GDB 63.0 Wrap Up: It was Offside

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It was offside. Final Score: 5-4 Predators

Didn’t today feel like one of those games that the Oilers absolutely had to win? After floating around .500 on this road trip the Oilers needed to find a way to get to points to keep their position in the Pacific Division. As we all know, the Preds have owned the Oilers over the past 10 years and the trend has continued this season. Much like what happened against the Coyotes, Edmonton needed to find a sacrifice or tribute to offer up to the hockey gods as a means to break this weird curse they have running against Nashville. Not to mention, the Predators are five points back of the Oilers and it was in their best interest to not only keep them there but to increase the distance.

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With the way the game started, I wasn’t sure that the Oilers were going to have a chance to get themselves started let alone win the hockey game. After a buffet of power play chances landed in Nashville’s kitchen, resulting in two first period goals, it looked like the Oilers were going to be forced to chase all night long. That said, when Edmonton started to get opportunities of their own they struggled to execute at first until the floodgates seemed to open up in the middle frame. After refusing to quit and clawing their way back into the game with three second-period goals, the Oilers set themselves up to win the game after what ended up being a confusing first 40 minutes.

With 60 minutes in the books, all I can really say is that the Oilers weren’t able to keep climbing out of the holes they put themselves in despite the valiant effort required just to keep getting themselves back into the hockey game. Actually, all the good moments got lost in the ether as their mistakes (and a little ref assistance) came back to haunt them. Edmonton managed to tie the game up on two separate occasions but their luck ran out after a botched Coach’s Challenge went Nashville’s way, allowing a goal that seemed clearly offside. That said, the Oilers weren’t nearly sharp enough in all three zones of the ice and you have to give credit to Nashville for being able to cash in on our opportunities, regardless of whether or not they earned them.

The Oilers desperately need a win on Tuesday because the rest of the Pacific Division seems to have woken up.

Wrap it up.

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  • Ryan Ellis had just scored the power play goal for the Preds to give them the lead until Connor McDavod decided that he didn’t like that storyline. Connor tied the game only 28 seconds after the Preds open the scoring on an amazing rush goal (his 21st) where he walked Roman Josi like he was some kind of plug. Saying the kid is ridiculously special is almost insulting. McDavid was all over the ice tonight and was easily the best Oiler forward, as per tradition.
  • Milan Lucic got his 13th goal of the year by parking himself in front of the net and getting his stick in the shooting lane to get a piece of Connor’s shot from the side boards.
  • Mark Letestu wired his 12th goal of the season off of a one-timer from the side boards. Connor set Letestu up with an easy pitch down broadway and Elk Point’s finest made no mistake.
  • Jordan Eberle made a nice play in the slot to get his 13th goal of the season to find the net behind Rinne. Ebs took a nice little feed from Andrej Sekera off the boards and Ebs sunk his mark in the corner pocket.
  • Andrej Sekera and Oscar Klefbom were the two best defenders tonight and were the only ones that seemed able to keep the puck moving the right way.
  • Darnell Nurse made his first appearance since December and found himself in the lineup after missing 37 games. It wasn’t a perfect game for Darryl but it was definitely nice to see his speed coming out of the backend.


Floor Sandwich

  • The Oilers got caught handling the puck near the bench while they were trying to make a change and it was an easy too many men call for the refs to make. The Preds moved the puck around well until Ryan Ellis teed off on a nice feed from PK Subban that beat Talbot and gave Nashville a short-lived lead.
  • Filip Forsberg is seeing the NHL in slow motion right now as he scored his eighth goal in his last four games. Forsberg’s goal was the second power play goal of the night for Nashville, both scored before the Oilers even had a single chance with the man advantage.
  • Vernon Fiddler beat Talbot by firing off a quick shot that the Oilers’ netminder would likely want to have back. Talbot got a piece of the puck but it wasn’t enough to keep it out of the net.
  • Colin Wilson made a night move out of the corner to get past Darnell Nurse and basically had an open path to the front of the net. Once he got there, he placed a perfect backhander just inside the bar for his 10th goal of the season.
  • Not the best game for Talbot tonight but I don’t think he had much help in front of him either. In the end, Dadbot didn’t stop enough to get the job done and the Oilers will have to take that as a team effort. Talbot finished the night with 23 saves and a .821 save%
  • 35% in the faceoff circle. Gross.
  • The Oilers also allowed three power play goals on the night which ended up being the difference. They couldn’t keep up with Nashville’s power play game and it helped contribute to an L in the standings. It wasn’t even a bad night though as the power play did cash in on two of their four opportunities.
  • The penalty killers need to reset after that one. That said, man it looks great to have big shooting options from the point.
  • I’m not going to complain about the refs. I’m not going to complain about the refs. I’m not going to complain about the refs…
  • OKAY I NEED TO COMPLAIN ABOUT THE REFS! Can someone explain the point of the coach’s challenge if the NHL is going to be blatantly wrong on their calls? The Predators had a guy in mid-air while Johanson entered the zone and yet it wasn’t called even when challenged? Thanks for the six-minute delay, though. Ridiculous.
  • I’ve probably missed something but I feel like death and wanted to get this done. Feel free to tell me what else went wrong in the comments below.



04:55 Nashville PPG – Ryan Ellis (10) ASST: P.K. Subban (21), Calle Jarnkrok (11) 0-1
05:23 Edmonton Connor McDavid (21) ASST: Patrick Maroon (11) 1-1
14:34 Nashville PPG – Filip Forsberg (24) ASST: James Neal (13), Ryan Johansen (38) 1-2


07:29 Nashville Vernon Fiddler (2) ASST: Roman Josi (24), P.K. Subban (22) 1-3
14:12 Edmonton PPG – Milan Lucic (13) ASST: Connor McDavid (50), Oscar Klefbom (16) 2-3
15:21 Nashville Colin Wilson (10) ASST: James Neal (14), Mattias Ekholm (18) 2-4
16:25 Edmonton PPG – Mark Letestu (12) ASST: Oscar Klefbom (17) 3-4
19:00 Edmonton Jordan Eberle (13) ASST: Andrej Sekera (20) 4-4


01:19 Nashville PPG – Viktor Arvidsson (21) ASST: James Neal (15), Roman Josi (25) 4-5






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  • KMA

    Don’t want to be that guy, but if the Oil don’t pick up a centre at the deadline who can win draws they will be screwed blue and tattooed in the playoffs.

  • Ridgeman

    Long time stalker first time poster. I have this uneasy feeling that the Oilers are not going to make the playoffs this year. They are just not playing desperate hockey – which at this time of the year is a must…..

    • I am Batman

      I share your concern, but if that happens things will get really really really ugly.

      People are gonna be so angry and upset we might as well hope for the team to get relocated, shiny arena and everything.

      Come on boys! Time to wake up!

    • GK1980

      Friend, no need to worry about the Oilers making the playoffs. Though they just might lose in the first round. At this point just get in the playoffs, that’s all that matters.

  • Not a First Tier Fan

    Well you can’t complain about the officiating tonight – there didn’t seem to be any officials on the ice.

    All I saw was four schmucks who forgot their Predator jerseys at home…

  • slats-west

    A few thoughts……

    – Oilers weren’t sharp? Neither was Nashville

    – game seemed to be played in cement … everything was slow… except McDavid

    – wish Broissot would have been in net at least Talbot would have had some rest…..As the former is usually good for 5.

    – THAT’s an OFFSIDE …. even Nashville guy thought is was that why he moves back after landing

    – this Oilers D coverage and PK better get back to basics ….. Quick

  • McDavidforMayor

    If Drew Remenda thought a play that hurt the Oilers was offside, then it must have been obvious! Brutal call, the decision makers in Toronto were crushing beers or something..

  • Heschultzhescores

    There needs to be some recourse when the challenge is clearly not called correctly. That is either bias or incompetence…and both are not acceptable.

  • geoilersgist

    How that wasn’t ruled offside is mind blowing. How upset is Kassian that he had two in a row called back? Or the flames for that matter when they had two in one game?!?!?! The NHL needs to get their poop in a group on these calls.

  • Heavy Stick

    It looked like he had both feet in the air as he jumped and the puck crosses the line. Therefore he technically wasn’t in the zone.

    makes it the correct call.

  • The most infuriating part of this stupid offside rule is that the current rules contradict each other. The rules state that if a player has both feet in the air, they look at the positioning of the feet. Therefore, his one foot is over the blue line (albeit) in the air, so he’s “onside” or “not offside”. But if a player has one foot on the ice in an offside position and his other foot is not touching the ice, but still over the blueline….it’s offside. WTF.

    So there is an imaginary “plane” that already exists for one rare occurrence, but the plane doesn’t count for the occurrence that most often happens.

    Typical NHL…they need goals more than ever, and they continually screw up the game.

  • dolenupnorth

    Oil sure could use a better face off man! Also why don’t they use the ahl more nurse could have spent a couple games there getting up to speed! But nope let’s put him in a tough game we need to win! And not to sure about pulling out davey seemed like he was rounding into form and playing better on this trip! Either way boooo on that game! Also that was some awful pking on the last goal! seems we need a trade or something to get these guys going! Maybe getting back home will be enough to spur them on and get them playing better!

  • FISTO Siltanen

    Just want to point out that 90% of this thread is in discussion of a wishy-washy offside rule and all of its contradictions.

    I wonder if this is the type of passion that makes Gary Bettman think his game is growing as fast as he likes to tell us it is?

  • I am Batman

    We were dominated almost the whole game. I for one think we would’ve lost even without that wrong non-offside call.

    We are a one line team. Lucic and Eberle got lucky bounces (and that’s ok) but there are no lines besides McDavid ‘s that can carry the play.

    Maybe time to try Drai in a line of his own … I’m sorry for whoever ends up with lazy on his right flank

  • StephLee

    I hate this stupid offside rule. If theres a petition to kibosh it someone pleaaaasee lemme know. Ugh

    At least eberle scored? 😀 I would’ve really liked at least 1 point out of today but I’m not mad at the effort from tonight.
    With regards to the trades from tonight, seems like everyone has started to load up. What is chiapete gonna do??!!

  • Oiler Al

    Time to dial in the GAS meter.![give a shcitz ]
    Maroon, Eberle,Lucic,Nuge,Dria., need to put a better work ethic in their game. They should be leading, not cruising around at half speed,loosing puck battles shift,after shift, and making/taking bad passes.

    There is something inherently very wrong with the way this team plays.It matters not if they score 4 goals or 1, they play the same way.When Talbot dosnt keep them in games they cant win.

    Is it the personnel or the coaching.?

  • Muddy

    Not to jump on Eberle, thought he had one of his better games BUT if he would’ve skated about 2% harder on a back check he would’ve prevented the 4th goal. Just saying 2% isn’t a whole hell of a lot.

  • Mark Moose-E-eh

    Hey NHL, make the rule both feet must be on the onside part of the blue line whether in the air or on the ice prior to the puck and be done with this stupid grey area interpretation call

  • Harry2

    Ill be the one to say it.

    -McDavid needs to shoot more. Seriously its getting rediculous. I know he’s an absolutely amazing player but good lord game after game he tries to force passs instead of shooting from the wide open slot.

    That is all