GDB 75.0 Wrap Up: Lolorado Part Deux

We’d like to thank the Colorado Avalanche for being gracious house guests and hosts over the past few days. Final Score: 4-1 Oilers 

When these two teams met up on Thursday it was supposed to be a cakewalk win for the Oilers, at least that’s what the standings would have lead you to believe. What actually happened was 40 minutes of embarrassing hockey followed by one of the most productive periods of the season. We saw both Jekyll and Hyde in that game, and the result was frustration for a fanbase that can’t quite figure out why this team can completely miss entire periods in a hockey game.

Coming into tonight’s game, the Oilers had to be ready from the drop of the puck. As bad as Colorado has been all season, you don’t want to give them leads and expect to the able to come back every team. Bad or not, they’re still an NHL team with some dangerous players that can burn you if given the chance. Edmonton got the start they wanted as Pouliot opened the scoring less than two minutes the game, and even though Colorado was able to tie the game up temporarily the Oilers reclaimed the lead shortly after and never looked back. After reclaiming the lead at the end of the first period, Edmonton never looked back and never trailed for a second.

Even with the Oilers taking a lead into the third period this game didn’t feel like it what nailed shut just quite yet. As a whole, Edmonton’s low moments in tonight’s game were much better than the cluster funk from early on in Thursday night’s game (low bar, I know) but there were still too many lulls in their play through the first 40 minutes again. To their credit, the Oilers were able to bend without breaking in tonight’s game and were also getting the big saves from Brossoit that they needed to carry them through the slower times. The Avalanche may have got their share of zone time but it didn’t translate into any offence. Also like Thursday night, the Oilers beat the Avs into submission in the third period as they once again piled on goals in the final frame.

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At the end of the night, the Oilers once again beat a team that they are supposed to beat and they took added two big points to their total and move themselves another game closer to clinching.

We wrap.


  • It was a quick start for the Oilers as Benoit Pouliot was able to successfully screen and tip home the opening goal (his 8th) less than two minutes into the first period. ? has been much better since coming back from injury and that extra production could be huge coming down the stretch and into the playoffs.
  • Leon Draisaitl one-timed (FOR REAL! I ❤️ one timers) home his 27th goal of the season off of a beautiful pass by Drake Caggiula. Caggiula temporarily replaced Pat Maroon on the first line and he made an immediate impact.
  • Drake Caggiula followed up on his wonderful assist with a big power play goal in the third period. Nuge set him up perfectly with a shot/pass in the slot and the Drake tipped it perfectly for his 6th goal of the season. The Drake has really played well over the past couple weeks and is providing a nice little boost of secondary scoring.
  • The Oilers were great on the power play tonight and he added another power play goal (his 16th) after being in the right place at the right time to bank home a shot that bounced into the slot off of the end boards. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins finds himself with back-to-back multi point games as he finished the night with a goal and an assist.
  • Laurent Brossoit was great again tonight and really dialled his game in after allowing a goal on the second shot of the night. Even then, that goal was a nice one and I you have to give Andrighetto credit for making a nice play. Aside from the one goal, Brossoit was rock solid for the rest of the night stopping 23 shots and finishing with a .960 save%.
  • Andrej Sekera was great again tonight and he was rewarded with two assists for his efforts. Sekera has been a stabalizing force all year long and has really come into his own this season.
  • Another big minutes night for Oscar Klefbom as he played 24:40 worth of solid minutes. Klefbom has been a workhorse on the back end and he’s getting better by the minute.
  • McPoint!
  • The Oilers won both sides of the special teams battle tonight by going 2/4 on the power play and also killing off all three of Colorado’s chances with the man advantage.
  • The Oilers have a chance to clinch on Tuesday night. You have no idea how happy I am to be able to write that.


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  • Less than a minute after the Oilers opened the scoring, Avalanche were able to tie the game up at one goal apiece. Sven Andrighetto was able to fight off Adam Larsson and make a nice move to his backhand that he finished off through Brossoit’s five-hole.
  • Matt Benning unintentionally blocked a shot in the third period and had to be helped off the ice by his teammates. Benning couldn’t put any weight on his right leg and it was just a bad scene in general. Here’s hoping that he isn’t out for any length of time.
  • The Oilers had too many passes that were just a bit off tonight and it gave the Avalanche more puck time than they would have otherwise had. It was just a small detail that they need to tighten up going forward.
  • Why have two referees on the ice if neither of them are going to call anything. The ridiculous crosscheck by Beauchemin on Pat Maroon in the first period happened right in front of the net and neither ref managed to call it. It’s ridiculous.
  • The NHL site had the Oilers listed with 13 giveaways but my eyes would have had that number a little bit higher. Colorado wouldn’t have had nearly as many chances had the Oilers not given the puck to them as often as they did. More shooting, less passing sometimes please.
  • The Oilers were better in the faceoff circle than they were on Thursday night but they still came in at 47% on the dot. Not too bad against the Avs who are lights out on faceoffs.



01:54 EDM Benoit Pouliot (8) ASST: Matt Benning (11), Zack Kassian (16) 0-1
02:33 EDM Sven Andrighetto (5) ASST: Mark Barberio (10) 1-1
10:47 EDM Leon Draisaitl (27) ASST: Drake Caggiula (10), Connor McDavid (62) 1-2


No Scoring


08:46 EDM PPG – Drake Caggiula (6) ASST: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (22), Andrej Sekera (26) 1-3
15:34 EDM PPG – Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (16) ASST: Andrej Sekera (27), Kris Russell (9) 1-4


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  • Bills Bills

    You know I have heard the old cliche about being in control of your own destiny. But being in a 3 way tie for first in the division in the last two weeks of the season…. the only opponents they have that are in the palyoffs are with the two teams they are tied with. I can’t help but believe the adavantage goes to the Oilers. It is their division to lose at this point. Having said that, they are going to the dance, regardless of where they finish; I’m a happy man.

  • FISTO Siltanen

    I absolutely love Zach Kassian and what he brings to this team. He has an insane amount of skill and could easily play higher in the line-up. Yet he embraces his role and plays it well. He adds so much to the personality of this team.

    I cannot imagine how he could be exposed in June.

  • Bin

    I don’t know y everybody’s worried about Talbot playing so much. Remember that guy name Martin Brodeur? I think he won few games for the devils playing over 70 games 10 straight seasons and 12 overall 75 or more 5 times and 78 GAMES in 2006-07. In 1999-00 and 2002-03 he played 72 and 73 game plus another 23 and 24 in playoffs to win the Cup… last couple games the team payed bad infront of him. He’s fine the more Talbot plays the better he plays.

    • Can't Fix Stupid

      It also helps that he played with The *shudders* Trap in front of him in the Eastern Conference where travel isn’t even CLOSE to what the Pacific Division teams travel.

  • Finnish Oiler fan in Edmonton89

    Why are there so many players on the Avs who I swear retired years ago (or should have)
    The Mandela effect is strong on that team

    Rene Borque
    Fedor Tyutin
    Blake Comeau

    Thought all these guys had quit hockey a while ago

    • New decade of dominance

      Don’t forget Iggy until LA got him for….Well…Nothing. the trade was contingent on a playoff spot. Nothing worse than being almost HOF worthy getting traded for a bag of pucks!

      • Finnish Oiler fan in Edmonton89

        Lol . I know iggy is still around

        Those other 3 though, smaller names who I could of swore had quietly faded away from the NHL and left the game

    • Lazarus

      Commenters of any type are noticeably absent. So I’ll go with the new layout
      Which since we’re on the topic of..has anyone lost their job over this wet shart of a reboot ? 25 comments after an Oilers win and you all still think you had success?.
      Your ruined the commenting and you ruined the Network. Spin it how you want but you sold out and the comments reflect it

      • Baggedjuice

        I like the commenting and website 10x more on a phone, it’s much easier to read and they are still working on things, the old website was getting outdated and wasn’t going anywhere…

        • Spydyr

          I’m old and figured it out immediately. I know you are trying to get your brownie points defending the new site (no one likes a brown noser) but the comment section is broken. Having to click three times to get back after you post. The load more comment to get to the older comments after you read the newer comment. No edit button. The thread posting is nice though.

  • Hemi

    Hockey wise, I could not be in a better spot! The Oil are a legit playoff team and after 10 long years of suckage, this is long overdue! Go OIL!

    As for the revamping of the site, not a big fan of it.

  • Canoe Ride 27.1

    Well the b/u goalie problem didn’t seem like much of a problem last night. Well done LB.
    I’m so happy to be emotional invested in this team in the spring. 10 years of reviewing draft profiles sucked.

  • Wintoon

    Ever since the commenting format was changed I have visited this site less, commented less and enjoyed it less. Something needs to be done or your readership will drop even further.

  • GK1980

    I can’t log on using my PC for some reason but my phone works. Is this a glitch for this website?

    Anyways, not the greatest game by the oil but a win is a win. Not sure where I heard it but the bottom 5 teams with the worst face off percentages is Chicago, edmonton, Pittsburgh and a few other teams. Face offs may be overrated.

  • OriginalPouzar

    I’m personally coming up on 5 months clean and sober – August 17, 2012 is my clean date.

    I have alot of respect for what Zack has been able to do – I obviously know the battle and addict goes through on a daily basis to stay in recovery.

    I needed 5.5 months away in residential treatment – Zack was only given the opportunity of a month (I believe) – so much respect for the work he has done on himself.

    One day at a time Zack, one day at a time.

  • Oiler Al

    Nice to get the four points vs a lame team, but man where is the intensity and energy .There has been more from frozen horse turds in the corral than what the Oilers put out! I f they play like that come play off time, they are done in four.

    • OriginalPouzar

      The Oilers did what they had to do to win in regulation last night.

      82 games is a long season and they are 75 games in to it – everyone is beat up and its not going to be a full on dominating physical performance for 3 periods every night.

      They played with the lead all game and then dominated the third to put it away.

      • Oiler Al

        Consistency has been the foe often this season!I can understand the game in Denver,roll into bed at 3;00 am after playing a heavy team like Anaheim. But last nite with 1st place sitting on your hood ornament,you would think it was the Ave’s that were making the chase.

  • Not a First Tier Fan

    You can definitely feel it – Edmonton is getting the playoff city vibe again… That said, I’ve started to heckle folks leaving the game early so that they can get a jump on traffic… (with exceptions for families with small kids and older folks that might need the extra time…). If you’re that guy filtering up the stairs in the last two minutes of the third, give your head a shake.

    Points to the crowd for the super-long wave last night. I know, I know… I’m not a huge fan either… But some folks love it. The little five year old kid beside me looked up at his dad half-way through and was like “can we keep doing this!!!” Gotta love the sight of young kids (or anyone for that matter) enjoying being at the games again.

    Oilers need to be ready for LA on Tuesday.. the Kings are gonna come out blazing. There’s no time for love, Doctor Jones…

    • OriginalPouzar

      May I ask where you heard/read that? McLellan did say after the game last night that Benning was walking around pretty good and that it didn’t look to serious, however, I haven’t heard/read/seen anything official since then – the team has the day off today with no media avail – are you going off McLellan’s quote from last night?

  • Sammy p

    What I like about this whole scenario is that now the Oilers can decide their own order of finish in the standings ,all that they need to do is SWEEP all three California teams,CALIFORNIA DREAMING. …….YEH

  • Homer

    Since we’re showing the love for Zack I’ll pile on with some more, Zack is just awesome and his enthusiasm is always evident he looks to be a fantastic teammate and a sweet accusation for a washed up goalie! I’ll also add my 2 cents to rhe websites update.comments section really sucks but navigating the rest of the site isn’t all that bad change is inevitable but it’s not always for the good