from across Western Canada and beyond could enjoy his music and fill up the hotels and restaurants in Edmonton. i.e. he shared a lot of wealth with the fans and the community by doing that. And his own take was still pretty phenomenal.

    Essentially, it was the epitome of what Katz was trying to achieve with the downtown arena. A win for him, and a win for Edmonton. A bigger pie.

    People in the concert business, and certainly in Nashville will take notice.

    Most artists would be unwilling to cut their prices and work more by doing more shows.

    Garth-a-poloozza was a signature event for the arena and the city…that is all the banner denotes. I doubt many other artists, if any, would be able or willing to do it this way.

  • 916oiler

    Good guy, good stuff, he’s not from Edmonton, not from Canada, doesn’t play hockey.

    Why is there a banner up there? We gave him a boatload of money for selling out all those shows, I think that’s plenty.

  • paul wodehouse

    …geesh 9 STRAIGHT SHOWS??? that’s it? and he gets a banner too? and a gretz vid? maybe if it were TEN straight…maybe…but NINE? I hope at least 99 had Paulina come up and get a chance to do a duo with the man…or maybe lip sing the national anthem …who’s next Justin Bieber?

    Waste of Banner Space!!!