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What do Devils Fans Think of Taylor Hall?

Yesterday it came to fruition that Tyler Pitlick has more even strength goals thank ex-Oiler and master of all things left wing, Taylor Hall. No Taylor Hall isn’t having a career-year with New Jersey, and yes New Jersey is awful. This got me wondering what New Jersey fans have been thinking about Taylor Hall, as I am falling in love with Adam Larsson and his moustache.

Then, no more than two hours later, Taylor Hall scored one of the best goals we’ve seen this season so far, polluting my research with fans losing their minds over how awesome he is. Not only was it an amazing goal, but Hallsy also broke Steve Mason in the process, injuring his groin. Twitter’s not wrong, Taylor Hall is awesome, but I’m looking for a general consensus on a day where he didn’t almost break the internet. Here are my findings.

The trolls of the internet are obviously blaming Taylor Hall for their losing and having a poor defence core, which is expected. Whether fans think he’s been playing good or bad, Taylor Hall’s season is on pace to be his third most successful in terms of total points.

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In reality, the majority of the New Jersey fan base love Taylor Hall, but they just sympathize for him because he’s stuck on another tanking team. Will the world have to come to terms with the idea of Taylor Hall never making the playoffs in his lifetime? Hopefully not. New Jersey is in full tank mode right now. Some say they need to rebuild the team around Taylor Hall (sound familiar?), others aren’t expecting Taylor Hall to stick around that long.

I think these Redditors above said it best, but the end of the day, reading these comments about Hall made me sad and brought back terrible memories from the past ten years. Hall is going through the exact same process he went through with Edmonton. Unless New Jersey wins the lottery this year and rebuilds fast, there’s no way Hall sticks around for half as long. My guess is that Taylor Hall is out of New Jersey at the end of his contract in three years. Here’s hoping he does find his way onto a playoff team, and can eventually win a Stanley Cup. Not before us, of course.

  • A-Mc

    Unfortunately for Hall, Jersey is now in the same position the Oilers were. With out proper D, the best forwards in the world wont keep you .500 or better.

    They have a goalie, which is step #1. Next they need to beef up the D a bit. I sure hope Hall doesnt make it to 2020 without ever having been on a semi-competent team.

    • WeirdG

      Except Nash has made it to the playoffs a few times, reached the Cup finals once, played for team Canada at the Olympics (won gold), played in more all-star games, and scored 30+ goals 8 times in his career (40+ goals 3 times).

  • JudgeDredd

    Still miss Hallsy but i’m loving the team this year without him than i have any team with him. I feel kinda bad that he went to a team in the same boat the Oilers were in when he was here ( must sting more for him seeing us in the playoffs the year he’s traded)

  • MacT's Neglected Helmet

    Love Taylor Hall. He was my favourite Oiler after Hemsky left and before McDavid fell to us (from the heavens).
    That said, I kind of want New Jersey to hire Dallas Eakins and let the hilarity ensue.

  • WhoreableGuy

    He busted his ass for the Oilers, the trade has been many months ago.

    I would take any take from a Devils fan with a grain of salt.

    I never once thought of Hall last night as Maroon, Kassian and Lucic played their game. No matter what the return was from Hall the Oilers are a better team overall. I would maybe revisit this convo when the 1 year anniversary of the trade occurs, aside from that there is so much other stuff to look forward to.

  • Oil9744

    Great trade, Chiarelli should win GM of the year with out question for what he’s done with Edmonton in just 2 season’s, not nearly enough credit given to him or Mclellan yet

    • DannyDanger

      McLellan especially. I’m now noticing other teams deficiencies and saying “man, why aren’t they playing like the Oilers”, which is a serious first. The way Todd has these boys retrieving pucks, finding their man, playing the boards and defaulting to strong fundamentals when they run out of options is a most welcome change after the coaching carousel and confused plays we were numbly accustomed to during the dark ages.

  • @Hallsy4

    Larsson is plus 18 or something rediculous while playing against the best players in a shutdown role. I didn’t mind Hallsy boy, although I was happy to see him traded at the time, and am still happy. My favorite thing about Taylor Hall was how he was actually dissapointed and voiced it when he got traded from Edmonton. It was a nice change from guys wanting to leave, we finally had a star who wanted to turn the ship around in Edmonton. Although I agree that his time was up here in Edmonton, I will forever hold him in higher regard than everyone else who jumped ship to greener pastures…. Gotta respect Hallsy boy for that.

  • O.C.

    If they were winning, they would be trolling the Oil. NJ needed scoring but gosh, not at the expense of your best shutdown D man. I.E. “Hey, if we pull our goalie the whole game, we’ll probably score more than last year!”

    Wish him well but this never going to be a pretty trade.

    Off to the Pint. (honourable sponsor name dropping allowed)

    Remember, Irish Catholics don’t drink green beer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t!

  • WeirdG

    I think fans that call Taylor Hall a super star or elite are a bit clueless. He’s definitely a star, but not in the same class as some guys that can consistently score 30+ goals a year, something which Hall has failed to do throughout his career. The Devils defense got significantly worse this year, and their scoring went from something like 2.24 GPG last year, to 2.34 GPG this year. Definitely not worth trading Larsson for Hall.

    IMO, Hall’s a poor man’s Phil Kessel. Kessel has scored 30+ goals few times in his career, and discovered he won’t lead a team to anything. He’s a supporting player for super star players.

    If Shero thinks he can build a team around Hall in New Jersey, he’s going to fail miserably and eventually get fired.

    I still don’t understand why some Oilers fans are still butthurt over losing Hall. Personally, I think we fleeced the Devils, and not the other way around. Good defensemen are difficult to come by, but 15-25 goal goal scorers not so much.

    • Reg Dunlop

      You should spend some time at Lowetide’s site. The denizens there know EVERYTHING about hockey, which is amazing because none of them have ever played the game. Or even watched . You see, everything can be quantified statistically and if they can’t attach a number to something, it doesn’t matter. Stuff like team chemistry and morale are irrelevant. They are convinced that Larsson was a huge overpayment and without Hallsie-baby to push the river the Oil are destined for the basement. I guess this season is no more than an anomaly for both the Devils and the Oil. Surely NJ will win multiple cups with the best left wing in the game and the Oil will be lotto bound with a GM that gives away incredibly valuable assets for pennies on the dollar. If it turns out that beloved Taylor never reaches the playoffs in his career, Lowetide and his minions will argue that it was due to small sample size; after all it is only one career. Personally, I can’t wait for the World Championships! Who cares about the Oiler playoff push, I want to see Hallsy toe drags against Latvia… IF he gets and accepts the invite. He really needs a long off season to train like a demon for next year’s NJ cup run.

  • Frank Rizza

    I don’t even miss Hallsy one bit, like not even a little. I liked the trade right from the start a because I had watched Larsson more than a few times over the last couple of years. I will never forget the day he got traded, we had half of the city crying like little girls because they thought we gave up too much. What we did, in my opinion, is cut the cancer out of the dressing room.That game against the Devils here reminded me what Taylor was really about. Soft, never stick up for teammates, never fight your own battles kind of player. Between Klefboms comments, Scrivens comments and Ferences comments and all the times we heard over the years that the young guys have to step up… it’s blatantly obvious to me that he wasn’t a great teamate. I liked him while he was here because he played for my team but….good riddance!

  • RJ

    Now that we have the benefit of hindsight, the Oilers would have been better off trading Nuge+ for Seth Jones.

    Then they would have had the superior RHD in Jones, the superior LW in Hall (not Lucic), and Drai is superior to Nuge in every way, so losing him would have been no big deal. It’s easy to find a veteran 3C (see Desharnais).

    For all the credit people want to give Chia, it’s still not hard to see that the biggest difference between him and MacT is that Chia has the leading scorer in the NHL, and MacT had a bunch of #1OVs who have never lived up to their draft status.

  • McMuffin

    Haven’t worn my old Hall jersey since the deal. I’m OK with keeping it that way as I will fully admit, I didn’t like the deal when it happened. Hard to argue with the results so far and that Chia was right. The Larsson Klefbom pairing is and has been dynamite this season. Think Larsson is a big reason for Klefboms success offensively this year as well as he covers if Klef wants to take a risk or two. Man, that crow tastes good….. not chicken good, playoffs good.

    • Hero Sandwich

      When that trade happened I thought we got taken for a ride so badly I felt physically sick! I can now say I have never been so happy to be so wrong. A good team starts on the blue line. If you cant effectively get it out of your zone or hold the offensive zone all you have left is a bunch of neutral zone one man charges that don’t work. In Chia I trust!

  • Max

    I’m probably one of the few who liked (loved) the trade, although I was waiting for Taylor Hall AND, which didn’t happen. I am still happy with the trade, in fact I love it. Larsson may not be a ‘sexy’ player but he brought what Oilers needed from day 1. Hall has not shown any improvement with Devils, in fact he seems to have regressed. You have to wonder what he would bring to a successful team? Leadership, camaraderie? who knows. All I know is that Edmonton is better off without him, I would not like him back here once he’s a UFA. I wish him well wherever he plays, and I feel sorry for him seeing where the Devils are in the standings, but he was not right for the Oilers. Laughter and animation on the bench, real friendship and a team that has no ‘superstar’ in their midst (in their eyes), yes Taylor, we are better off without you. We are a top NHL team, we look out for each other and we don’t have pouting and feelings of grandeur on the team any longer. Maybe its time for some character analysis. From 4th line players to those who are healthy scratches, they ALL belong, no-one feels superior to anyone else. EVERYONE matters, not just the supposed ‘elite.’