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On This Day: Wayne Gretzky Sets a New Bar

Since we have 12 more hours to wait until the puck drops between the Oilers and Kings I thought it might be fun to look at an NHL record that happened on this day in 1986.

Back in 1986, the Oilers (and NHL as a whole) were pumping goals home at a clip that will never be seen again. Want offence? Go back and check out some games from the glory days in the 80s. Hockey games would routinely see goals in the double digits and the result was Wayne Gretzky setting a record that will never be touched again.

On April 4th, 1986, the Oilers lost to the Calgary Flames by a score of 9-3 but the real story was Wayne Gretzky. It was during that game that Gretzky registered his 213th point which broke his own record of 212 (he would finish the season with 215). It’s a record that will never be touched again.

When you consider that Connor McDavid is leading the league with 94 points it seems crazy to think that Gretzky more than doubled that on four separate occasions. I know the NHL was a different league back then, but the numbers are staggering when you look at them.

In total, Gretzky was involved in 215 of the Oilers 426 goals from that season, or 50.4% of the offence. To put that into perspective, the 2016-17 Oilers have scored a total of 231 goals at the time of this writing.

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      Please don’t use autism as a way to cut people down. It is this type of discrimination that makes the world an even tougher place for autistic people to live in. It may be all in good fun to you, but for some of us that is a really inappropriate comment. Especially during autism acceptance month.
      Say what you want about Mr. Milk’s article. But no need to run other people down at the same time.

  • Sheldon "Oilers Fan for Life!!!"

    I still miss wood & leather I for one would go back to that. I know the larger goal pads and composite sticks are all the rage but if all the equipment is the same across the league it is all a wash as far as skill etc. All they did was make the game more expensive and keep kids out of the rinks.

  • Jman

    Yes, the league was different then and the scoring was higher. But Wayne won the scoring race by 74 points. He would have won the scoring race with his assists alone (163.) He was THAT MUCH BETTER.