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Who Are You: Benoit Pouliot

Jason Gregor had another installment of Who Are You on his TSN 1260 radio show last week. His guest was Benoit Pouliot.

I enjoy these interviews, because Gregor gets them to talk about themselves and not hockey. We get an insight to who they are as people, not just players.

It is obvious the players respect and feel comfortable with Gregor, because they usually give really honest answers.

I was very surprised about Pouliot’s favourite genre of music.

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Enjoy the sixth installment of Who Are You.

Jason Gregor: Do you chirp guys in French knowing most of them won’t understand what you’re saying?

Benoit Pouliot: Ah, to be honest, I’m not a big chirper out there, but when I do get frustrated I think that I mostly go in English so that they really hear it. That rarely happens. I have to be really, really mad.

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Gregor: Now that you’re a father of two, how are your cooking skills at home for your kids?

Pouliot: Oh boy, better than it was, still not very good. My girlfriend is very good, but I’m not very good at it. Getting better, I’m learning more things for it but it’s not on point yet, at all.

Gregor: Are you your kid’s favourite player or do they have another favourite?

Pouliot: They’re too young for it right now. The oldest one is three and the baby is one so I don’t think that they really know what is going on. So far I think that it’s dad and probably later they’ll change their minds.

Gregor: Do you think it might be Connor McDavid in the future?

Pouliot: At one point I’m pretty sure it will be, yeah. He’s most of our team’s favourite player (laughs).

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Gregor: What is Benoit Pouliot’s favourite hobby outside of hockey?

Pouliot: Oh, I’m a sports guy so I do a lot in the summer time — baseball, golf and basketball. I’ve played basketball my whole life. I’m into everything about sports. I’m not really into anything else. The kids right now are taking up most of my time, but hobby-wise, it’s mainly baseball and basketball for summer.

Gregor: Were you a shooting guard, were you a point guard, were you a power forward?

Pouliot: I was actually the tallest guy on my team in high school so I had to play centre. Baseball was mostly pitcher and third baseman if I didn’t pitch that night, so it was a mix of everything. It was good.

Gregor: Pitcher in baseball, nice. What was your favourite pitch, what could you throw?

Pouliot: Ah, a couple of them. I had a nice curve ball. I could throw a tiny little sinker, my fast ball was good I guess. I didn’t learn that many pitches, but I think that I had three pretty good ones.

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Gregor: When did you know hockey was the sport for you rather than baseball or basketball?

Pouliot: It was tough because basketball was my favourite when I was younger. I loved it maybe a little bit more and my parents didn’t let me play hockey in the summer. It was mainly things outside that we had to do. So I played baseball and basketball and I fell in love with baseball. So it was a mix of everything. It was tough to really choose one, but hockey in Canada is so big that it’s tough to get away from it. I had a fun time too so it was good.

Gregor: Who were your favourite baseball players growing up, and your favourite team?

Pouliot: I was a Blue Jays fan mostly. When the Expos were there I would go to the games in Montreal but the Joe Carters and everyone like that back when they were in the World Series, I was a big fan of them. After that they didn’t really have success until recently again, but I didn’t really have one specific favourite player, I was just a fan of the team.

Gregor: Now being a pitcher, did you watch pitchers more or did you like the outfielders?

Pouliot: I liked batting, it was my main thing. Pitching, pretty much everything. If I didn’t pitch that night I would play third or centre field or whatever, wherever I could play, and I didn’t really watch one positon in particular. I got to play everywhere and I got to learn every position so it was good.

Gregor: So if you guys were going to play baseball today, who would be the other good baseball players on the Oilers?

Pouliot: Oh my God, I’m not sure. I think the Toronto boys maybe because they love their Blue Jays. I would have to say Cons (McDavid) and Darnell [Nurse] and those guys maybe. I’m not too sure at all, we don’t talk about it that much. Oh Nuge [Ryan Nugent-Hopkins], I heard Nuge was a really good ball player back in BC.

Gregor: Do you play video games.

Pouliot: Yes. A lot (laughs). When the kids sleep, that’s my time to play but that’s about it. I get an hour and a half at night and I love video games. I grew up on it and I still play it to this day.

Gregor: What’s your go to game?

Pouliot: A mix, everything. I switch regularly. I get bored really quickly with one game, and then I switch to another and another and then I switch back and forth, so I like all genres and anything.

Gregor: Do you play online under a pseudonym in NHL ’17?

Pouliot: No, I sometimes play the guys on the team. Darnell, I played him last night and Ebs [Jordan Eberle] is always on there, Nuge and there are a bunch of guys. Connor plays soccer all of the time. I haven’t gotten into soccer yet, so I don’t know how good he is.

Gregor: Where would you rank your video playing skills among the group?

Pouliot: Not very good. Online the guys are so good now a days. When I was little maybe I would have had more of a chance, but now they are too good. Darnell beat me up yesterday and I don’t think that I ranked very high in that at all.

Gregor: Are you a reader?

Pouliot: Yes, I do, but mostly on the plane and mostly on the road in my bed, but besides that at home I don’t really do it, no.

Gregor: Favourite movie?

Pouliot: That’s a tough one. I really liked the Batman ones that they came out recently. I couldn’t think of one specifically.

Gregor: Right now in your iPod, what’s playing, who is your favourite artist?

Pouliot: I’m a big EDM fan, electronic dance music. So I don’t know, Avicii, those kind of guys, David Guetta. I don’t really have a particular one single guy, I just listen to a type.

Gregor: So you like the genre, can you dance? Can you bust a move?

Pouliot: No, I cannot. My girlfriend gets mad at me all of the time about it, but even if I try I kind of feel like I look…not very good at it.

Gregor: You have to dance like no one is watching, that’s what they say.

Pouliot: I know, but at one point I’ll have to because my daughters willl want to when they grow up and I’ll have to put on the moves and stuff, so I’ll have to figure it out.

Gregor: If the Oilers win a playoff round, and there was a dance party, would you partake at that point?

Pouliot: Ah, yeah, I would have to. I think it’s a team thing. I hope we don’t have a dance party, but I hope that we pass the first round for sure (laughs).

Gregor: Do you have a bad habit, biting your nails, bad driver or other things?

Pouliot: Yeah, not biting my nails, but like you said road rage sometimes but it depends. If the guy in the left lane is not moving (laughs), but I get a little anxious about it. I’m fairly calm, but drivers who are inattentive bother me.

Gregor: A lot of people believe French people are very emotional. So at times are you the emotional guy? You mentioned that on the ice that you are very calm, but are you very emotional off of it?

Pouliot: Pretty calm to be honest. I try not to stress too much or think too much. I just go about my day and I have some fun and just enjoy whatever happens. I don’t think that I get too worked up about it even though things go bad, I do get down on myself but I don’t try to make it public or anything.

Gregor: One place in the world that you haven’t travelled that you want to go to?

Pouliot: Oh man, I have never been overseas. I’ve only been up and down so I think that overseas would be nice, anywhere. Europe, or anywhere overseas for sure because I’ve never been.

Gregor: You’ve played in a lot of NHL cities. What’s your favourite place that you played and why?

Pouliot: Ah, there are so many good ones. I’ve played in very good cities and on very good teams. New York just for the fact that the atmosphere, the way that the city is, the way, what we accomplished when I was there was a bonus, but for the city wise it was great. Boston was beautiful, but New York was a great time.



Pouliot has played much better lately and he could be a boost in the playoffs. It sounds like he’d be pretty decent in a game of Horse on the basketball course. But now more than ever I hope the Oilers win a playoff round and have a dance party at a bar so we can see his dance moves.

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  • dsanchez1973

    That he thinks his daughters are ever going to want to see him dance just tells me he’s an inexperienced father. No daughter wants to see their dorky old dad bust a move.

    • RyanCoke

      I would actually say the opposite. Many daughters would love to see there father’s dance. It is also very attractive to your wife to see there husbands dance with there daughters.

    • MacT's Neglected Helmet

      I doubt this. A teenage daughter probably doesn’t want to see their father dance, especially in public or with her friends. But how about a daughter who’s a child or an adult?

      13ish to 20ish is probably the age a daughter wouldn’t want to see her father dance. Outside of those ages, I’d imagine that it would be a very sweet sight.

    • 99CupsofCoffey

      lol, what i meant is that he hasn’t done much in Edmonton, and seems to be on his way out. Judging from the many Trashes, people seem to be taking it that i think poorly of the city. On the contrary, it’s freeking awesome. 😉

    • MacT's Neglected Helmet

      I wouldn’t either. Edmonton is a fine place to raise a family. And if it’s your hometown, you might have some sort of attachment to it (as I do). But, objectively speaking, it pales in comparison to other places when it comes to climate, culture, history, entertainment, dining, attractions, quality of living, proximity to nearby sights, etc.

      Sorry Edmonton.

        • MacT's Neglected Helmet

          Has it? The downtown arena district is somewhat promising, but what else? The infrastructure is improved with things like the Anthony Henday, new bridges, better roads, etc.

          But I don’t see much character. I mostly see big box store clones littered all over the city. The same Shoppers Drug Mart/Winners/Homesense/Tim Hortons/Dollarama clones. A city that just keeps spreading out.

          I get it. Convenience is nice. Big houses are comfortable. Especially in the winter.

  • OriginalPouzar

    Great to have Benoit playing like he can – tenacious on the forecheck and contributing to the offence and the PK.

    His comeback strong from recent injury was like another deadline acquisition (like Darnell).

  • MacT's Neglected Helmet

    Love these interviews. They remind you that NHL players are humans!

    Benoit Pouliot and I have a lot in common: we’re both fathers to 2 young kids and have trouble sneaking in personal videogame time. The 1-2 hours after the kids go to bed REALLY IS the most freeing time a father gets.

    On the other the hand, we have a lot of differences too. I’m probably a much better cook than Benoit is and I have never taken an offensive zone penalty in the NHL.

  • giddy

    I’ve always seen Pou as a total non-team guy. Sort of dude who is on the team, has the skill to play, but just doesn’t really mesh with the group. Not that he seems like a bad guy by any stretch of the imagination, but this interview kind of reinforced that idea.

  • Is it April yet?

    Pouliot’s numbers since his return from injury:
    9 games / 3 goals / 1 assist / +3 / 4 pims / 15.8 sht %
    Pretty decent reboot, so far. Haven’t seen a brain fart penalty from him either, yet. It’s fair to say i’m pullin’ for Benoit Pouliot : )