The Capilano Rehab Injury Report – Pouliot In, Russell Out

One day there’s going to be NO injuries on the team and I won’t write anything and you guys will miss me while I’m gone.

Kris Russell has some sort of mysterious, lingering injury right now. Let’s put our brains together and think back to the beginning of February when Russell tweaked something during a game and sat out for a couple weeks. The rumour mill spat out that it was a groin injury, however, nothing was confirmed or denied.

Since then Russell has returned to play, sat out, returned to play, and sat out again. Kris Russell has been skating with the team but hasn’t played a game since February 28th. I can buy into the rumour that he pulled his groin. Groin injuries are meant to linger and tend to take a while to recover from. Russell’s considered day-to-day right now but doesn’t have a return date yet. Or not, unfortunately…. Depends if you’re a fan or not.

I have mixed emotions over Kris Russell. I think he does a lot of good things and a lot of bad things. I don’t think he’s as good as a lot of people make him to be, but I don’t think he’s as bad either. I wouldn’t mind if Chia gave him a one or two-year contract with the right price this summer, however, we should absolutely not break the bank for him.

Benoit Pouliot was cleared for contact this past week and is set to return tomorrow against Pittsburgh! When I announced this to the office I got a very sarcastic ‘Yaaayyyyy” from everyone so I can only imagine the feeling is shared throughout the rest of the city. Pouliot needs a good bounce back to try and salvage anything he can from this disgusting season of his. He will be slotted alongside Desharnais and Kassian. Pou played with Lil D a little bit back in his Montreal days. The two of them both have some playoff experience so, hopefully, down this push we can get a solid third line going.

Pouliot says he’s anxious to get back. In a post-practice interview today he explained how the whole year has been a struggle for him. He tries to stay positive as much as he can, but now’s the time to redeem himself and get back to his game with this playoff push. I totally agree. Before his injury, every single game Pouliot played made his contract look worse and worse. He needs to create some sort of value for the team down this stretch and earn some trust back from us fans. We’re pretty sensitive if you haven’t already noticed. 

Tyler Pitlick’s ACL is still torn and he’s a week closer to returning from last week. Your welcome.

Remember when Andrew Ference suited up as an Oiler? Me either.

Kyla The Intern isn’t wobbling around the office as bad as she once was. As I write this she’s currently at a physio session at who else but our good friends over at the Capilano Rehab Centre! They take good care of her, and all their patients. For any of YOUR injury needs, be sure to check them out. Visit their website or give them a call at (780) 466-1104.