Photo Credit: Codie McLachlan/Getty Images

Taylor Hall Won’t be an Oilers Fan During the Playoffs

If you hoping that Taylor Hall would be an Oilers fan in the playoffs then you will be disappointed. Surprised? No me neither. 

The Devils are in Toronto tonight and during his pre-game media scrum and Taylor Hall was asked about whether or not he’ll be watching the playoffs. As you already know, Hall is in the middle of his seventh season in the NHL and has yet to play a playoff game. Actually, Tay Tay hasn’t even been in the parking lot of the ballpark to making the playoffs, and this year is no different.

Hall admitted that playoff time has been a tough pill to swallow considering that he hasn’t been able to participate, but this year adds a new wrinkle in that his former team will be making the dance for the first time in a decade. When asked about the playoffs, Hall admitted that while he used to watch as many playoff games as could things changed after being unable to play a playoff game himself.


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At this point, I imagine that playoff time feels like a quick jab to the nuts so it makes sense that he wouldn’t want to watch it. That jab turns into a kick to the balls when you think about the fact that his former squad is moving on without him. Hall further explained his playoff watching habits over at the Devils website:

“My first couple seasons in the league I probably watched every game I could. I was still excited to be in the league and didn’t really think I’d have a chance to win a Cup at that point in my career. Now that I’m seven seasons in, it’s tough to watch and know that I haven’t even experienced a playoff game yet.”

I don’t mean to be a downer but looking at that roster in New Jersey I don’t think it’s going to happen next year either. Sorry, Taylor. Let me know what you think, Nation.