GDB 70.0 Wrap Up: We Did the Hockey

We want all of the goals. Final Score: 7-4 Oilers

It’s weird what a playoff push will do to a person. I was one of the biggest Bruins fanboys on the planet last night because I wanted needed them to beat Calgary and end their winning streak. It’s a strange feeling to not only need the Oilers to win but to also be cheering for other teams to win or lose depending on the situation. I’m almost concerned that my liver won’t remember that we’ve dealt with this kind of thing before. If not, I hope it’s a quick learning curve. That said, I wouldn’t trade this playoff push related stress for the world and the biggest problem is that it’s been so long. Besides, I couldn’t take another year of draft talk and, frankly, I hope that none of us will ever have to care about the draft lottery again (unless we’ve traded for additional first round beans, of course).

As far as starts go, Edmonton couldn’t have done much better with the offensive outburst they were able to manufacture in the first period of tonight’s game. Early on, the Bruins were getting chances to score and all kinds of zone time, but that all changed after the Oilers pumped three goals past Tuuka Rask in a matter of minutes. It was exactly the kind of start that they needed against a Boston team that was red hot coming in. That’s not to say that there weren’t a few bumps in the road, though. The Bruins were able to hang around and close the gap to within one goal before the Oilers managed to add a fourth gino before the first period had even ended. It was madness. Actually, I feel pretty good in saying that that was one of the most ridiculous (in the good way) periods of hockey that I have ever watched, and it was almost exhausting to remember that there were still another 40 minutes left to play. But, like good citizens, we forged onward.

Amazingly, the action didn’t slow down as the offensive onslaught continued with five more goals being scored in the second period. The goals were coming in bunches for both teams and it seemed like any time the Oilers were able to extend their lead the Bruins found ways to hang around and chip away at the deficit. The result of the back and forth ended up being 40 minutes of amazingly entertaining hockey that set the Nation ablaze and sent Flames fans scrambling for new ways to troll our social media and the GDB’s comments section. Despite the lack of scoring in the final frame, there were still plenty of chances to go around and the excitement never seemed to stop. I’m not sure that the coaches would have wanted a game that was this wide open, but the Oilers won and it sure was fun to watch. Not to mention, the standings look so much sexier with Calgary looking up at us.

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The wrap.


  • What can you say about the run Pat Maroon found himself on in the first period? The Big Rig pumped home two goals (his 23rd and 24th) in 59 seconds and it (temporarily) set the Bruins back on their heels. Maroon also used his hands for physical destruction as he squared off with Adam McQuaid in a spirited tilt and the end of the first period. As always, you can check out the full fight on Patty’s player page over at HockeyFights.
  • After going a millennium without a goal, Benoit Pouliot now has ginos in back-to-back games. If ? can get going with consistency over the remaining games that would be huge for the Oilers. I’d like to think that maybe he can recapture some of that Rangers playoff magic that he once had, but then again maybe I’m just an optimist?
  • Anton Slepyshev had been out of the lineup for a while before replacing Iiro Pakarinen for the past few nights. The move paid off as Slep put home his fourth goal of the year by batting the puck out of the air after Connor’s pass flipped up to him. With the way he’s playing I’m not sure that McLellan will be able to pull him out of the lineup.
  • Ryan Nugent-Hopkins scored his 15th goal of the year on the power play by firing the puck at the net and having just enough juice on it to beat the goaltender and slide just past the line. Nugey has goals in back-to-back games and was another member of the EberNucic line to produce tonight. The goal was originally credited to Drake Caggiula but was switched to RNH later in the game.
  • After being criticized for looking tired, Leon Draisaitl had lit himself back on fire with another big night as he added three more points to his total. Draisaitl scored his 24th goal of the year by walking the puck in tight and beating Khodobin on a perfectly placed shot on the short side.
  • Milan Lucic has been on a roll lately and it continued tonight when his 16th goal of the year banked in off his skate when he didn’t even look sure that he knew where the puck is. When you’re rolling like Looch you’re getting some luck and the good luck went his way again.
  • It was fun to watch the McDavid/Marchand battle tonight because both players were flying and both produced three points for their respective teams. Fortunately for us, Connor’s production contributed to an Oilers win. McDavid wins.
  • How about the former Habs line, DeKaPou, causing a ruckus again tonight. Desharnais has really solidified the centre position on the third line and their production is starting to increase as a result.
  • Two assists for Darnell Nurse – atta be Darryl!
  • I’m sure if you asked Talbot he wouldn’t be happy about a couple of the goals that went in, but it didn’t matter in the end as the team in front of him was able to score a touchdown and convert on the extra point. Talbot finished the night with 32 saves and a .889 save%. At the end of the day, a win is a win and that’s what’s most important.
  • The Oilers had a great night on the power play, shaming the Bruins on three of six power play chances. Solid night indeed.
  • Look who won the faceoff battle AND the hockey game. Did you guess Edmonton? Of course you did. Our hometown heroes finished the night winning 54% of the draws.
  • Shout out to Tuuka Rask. Great job tonight.


  • The Oilers had lit themselves on fire with three first-period goals. We were all enjoying the comfortable lead until Pastrnak got the Bruins on the board on the power play. The Oilers need to get better at killing penalties. I don’t know what they have to do to get there but they need to make it happen. Hire a witch doctor for all I care – just kill penalties.
  • The Oilers got caught sleeping on Brad Marchand’s first period goal. It seemed like everyone was watching Chara and it left one of the hottest players in the game alone at the side of the net. It didn’t take long for Marchand to go from taking a pass to draining an easy goal. Point being that Edmonton has to defend much better than they did then.
  • David Krejci’s goal was a one-timer blast that beat Cam Talbot on the power play. I’m not sure that Talbot had much of a chance to stop the puck after Marchand set Krejci up on a tee.
  • It’s been a while since I’ve had to complain about a shorthanded goal but I get the opportunity tonight. The Oilers gave Dominic Moore all kinds of time to walk into the zone as though it was the Bruins that had the power play. Combine the time, space, and an accidental screen from Klefbom and that’s a mix for a bitter cocktail.
  • Bush league play by Zdeno Chara to grab Zack Kassian and start throwing punches when Kass wasn’t even looking in his direction. Kassian challenge Chara to a scrap, Chara said no, but then he changed his mind and started swinging while the Edmonton forward was skating away.
  • The penalty kill got hit for a couple goals tonight, and it bears repeating that they need to figure out how to tighten up when they’re down a man. Boston went 2/4 on the power play tonight.
  • Man, was the reffing ever inconsistent tonight. At times they seemed to be calling everything, and then other times Pat Maroon takes a stick to the face right in front of them and there’s no call.



04:29 EDM PPG – Patrick Maroon (23) ASST: Jordan Eberle (27), Andrej Sekera (22) 0-1
05:28 EDM Patrick Maroon (24) ASST: Connor McDavid (53), Leon Draisaitl (36) 0-2
08:23 EDM Benoit Pouliot (7) ASST: David Desharnais (8), Darnell Nurse (3) 0-3
12:29 BOS PPG – David Pastrnak (31) ASST: Brad Marchand (41), Ryan Spooner (25) 1-3
17:44 BOS Brad Marchand (37) ASST: Patrice Bergeron (31), Zdeno Chara (16) 2-3
19:09 EDM Anton Slepyshev (4) ASST: Connor McDavid (54), Darnell Nurse (4) 2-4


02:06 EDM PPG – Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (15) ASST: Drake Caggiula (8), Jordan Eberle (28) 2-5
04:17 BOS SHG – Dominic Moore (10) ASST: Adam McQuaid (7) 3-5
06:46 EDM Leon Draisaitl (24) 3-6
14:49 EDM PPG – Milan Lucic (16) ASST: Leon Draisaitl (37), Connor McDavid (55) 3-7
19:28 BOS PPG – David Krejci (20) ASST: Brad Marchand (42), Torey Krug (40) 4-7


No Scoring


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  • Danoilerfanincalgary

    Pat Steinberg from the Fan960 in Calgary is officially an on air troll saying the Oilers are a non playoff team without McDavid. That has really annoyed me and needs a response obviously no objectivity in Calgary sports radio I hope our teams meet in the playoffs. Some Flames fans have claimed little Johnny hockey all 112 lbs. of him is better than Connor they really know their hockey. Nice thing about winning streaks is they are usually followed by losing streaks.

  • Not a First Tier Fan

    Awesome win. It’s always wicked to see Maroon score and see the honest joy he gets when he does. Hope he never loses that from his cellys…

    Pouliot did a crap-ton of good things out there last night. Seems like a different player than the one we saw all year. Whatever monkey he got off his back while he was injured must have been one ugly mo-fo. Thank Gord it’s gone.

    Still just a small sample size but Desharnais continues to impress playing with Kassian. When can we all start to agree that even if we don’t like a move Chia makes at first, that we can trust his evil genius knows more than we do? Seems like every trade the pundits slam Edmonton for making a bad deal but time goes by and proves that the team ended up better for it. Keep it coming Double-D…

    So many good things happened last night you can’t put it in one post… Totally agree with the shout-out to Drai for reaching his milestone – and big points to him for being so classy in the post-game interview and mentioning his respect for Marco Sturm.

    One negative – people complaining about the new site design is starting to get old. You feel like you have a suggestion how to make it better – fine, shout it out… suggestions are always a good thing. But if you’re just sitting there in the dark unhappy that something has changed and tried to move forward with the times my best advice is to get over it.

    Bring on the Nucks!!

  • Kaplan

    Unrelated but related: Drew Remenda has to realize his mic is on ALL THE TIME while calling a game. Man, how many times does he sort of just trail off, and starts mumbling asides to Quinn? Drives me nuts.

    • Spydyr

      I have no idea when Remenda contract is up but I think it would be perfect if he moved over to cover Flames games and they bring in someone new here to do the colour.

    • 99CupsofCoffey

      Strangely enough, Drew has been quite “Oiler-Positive” the last handful of games. He was even counting off Pouliot’s Steals last night. I was in shock lol. Not sure why, maybe he actually is starting to believe in the team and is calling it like it is instead of being Negative Nancy every broadcast.

    • Not a First Tier Fan

      I still think the guy is an ass-hat but he’s done a much better job the last few weeks at commentating on the Oilers instead of just describing his man-crush on all the opposing teams. Every once and a while he actually has a decent comment to point out. I can at least stand the fellow now.

      He’s still way too eager to agree with the refs on a bad call against the Oilers… but every once in a while he’s starting to skip in some shots at the officials for things they missed.

      Jury’s still out but I’m not ready to drum him out of town any more.

  • btrain

    Maroon may have had the best single period performance by an Oiler in a decade and beyond! incredible! When he wasn’t scoring goals he was throwing big hits, getting under the opponents skin, and even dropping the gloves. However he didn’t just drop the gloves, he threw down at the perfect moment when Boston had closed the gap to 1 and his team needed to grab the momentum back. So impressed with the Big Rig!